Aisle Adventures

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Another amazing wedding season is ahead of us my dear reader, we are so excited for the new experinces and new things happening!

We hope you’ve been sipping on champagne and enjoying life’s little luxuries because we certainly have been in preperation for this season. Now, we’ve gathered here not for a little chat but for something really thrilling—the grand makeover of our beloved wedding blog.

Drumroll, please. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook & other social media pages showcase your work and inspiration. But a blog is the soul of every company.

This is where you can gather some really amazing lessons, tricks, trends, inspiration and a general feel of the people you want as your wedding planners.

Time to start designing change.

You see, change is inevitable, like last season’s wedding trends or the constant stream of celebrity breakups. And so, with a flick of our metaphorical hair and a smoldering glance, we present to you our dazzling new blog design.

Aisle Adventures.

Why, you ask? Well, what are we doing here? We are wedding planners but so much more than that, we are your adventure desginers.

This redesign is not just a cosmetic touch-up; it’s a testament to our commitment to curate a space that mirrors the sophistication and grandeur of the events we hold dear. We our platform  to showcase our adventures and answer a lot of your questions even before knowing us. For example, we even have a catgeory ‘where to start with your planning’.

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Photo: Saša Tomić

So, jump with us into this expereince and find a place where you want to start from.

Let’s talk about the heart of the matter—design.

Designing your own wedding is not merely about color palettes and flower arrangements; it is about making a picture a Whole.

Having your wedding in Dubrovnik is already the best decision you have made, but let’s go further. You are having your wedding at Fort Lovrijenac, and you are surrounded by ancient stone and neverending Mediterranean Sea. Let’s make this a whole picture.

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Photo: Saša Tomić

Design is making your inspiration and ideas into the space you have, bringing the color palletes from the space to your Stationary, Flowers, Food, Guest Favours, Snacks, Decorations, Enetrtainments and so much more.

And who better to guide you through this journey than us—the maestros of matrimonial aesthetics.

This is not the Fin my darlings, set your alarms for next week’s issue that will continue about design, showcasing you what design means, importance of it and all that you can do with it. I will even showcase you some examples we have been working on designing a wedding and all about it, be ready for magic and much more.