Andra & Gabriel

Engaged - November 2015

Dubrovnik Event How he proposed Andra and Gabriel

Our story is the best proof that Love will knock at your door when you least expect it. Back in 2013 I was living in Dubai, working as a flight attendant for Emirates. Gabriel, who was living in San Francisco, traveled to Dubai to visit his half-sister… who happened to be my roommate, so he stayed in my house. After about 4 days we were madly in love with each other; so much so that we decided to start a long distance relationship, although we were literally living on opposite sides of the Planet. Our love continued to grow and I eventually left my job and moved to San Francisco. 

In November 2015 we took a trip to Bonaire Island because we learned that was one of the few places in the World where licensed Scuba divers can dive only with a buddy (without an instructor). Around the third day of diving, as we were floating around marine life 15 meters below the surface, Gabriel handed me a seashell and signaled that I should hold it very tight. I noticed it was wrapped in scotch tape and started to get an idea… but I could not believe that was actually happening!!! It was a complete surprise. The emotions totally overwhelmed me when I opened it and saw the ring (carefully tied with some fishing line). He put it on my finger, my hand was shaking. Then he wrote on a board “Will you marry me?” I wanted to cry but it’s not that easy on the bottom of the ocean with a scuba mask on! I was so nervous that I even forgot he was waiting for an answer. After a few moments I nodded my head YES. We took a video ourselves (since there was no one else with us) and we always laugh when we watch it. We are so lucky we have found each other and so grateful for special memories like this one!