COVID November update

Dubrovnik Wedding COVID November 2020

COVID situation hit us hard – in many different ways we could not even imagine at the start of the
pandemic. Some of us lost control of our lives, some lost source of income and some of us… some
lost closest and loved ones. But, only dark times open doors we never knew existed.

Even though we didn’t have any weddings this year, we are grateful for the lessons we learned and
new paths and approaches we acknowledged. Especially, we are thankful for our clients who put
their endless trust and support (in us) in these challenging times.

Whole Dubrovnik Event team is looking forward to 2021 – we see it as a year of love, positive
changes and re-learned beauty of living. Maybe it cannot be clearly seen in these times, but beauty
of living is around us, waiting to be re-discovered.

And what about Events? We truly believe that love would never be cancelled, and celebrating it is in
our nature – sharing special moments with people we care about would never go out of the trend,
and our desire to make people feel special would never fade away. Every day, any given day.