DE; “Where D stands for Design”

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To the readers who look up at the starry sky and everything is more beautiful.

To the dreams, creativity, elegance & practicality; Design.

In the glitzy realm of weddings, design isn’t just about pretty decorations; it’s the soul of the soirée. As wedding planners, we are tasked with taking your vision and turning it into design. Simply we need to connect the venue to you, crafting an event that screams, “This is so your wedding!”

Isn’t there a nicer comment someone can tell you! The location is something everybody will remember, especially if it is a vintage stone house elegantly ‘designed’ to fit you.

Welcome, darling readers, to the world of wedding design! Picture this: a grand entrance adorned with cascading florals, guests gasping in awe at the exquisite table settings, and a bride who looks straight out of a fairy tale. What’s the secret ingredient that ties this all together? You guessed it – design.

Let’s dive into the juicy details, shall we?

First off, why does design even matter? Well, picture attending a soirée where the decor resembles a sad high school prom from the ’80s – yikes, right? Design sets the tone. It’s the difference between “Wow, this is fabulous!” and “Did someone forget to hire a decorator?” That is where we advise you best! We love our venues, these venues have deep history and the importance of design is to make your vision in them.

Looking at design suggestions and inspiration, draw from what you like to do in your everyday life. If you like olive oil and olive colors, let’s combine those. We will make personalized olive oil guest favors and table design and stationary in your favorite colors.

When thinking about design we can divide it into few categories, first is the décor which takes the largest portion of design and which we have a lot of trusted vendors we help guide through your vision. Things like Stationary & Signs are our expertise and we pride ourselves with personalizing all aspects of your wedding and personalizing décor is just one.

Design is in the food, drinks, music, entreatment even light decoration. If you want to have a minimalist wedding with a “WoW” effect, wait until the sunset. Once the last sun rays hit the venue your guest will start anticipating. And, WoW! All of a sudden a spectacle begins! All that bring together the whole event.

If you want to design your dreams, and do stare at the starry sky we can help bring those stars for you.

Catch us next week, where we are going to discuss design further, we will dive into the world of Extras! Hmm, interesting… well, see you next time dear reader.