Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 01
Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 02
KARINA & LOU, from the US, married 2010 in Dubrovnik

There is something about small weddings. Especially the elopement ones, with only the Bride and Groom, eloping in their love somewhere new or somewhere special to them, without any hassle a traditional wedding would embrace and with all the romance of a wedding indeed.
For some reason, every single of our weddings seasons so far has started with an elopement wedding. It is a best way to start a very busy season to be and such a romantic introduction to months of love ahead of us. 

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Vildan & Dagny, from Sweden, married May 15th 2009 in Dubrovnik…. 
Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 04
Sonia & Benoit, from Canada
Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 05
Sarah and Bryan, married April 12, 2012 in Dubrovnik. Just the two of them….. 

Most of the time Marin and myself are honored to be the witnesses for the couple and witness such amazing moments you cannot feel but blessed in those times. Yet again, do you feel lonely at a time when you feel the closest ones need to be next to you? I really believe it is like beauty, in the eye of a beholder and whatever suits one best. Some like it big, some not so much. And some like it this way- easy, romantic, natural. No guests to think about, no reception thoughts or menu choices. Just getting married to a person you love. Dubrovnik luckily enough has some amazing locations for elopement weddings – small seaside forts, amazing viewpoint terraces and incredibly romantic boats… just to name a few.

Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 06
Nastasja & Anatoliy, from Russia, married August 2006
Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 07
Caragh & Darryl, from Australia, married September 2012
Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 09
Kisha and Kamau, from the US. a surprise wedding organized by the Groom. June 2011.

Obviously prices of venue rentals are less expensive than those for larger weddings and this proves to be one of the first reasons why a lot of couples elope to Dubrovnik- reduced cost and the value of the money gotten for how much you spend. The cost is reduced to a couple of thousands including travels and accommodation compared to tens of thousands to marry on a larger scale.Then there’s a thought that you will spend less time on the whole wedding planning process, which to tell you the truth is a great misconception as you have to plan to buy your dress, the rings, the travel, the hotel, paperwork, flowers, venues, and it often happens that Brides spend more time wedding planning, researching and inspiriation seeking for smaller than for larger weddings to make up for the “smaller scale wedding”. There are no however seating planning miseries and choosing bridesmaids, which can prove to be quite a challenging task when planning a wedding.Finally, one of the greatest reasons couples come to marry alone abroad is the fact they avoid any family arguments, pleasing everyone and anyone and obssessing over who will think what and this is proven to be a greatest stress factor for most couples planning their wedding. Elopement wedding solves all of these, nonetheless you end up most of the time throwing at least a party back home to celebrate the union. Much less of a scale than a traditional wedding though.

Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 08
Bracera Lady of the Seas, presented to us only recently and absolutely perfect for weddings up to 10 people.

The choice is all yours and good news is that Dubrovnik has it all- whichever size or ambiance you had in mind and we will truly be there for you every step along the way, whether we are honored to witness your eternal love getting crowned in marriage or in a party with a big bang. A wedding is a wedding, always one of a kind, always a reflection of the couple. Do what you two feel best to do. And if it is just the two of you- why not?

Happy planning and don’t forget to contact us to start your Dubrovnik Wedding story at info@dubrovnikevent.com