From Chaos to ‘I Do’

Welcome, soon-to-be-wedded souls and overwhelmed reader tasked with planning a grand matrimonial event!

Ah, the tingling sensation of wedding bells in the air, the rush of excitement, and the subtle panic of not knowing where to start – it’s the grand symphony of emotions when you’re on the brink of planning your big day. Let me help you, think of this as your guide

I will give you some pointers on how to start planning, not your wedding; that is our job. But how to start to plan a wedding. The same way athletes must warm up and practice before the game, you have too as well. The more prepared you come to your wedding planning process, the more you will thank me on it!

The steps:

Embrace the Chaos

First things first, take a deep breath. If you can’t laugh at the thought of choosing between an elegant sit-down dinner or an all-out buffet resembling a royal feast from the Middle Ages, you’re in for a rollercoaster ride. Talk to your partner, even if it is to laugh at some themed options, it is also important to know what you do not want!

Remember, the journey to ‘I do’ is paved with quirky mishaps, unexpected turns, and the occasional bride/groom-zilla moment. Embrace it all with a chuckle and a touch of humor – if you prepare for chaos, you can navigate it and it makes the journey more memorable.

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photo: Saša Tomić


Define Your Vision… Board

Picture this: you, a glue stick, scissors, and a board, ready to create the Mona Lisa of wedding vision boards. Take a moment to immerse yourself in a world of possibilities. Whether it’s Pinterest, magazines, wedding companies blog posts or a good old-fashioned sketchpad, gather inspiration from all of it. It’s the place where your dream bouquet, whimsical venue, and the perfectly color-coordinated napkins collide in an artistic explosion.

Now, here comes the challenge, although it may be ‘old-school’ – curate your collage masterpiece. There is something in the making of ‘wedding scrapbook’s’ that is special, plus it created another great memory.

Cut, paste, and create your vision board. Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to add a few funny cut-outs or doodles that represent your shared sense of humor. After all, what’s a wedding without a touch of your unique personality? Trust me it makes all the difference if you put your couple personality in the wedding.


Prioritize Like a Pro

From Uncle Bob’s insistence on bringing his pet to the ceremony to the Great Debate on whether the napkins should be ivory or eggshell, you’ll face decisions galore. Prioritization is key! Choose your battles wisely. Put people in charge of others, maybe tell your bridesmaids to handle the guests and their requests. The one advice I would give to you is to choose the right maid of honor, he/she is the one who needs to handle all of this for you on the day, so you don’t even know if Aunt Tonya lost her purse or Cousin Roger fell asleep in the garden…

Make a list of ‘must-haves,’ ‘nice-to-haves,’ and ‘if-it-happens, great!’ items. This not only streamlines the planning process but also adds a dash of sanity to the whirlwind of choices.


Keep Calm and Wed On

In the grand symphony of wedding planning, mishaps are inevitable, or with a great planner minimal.

A quirky twist, an unexpected turn, or a comical misadventure – these moments will become the fond memories you laugh about in the years to come, trust us.

So, take a deep breath, let the stress slide off you like confetti, and relish the joyous chaos.

To all the couples planning their special day, remember, laughter is the best wedding planner. Embrace the process, enjoy the ride, and hold on to your sense of humor.

We promise to sprinkle your wedding planning journey with more laughter than stress.

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photo: Saša Tomić


Cheers the beautiful chaos of wedding planning!