Love, weddings & events in time of COVID-19 with Dubrovnik Event

Dubrovnik Event Love weddings events in time of COVID 19 with Dubrovnik Event ink

We have great news and this is that as of today most measures have been released and all events will be allowed for up to 120 people who have either been vaccinated, had COVID in the past 6 (it will soon be likely 8 months!) months or have a  negative PCR test.

Last few months taught us to be more patient and kind, to be grateful for everything we have, and grateful for our incredible clients who had to postpone and wait to see how the situation will unwrap. Time for events finally came, and we never ever thought that love will be cancelled. Remember why you choose Dubrovnik and why you put your heart here. We’re in this together, and the whole Dubrovnik Event team is excited to be by your side on your big day.  Your Dubrovnik love story is waiting to be portrayed in a unique way, just as your love is – pure, charming and genuine.

Dubrovnik is the city of love stories – from hidden loves, loves that are full of passion, unbreakable ones and loves that makes you cry – our city walls keep stories that are beyond the wildest dreams, old almost as the city itself and by strolling in, you can feel  love carved in every pore of the town. Let Dubrovnik breathe in everything you hold in your heart and let it be an inspiration for all the future couples who are looking for that special place where their story will be cherished.

Dubrovnik Event will be by your side, making sure that, as every love deserves it, your story will be told in a special way as you are. We’re waiting for you!