Villa Gorica

Villa Gorica is situated almost perfectly right in between Dubrovnik city center and Cavtat peninsula. In the charming village on the top of the small hill. Just a couple of minutes driving distance from both locations and yet so secluded and private. Only 500m away from the sea, On its 300m2, this 1 6th century renovated Villa i s being decorated in accordance to the rustic design and feel of the past years and this area’s heritage. Totally secluded and private, ideal for a smaller wedding party. Saying “Yes” here will be a moment everyone will remember.

Park Orsula

Astonishing Park consisted of the St. Orsula’s chapel (from which the park got its name) and Amphitheatre above it. Located not more than 10 minutes driving distance from the Old Town Dubrovnik. Hundreds of meters above see level, secluded in nature, provides so much peace and privacy. Sounds like a perfect venue for your wedding ceremony (or dinner)! Being that high above the sea, you can be sure that the view will not disappoint. From the Park your viewpoint spreads all the way to Cavtat further south, the islands nearby, Lokrum island in front of the Old Town and of course, Old Town Dubrovnik like on a palm of your hand! After the sun falls below the horizon, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunset that each day brings along in a different manner. Making your most special day painted by the color palette of the sky.


Kaboga is a noble family name originating from the 8th century. They were highly influential due to their socio-economic status which made them one of the most famous families in the Republic times. Kaboga now is a renovated summer house of the mentioned noble family; situated on the south bank of the river Ombla. The summer house is listed as one of the twenty most important cultural heritage sites in Croatia. It was built in Gothic-Renaissance style which changed its features in the 18th century into more of a Baroque/Classicism style. It consists of a house with a front porch, above the porch there’s a terrace leading us to the chapel of Saint Bernard. Around the house there are many beautiful, rich, vibrant green gardens that add just enough balance to the stone looking venue.


A terrace so romantic overlooking the islands which makes it ideal for a wedding ceremony. Lenga terrace may be used for reception too for smaller weddings, but is ideal as a ceremony venue in combination with Vala Beach as reception venue.
Only acoustic music allowed, until 23:00.
Lenga ballroom is used as a backup option for Vala beach.

Quiet Salon

Lafodia four-star hotel is located on Lopud, one of the three Elaphite islands approx. 30-60 minutes boat ride from Port Gruž in Dubrovnik. Carved into a cliff, with its unique architecture it may remind you of a ship. As you may know the island life differs from an urban city life in many ways. What may (or may not) surprise you is that no cars are allowed on the island; which makes it a perfect peaceful getaway from “the ordinary life”. While on Lopud, you will be able to experience the gastronomic offer made with local, fresh, organic ingredients. Throughout the island you may notice various shades of bougainvillea flowers rising next to the stone houses on the alleyways. Lafodia hotel can be a perfect wedding day venue and a chance to live in a fantasy.