Hotel Lapad

Hotel Lapad is located in Lapad peninsula, overlooking the Gruž bay, the port and the bridge. With its interesting architecture and Victorian façade will most definitely catch your eye even if you are just passing by. This elegant looking building has an original staircase and is surrounded by gardens full of Mediterranean vegetation. The hotel combines exceptional modern offer with traditional looking interior and exterior making it a venue worth remembering.


A stone complex located outside of the city walls, just a couple of meters away from Ploče gate. During the times of Dubrovnik Republic this complex was used for quarantining purposes. Due to Dubrovnik’s rich history, culture and strong trade connections this complex was a guarantee that people entering the town wouldn’t represent a threat for an epidemic outbreak. Dubrovnik, being a very important port on the Mediterranean had to ensure that people entering the town spend 40 days in this complex first. Today, location with such significance is used for variety of purposes including your wedding day ceremony and reception. Getting married in a venue with such historical importance to the city of Dubrovnik will hopefully ignite a feeling of attachment that you will carry with you forever.


It was built by the end of 16th century. Lovrijenac fort is the only fort that is not physically attached to the city walls. It is positioned strategically in order to guard the western part of the town and the entrance of the Pile gate. You can reach it by 200 stairs going from small harbor in Pile area. Above the entrance door there’s a sentence in Latin “NON BENE PRO TOTO LIBERTAS VENDITUR AURO (Freedom is not sold for all the gold of the world). It is triangular shaped, three-story building containing three terraces enabling most incredible views. A memorable wedding experience is guaranteed.


The palace was built in the 16th century in Gothic-Renaissance style, Sponza Palace is one of the most amazing buildings located inside of the city walls. It served as Republic’s custom house and a place where people came to discuss art, literature and science. Hence, Sponza was a most vivid place of the town. Nowadays, Sponza houses some of the most precious collections of Dubrovnik’s historical documents. The incredible architecture and details just on the columns and arches in front will leave you breathless as soon as you notice it even from afar. But once you enter the atrium amazement doesn’t stop. Sponza will bring you back in time, still in its original form, making the venue very romantic and intimate perfect for your special day.

Vala Beach

Unique looking venue on the lowest level, incorporated into a rocky landscape surrounded by sea. A pool serves as an interesting touch mirroring any lights and decorations that may be around making your wedding reception look incredible. As the sun falls beneath the horizon your guests alongside you will be able to enjoy a romantic setting and dance the night away.

Hotel Palace

Hotel Palace is a five-star hotel located in Lapad peninsula not more than 10 minutes driving distance from Dubrovnik city center. It is situated beautifully secluded amongst pine trees and oriented entirely towards the open sea; enabling you to enjoy the horizon and the colorful sunset pallet that it brings each time differently.




This stone circular viewpoint is located in Lapad peninsula couple of minutes away walking distance from hotel Palace. Located on the top of a steep rock, in the middle of a forest of pine trees, small narrow path will lead you to it. The views from there will leave you speechless. It is very secluded, peaceful and romantic; will most definitely make you feel like you are in a fairytale. Even though the place is known by many residents it is still a mystery for visitors even for those staying at the hotel nearby. The combination of three; the pine trees, stone and sea, makes it a verry Mediterranean spot for a wedding ceremony. Be assured that the only thing you will hear are the birds and the sound of waves. Sounds like a perfect fit for a private ceremony.

Villa Franica

Away from the city but surprisingly close, Villa Franica is a renovated three level luxury villa located on the brink of Lapad peninsula right above the beautiful peddle beach. It has five spacious bedrooms and a wine cellar which will surely make every wine enthusiast very satisfied. Encircled by different tall palm trees and dark green pine trees making it a perfect secluded place. Its 600sqm of gardens and terraces space, when decorated, will transform into a beautiful wedding reception venue. The pool just contributing to the overall experience can serve as an additional representation of light when the sun falls down.

Villa Orti

An astounding stone Villa just a couple of minutes walking distance from the Old town. It will amaze you from the get-go. You can see its beauty just standing on the main street an looking up to the numerous levels of green gardens combined with a very appealing color of stone. The villa is a “walled paradise” very spacious, romantic and intimate. Revealing just a dash of its historical beauty through some parts of its architecture. Imagine incorporating lights, flowers and decoration to this already magical Villa. Seems like a perfect pick for your wedding.


This remarkable Villa is just glamourous from the inside as it is from the outside. Located in Zaton bay approximately 20minutes driving distance from Dubrovnik. This charming villa combines 6 bedrooms, spacious living spaces, different leveled gardens, outdoor swimming pool and a beautiful chapel of Saint Jerome. The villa can accommodate up to 14 persons but can host up to 50 wedding guests. Vila Pugliesi represents a piece of Renaissance style looking venue dating from 15th century. At that time villa served as a perfect getaway for aristocrats to relax and get away from the city heat. Today, this historic villa being properly restored is listed as a Croatian National Heritage Monument. This villa has the ability to take you back in time whether just strolling through the gardens or climbing up its original staircase.