We asked our brides…How he proposed?

We would like to hear your proposal story: how he proposed? Was he nervous? What about you? Did he shock you with the question or you expected that? Was it intimate or there was your family and friends? Tell us everything 😊

  • Dubrovnik event weddings proposals Helen and Barry
    Helen & Barry

    Barry surprised me with a long weekend trip to the City of Bath for my...

  • Dubrovnik Event How he proposed Harriet and Rob
    Harriet & Rob

    Our engagement was amazing, it was out 6th anniversary and he took me to a...

  • Dubrovnik Event How he proposed Andra and Gabriel
    Andra & Gabriel

    Our story is the best proof that Love will knock at your door when you...

  • Sabina & Sachin

    Sachin proposed on a boat. He was acting very suspiciously that day. When I asked...

  • Dubrovnik Event How he proposed Aida and Chris
    Aida & Chris

    I met Chris in London, at a mutual friends birthday party. We were introduced because...