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Here is why you should choose Dubrovnik, and us
To be by your side in your dream wedding planning

  • Dubrovnik has that feeling of romance that you feel the second you come here but it is not only reason why choose us for your dream wedding planners. The city is a perfect backdrop to your wedding. It offers you Old world style and New world sensibility.
  • Your guests will be happy you chose a location they have been wanting to visit and make a vacation out of your wedding weekend in Dubrovnik.
  • At Dubrovnik Event we understand that each and every wedding is a unique and entirely personal occasion. So from the first time we meet until the end of your wedding day, Your Dubrovnik Event Wedding Planner will be there by your side, providing personalized planning and organization and ensuring that every single detail is taken care of, leaving nothing to chance.
  • By being locals and being in the wedding and event planning industry in Dubrovnik for over 11 years, we ensure optimal communication with top notch and highest quality local suppliers, churches, registry office, bands, photographers and all other wedding vendors you may need for your wedding day in Dubrovnik to be as enchanting as you always dreamed it to be…
  • We work closely with the couple and that means listening carefully to your ideas and visions, learning your likes and dislikes, getting to know you so that we can bring your ideas to life and ensure that everything about your special day reflects your unique personalities.
  • We truly love what we do…

Dubrovnik event


Wedding planners and event designers
Assisting wedding couples from all over the world
in creating their own story of their own very special Day

Our vision – to be a market leader in wedding and event planning industry in Dubrovnik and whole of Croatia, while providing highest quality of service and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our mission – to dedicate to each couple, partner or associate through intense and high quality informational communication, constant update in new trends in wedding and event planning industry as well as local news and opportunities interrelated to the devoted area of business scope..



A perfect location for your dream wedding
The most beautiful setting for the most romantic moments

Dubrovnik is not only a piece of art, but through the centuries it has been an artist itself. Exposed to influences, yet always itself. Exposed to the winds, yet always constant and firm. On its stone towers and walls the watch is not one of arms but of the idea and the spirit of freedom. Dubrovnik’s glory comes not of the victories of the sword but of the power of creative thought. It is the city of poets and a poet city. A city with one face and innumerable mirrors that reflect and multiply it. The city of wonders. Born on the shores that are the cradle of mankind. Like Aphrodite it emerged from the rocks of the sea, form Hearclitus fire rhythmically extinguished and rhythmically burning again”; the Mediterranean is its link with the continents, other civilizations and nations. Incomparable Dubrovnik.

Within its walls the synthesis of the Dalmatian renaissance was born, which set rolling all Slavic literature. The common synthesis of Zadar, Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik has not yet obtained its right place in the world culture, but this place is indisputable. Represents more than just the past. It is the space and the measure of new ascents. As an architectural entity, Dubrovnik is a unique stage in the world, open to the sky, mobile and suitable for every kind of literary expression. As an aesthetic measure, this space gives the literary word an opportunity to express itself freely in all dimensions and to certify its vitality and authenticity, in every encounter and at any moment. Dubrovnik is an authentic climate of the human spirit. The city made of stones and dreams. Simply a perfect location for your dream wedding!