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DE; “Where D stands for Design”

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To the readers who look up at the starry sky and everything is more beautiful.

To the dreams, creativity, elegance & practicality; Design.

In the glitzy realm of weddings, design isn’t just about pretty decorations; it’s the soul of the soirée. As wedding planners, we are tasked with taking your vision and turning it into design. Simply we need to connect the venue to you, crafting an event that screams, “This is so your wedding!”

Isn’t there a nicer comment someone can tell you! The location is something everybody will remember, especially if it is a vintage stone house elegantly ‘designed’ to fit you.

Welcome, darling readers, to the world of wedding design! Picture this: a grand entrance adorned with cascading florals, guests gasping in awe at the exquisite table settings, and a bride who looks straight out of a fairy tale. What’s the secret ingredient that ties this all together? You guessed it – design.

Let’s dive into the juicy details, shall we?

First off, why does design even matter? Well, picture attending a soirée where the decor resembles a sad high school prom from the ’80s – yikes, right? Design sets the tone. It’s the difference between “Wow, this is fabulous!” and “Did someone forget to hire a decorator?” That is where we advise you best! We love our venues, these venues have deep history and the importance of design is to make your vision in them.

Looking at design suggestions and inspiration, draw from what you like to do in your everyday life. If you like olive oil and olive colors, let’s combine those. We will make personalized olive oil guest favors and table design and stationary in your favorite colors.

When thinking about design we can divide it into few categories, first is the décor which takes the largest portion of design and which we have a lot of trusted vendors we help guide through your vision. Things like Stationary & Signs are our expertise and we pride ourselves with personalizing all aspects of your wedding and personalizing décor is just one.

Design is in the food, drinks, music, entreatment even light decoration. If you want to have a minimalist wedding with a “WoW” effect, wait until the sunset. Once the last sun rays hit the venue your guest will start anticipating. And, WoW! All of a sudden a spectacle begins! All that bring together the whole event.

If you want to design your dreams, and do stare at the starry sky we can help bring those stars for you.

Catch us next week, where we are going to discuss design further, we will dive into the world of Extras! Hmm, interesting… well, see you next time dear reader.  

A Wedding Planner’s Tale of 2023

‘Not’ Another Clique Story of Endings and Beginnings: A Wedding Planner’s Tale of 2023

In the city where the long lasting Summer and patiently awaited bestie Winter are only true units of time measurement, we make our story.

As the final days set on the season of 2023, we find ourselves reflecting on the endings and beginnings that have graced our summer (insert; emoji with a single tear in it’s eye).

In the world of wedding planning, each year is a unique story waiting to be told.

These tales are not just about the grand finales and new beginnings of countless couples but also about the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes, weaving dreams into reality.

If we were to write a novel, it would be titled “The Tales of a Wedding Planner,” or more accurately known as „Oh I love it and I hate it at the same time“…

It would be a testament to the dedication, the strength, and the love that goes into making each wedding day truly special.

Endings, in the world of weddings, are bittersweet. They mark the culmination of months, sometimes even years, of planning, creativity, and anticipation. The meticulously chosen colors, the carefully curated playlists, and the painstakingly crafted flower arrangements are all a part of the narrative, add to that that Dubrovnik is truly a magical place to get slim during a summer season.

I believe I counted maybe 18965378 steps… this time.

The brides and grooms, each with their unique love story, bring their dreams to us, entrusting us with the task of turning those dreams into a magical reality. And when the final dance is danced, the last slice of cake is eaten, and the guests have gone home, we are left with the beautiful memories of an ending that is also a new beginning for the couple.


A I 847

foto: Saša Tomić

It is needless to say, wedding planners work tirelessly to ensure that the big day goes off without a hitch, but it’s the behind-the-scenes moments that truly define our journey.

(insert; lengthy direct address – and that are truly the best laughs sometimes.. let’s remember a certain dress malfunction that included: one ‘churhcy’ church, one planner baffled and two laughing their sweet faces off for the rest of the day!).

The stress, the late nights, the countless phone calls, and the endless to-do lists may not be visible, but they are the threads that weave the fabric of a successful wedding. The sacrifices, the unending hours of work, and the unwavering commitment are what set wedding planners apart.

It takes a special kind of person to embrace this role, one that goes beyond mere profession and becomes a passion.

This is our time to say thank you.

Not to you, dear reader; not this time, but to all those who make this sacrifice. We owe our gratitude to our incredible team, who is not just a work family, but true family in every sense of the word. We spend more time with them than with our biological families during the season, and they are the ones who stand by our side through thick and thin. Their unwavering support, their infectious enthusiasm, and the smiles they bring to the job are what keep us going. It’s a smile that says, “I love that I am here with you,” and that kind of energy is truly contagious.

This energy is what inspires us to keep doing what we do, year after year. It creates a circle of people who love what they are doing, and that love, that passion, is what makes your wedding day so incredibly special. It’s not just a job; it’s a calling, a vocation, and a labor of love.

M S 37

foto: Saša Tomić

So, we bid ‘adio’ (famous last words spoken in Dubrovnik..) to the season of 2023.

Thank you.

Season 2023, you will be loved, cherised, cried over, gossiped over (insert; wine bottle) but ultimately; closed.

As always dear reader, this is not a goodbye, endings are necessary for new beginnings. This is…let me rest for a minute. All jokes aside, let me say there are never enought good quotes spoken so..

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S. Lewis

Hope you remember this one.

This is a nod to the hidden stories, the unseen sacrifices, and the relentless dedication that make every wedding planner’s tale a story worth telling.

Yours truly, DE.

A comprehensive guide to tracking RSVPs


To all our dear followers, clients and readers welcome to another week of new wedding tips and tricks…Let me tell you something you should be thinking about in your planning stages of your Dubrovnik wedding. While planning a wedding involves countless details, one critical aspect is managing the guest list and RSVPs.

Tracking RSVPs ensures you have an accurate headcount, allowing you to plan seating arrangements, finalize catering orders, and create a memorable experience for everyone attending. In this blog post, we will guide you through an effective approach to tracking RSVPs for your wedding, making the process streamlined and stress-free.

Firstly, start by creating a preliminary Guest List: compile a guest list that includes family, friends, and acquaintances you wish to invite to your wedding, or anyone that comes to your mind in the moment, remember it is preliminary . Organize it into categories (e.g., family, friends, work colleagues) to simplify the list for later.

Sophie & Daniel

Photo: Camilla J. Harts

Set finalized Guest List and Send Invitations: Once you have your guest list ready, send out beautiful wedding invitations well in advance. Provide clear instructions for RSVPing, including the deadline and preferred methods of response (e.g., email, website, phone). Consider online RSVP tools, such as wedding websites like TTO (That’s The One) or dedicated apps, to make the process more convenient for your guests. *A tip is to send them up to 8 months before, to give more than enough time for everyone to respond before the final deadline to save you some nerves and get your guests excited about your wedding.

Implement a System: Establish a systematic method to track RSVPs and their responses. Some of your options could be:

  • Traditional RSVP Cards: Include pre-stamped and addressed RSVP cards with your invitations, allowing guests to respond via mail. Create a tracking system to record the responses as they arrive.
  • Online RSVP: Set up a wedding website with an RSVP feature, the one website we absolutely loveee is TTO (That’s The One) it enabling guests to respond online with all details included, regarding their plus ones and more.
  • Phone or Email RSVPs: For guests who prefer a more personal touch, provide a dedicated phone number or email address for RSVPs. Is case you would have to again, create a spreadsheet or document to track their responses.

IvanaAdam Nina Anic Weddings 51

Photo: Nina Anić

Set a Deadline for your Guests: Sometimes your guests get a little bit…relaxed, and they need to be reminded to get things done. You need to specify a clear RSVP deadline that gives them time to respond while allowing you to make necessary arrangements in time. Ideally, set the deadline a few weeks before your wedding day to provide room for follow-ups with non-responders.

Finally, follow-up with Non-Responders: As the deadline approaches, it’s common to have some guests who haven’t RSVPed yet. Reach out to these guests through email, phone calls, or text messages to confirm their attendance, be ready to handle with care and a bottle of wine to ease the headache…

Once you are done with pushing everyone to respond… you can finally  relax and enjoy in the idea of your beautiful Dubrovnik wedding with all your close friends and family having the best time of their lives.

Viva La Color!

My project 1

Viva La Color!

Welcome back my dears and a happy Thursday!

We are in a new year, new trends, new stories and new people… We are opening a new season of love and our favourite… WEDDINGS! We believe that every couple this season has a special story to tell, and you can expect to be the ones to hear all about it! In the following season on this Blog, you can expect heart throbbing stories form our clients, from the lovely story of how they first met to the chills they felt before their big day.

We will give you a unique insight into our lives and our lovely team this year, you will get to deep dive into Dubrovnik itself with us. Additionally, we would like to show you more about what we do and how our team of women manage to do it all!

Now, Season 2023….

We can tell you one thing for sure and that is that 2022 trends are gone. Gone are the days of muted and pastel colour palettes dominating wedding ceremonies. Instead, expect to see couples embracing bright and playful palettes and flavours. These things are sure to add energy and excitement to your event and will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

R and M 545

Photo by Danilo i Sharon

Maximalist design is one theme that is keeping in trend this summer, from extravagant flower arrangements, bold tableware and grasping luxurious ceremony settings. This means incorporating more layers, patterns, and textures into the decor and overall aesthetic of the day.

Along with maximalist design, sustainability is also expected to play a larger role in 2023 weddings. Couples are leaning towards eco-friendly and ethical choices when it comes to everything from flower arrangements to catering, in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

My project

Photo by Danilo i Sharon

Another trend that is predicted to become more popular is alternative wedding dress styles. Expect to see more brides opting for coloured, printed, or even metallic dresses instead of traditional white gowns. Grooms are also getting in on the trend by experimenting with statement suits in bright hues or bold patterns.

My project 1

Photo by Danilo i Sharon

All in all, 2023 is shaping up to be a year of bright colors, bold designs, eco-friendly choices and good times! Whether you’re planning your own big day or attending as a guest, these trends are sure to make for an unforgettable wedding experience.


Wedding cake trends picked by Dubrovnik Event team

Dubrovnik Event - wedding cake

I dare you to find me a person who dislikes cake in any shape or form (or flavor). There’s a saying “there’s always room for dessert because it doesn’t go to your stomach; it goes right into your heart!” Even though if you are not a person known for its sweet tooth; still, there’s definitely something that has sweetness to it that you are often craving (could be an apple).  But for example, wedding cake can be of those things that you have to try. It is not possible to reject a piece of cake that a happily married couple cut a few moments ago while holding the knife together, smiling and looking at the marvelous tiered creation. Impossible, I’m telling you! Perhaps you didn’t want to eat it but now you will, and it’s delicious admit it!

Among all the things that a bride and her groom have to decide on, this task has to be one of the sweetest ones. Oh, being able to sit down and have other people bring you multiple pieces of different flavored cakes. Such a sweet suffering. Whether you’ll be having your wedding reception in a garden of a villa, or a stunning location with a view, you’ll also be able to decide which is your favorite cake from the vendors that we work with.

In case you are having a reception in a hotel, the case is somewhat different (no worries you will still be able to have a cake tasting). Then, couples often have both; the dessert from the menu and the wedding cake. We highly recommend having only a wedding cake due to the fact that after dessert people forget that there’s still a cake coming and when it comes there’s rarely room for both left in out tummies. This leads to wasting a lot of the gorgeous, special wedding cake and we think it is better to avoid this situation and exclude the dessert part of the menu.

 From a guest’s point of view as well as the pastry chefs probably; wedding cakes definitely change through years. When I say wedding cake, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is a multiple-tiered, white, simple cake with a small couple on top and maybe some flowers here and there. I mean, it is definitely delicious either way and the design can be used nowadays for sure. But there are some new wedding cake trends of 2022 that are emerging. It is making us feel excited and we’re looking forward to seeing them appear on your already spectacular destination wedding in Dubrovnik.

In 2022, we’re saying goodbye to only white fondant/frosting cake because it is time for uniqueness! Pastry chefs are turning into Picasso’s, Monet’s, you name it. Even though the canvas underneath will most likely remain neutral that’s when artistic designs, mesmerizing brush strokes and delicate flowers pop in. It will seem like a pastry chef borrowed some painting skills and also made it taste delicious. It’s not easy to make it flow seamlessly with the whole wedding menu, in those regards you will maybe need some tips.

Coming up next is boldness. You want your cake to be unique as your whole wedding day. 2022 is the year of “out of the box” thinking and doing something fresh and new. Dubrovnik (for example) is a city of long history and tradition and most of the couples born and raised here will have the traditional cake on their wedding day. But they don’t have to; and you don’t have to. Be creative, unconventional, it doesn’t have to be in a traditional form of a cake; or cake at all. Surprise your guests!

Something that occurred in past years and is transferring to 2022 is the trend of individual cakes. It is more convenient for some; it is something new and cute for others. But you have incorporated a dessert and that’s all that matters. Cupcakes, individual small cakes, different pastries basically more options and versatility while using the surplus of time (saved from showing and cutting the cake) on something else you might do. This may form into a dessert table showcasing different sweets, or maybe a fondue, or an ice-cream station that would come handy on a hot summer’s day in Dubrovnik. You choose!

We adore having flower cakes, pressed flower designs are opted to stay in 2022. Elegant, colorful, so romantic and perfectly detailed; flowers on a cake are a work of art. But why not going the opposite way? Citrus cakes are becoming a trend. Whether being citrus flavored or citrus decorated those cakes will definitely be eye catching and fresh. Such a Mediterranean vibe, don’t you think?

Wedding cakes in any shape or form represent the happy couple. Why not making the best use out of it in 2022. Go for a modern artsy cake, go for a bold colored cake or a sugared orange slice decorated cake; go for no cake at all. But, don’t forget to include something sweet you’ll be remembered by!

Dubrovnik Event - Wedding cake 06
Foto by: Nina Anić

DWP Congress in Greece: Wedding trends of 2022

Dubrovnik Event weddings DWP conference 10

Kalimera !, from Rhodes, Greece, where the seventh congress of destination wedding organizers recently took place – the largest B2B networking platform of the global wedding industry, where finally, after a break of almost two years – gathered over 350 participants from almost 50 countries. Croatia was one of them.

This is my fifth participation in a congress like this and I will tell you that this is a gathering that really everyone from the wedding world wants to go to and not just now in COVID time when we are so desperate for socializing and traveling that we are able sit in the car and drive to Neum (at least in our case in Dubrovnik) just to get a personal or even better at the border, bring a passport and come home with the stamp of another country, even if it was BIH.

The motto of the Wedding Planners Congress is “Work hard, play harder”, so we just hung out on the first day. It started with a noon party at the hotel pool by the beach (hotels that are a kind of host of this congress are always on your bucket list if you travel to these locations, believe me- this time the host was Mitsis Alila exclusive all-inclusive resort located at miles long sandy beach of sunny Rhodes – see us walking barefoot and frescoing in the Aegean Sea before the lecture?), continued with a tour of the old town of Rhodes and just sailed into the first party of the congress.

Dubrovnik Event weddings DWP conference 8
Photo by Dimitris Giouvris

It is a congress where we meet new people and connect in ways the Internet will never be able to connect us, on the other hand, it is a place where we learn minute by minute from colleagues from different countries, connect cultures in the most beautiful ways and not just exchange experiences and talk about trends- here we create trends. This is going to be our topic of the day 🙂

Wedding trends of 2022!

So the first panel of the second day of the congress was held on The Future of Weddings in Times of Instability where speakers were people we don’t need to represent much in our ranks-  like Bob Conti, JoAnn Gregoli and Koby Bar Yehuda, and we expressed the future through trends.

As my dear colleague and world-famous event designer, Eddie Zaratsian, said: “I don’t like the word trend because it gives the design a time limit and it’s really not necessary, especially for personalized events we deal with”, let’s go through what the big players from the world of weddings predict are upcoming, let’s call them- popular practices.


How long have we been waiting for that trend to come back to life! Let me hear you, who got tired of the terms “blush” and “white wedding”? I would like some green and white… Well let’s spice up a few things! Finally, that carousel spun and I can’t hide my enthusiasm for this announced trend! We’ll see what Pantone will choose for us as a color in 2022, but as long as we speak the language of bright colors through weddings and express our characters through color and dynamic concepts, I am an advocate of this trend. Colors can not only show how fashionable you are, but also elevate the whole design, location, speak a language that has been forgotten – the language of love!
Come on white, green and pink, go get some sleep! Red, yellow and coral – welcome!


I do not mean the obvious luxury that the word exclusive imposes. I think that the trend of exclusive rentals, ie the privatization of hotels, villas, B&B, farms – whatever the newlyweds find a way to make their guests feel safe and protected. COVID has brought us that awkward (not to say damn) sense of insecurity when moving in our own lives. Believe me, in the world of destination weddings it is more than noticeable – for example, the weddings of most of our American clients, which were supposed to be a hundred people, and were postponed to 2022, by default were reduced to at least half fewer guests who decided to travel despite the chaos we find ourselves in. And yes, I’m not mistaken, we are talking about 2022 – many people believe that weddings will recover only there around 2025 when we hope that this whole story will be behind us and travel will again become a completely normal and integral part of life. So for those who decided to get married next year, and according to the announcements we are talking about the largest number of weddings since the early 80’s, many are considering exclusive leases of hotels, complexes, more villas in one place and islands where somehow by default people they feel more detached, and so in the new age, unfortunately, more secure. In any case, the more private and exclusive, the more interesting, at least that’s what the announcements for next year say …


I can’t tell you my enthusiasm for this finally current trend in the world of weddings and events in general. Paying tribute to Mother Nature and thinking about what we use when planning our wedding – from materials, choosing locations and suppliers to recycling flowers, has finally taken the deserved and necessary throne we have been waiting for forever – ignoring is never cool and especially ignoring the alarming world “Trends” that concern us all, such as global warming, a drastic reduction in the number of bees and air pollution, which we are witnessing on a daily basis reading world reports. It was high time that this worrying reality was addressed in the world of weddings as well. So we, for example, held an entire three-day event for 350 people in wonderful, chic, organic tents. Yes, you read that right, organic tents. Feel free to Google “Organic Concepts”, a company from Belgium that was one of the congress partners and set up 4 tents handmade by nautical tailoring companies from proven, sustainable and organic materials. Waterproof, windproof up to 170km / h, extremely aesthetically attractive and absolutely in sync with all the postulates of sustainability. That is the future of events. This is a trend that we do not want to have a time limit. Ask yourself- how can I make my wedding more sustainable? Some of the ideas are reusing flowers, using live flowers in bunches (think rosemary, lavender, etc.), but add a little color to the world), renting a flower truck with additional florists who will make your guests a bouquet of the remaining flowers and give a bouquet on your behalf. What they like- the idea is a million, you just need to see how best to incorporate them into your wedding. And don’t hesitate to talk about it out loud – it’s a voice that needs to be heard far away!

In the end, I will agree with my colleague Eddie about the practical dislike of trends, but at the same time I will tell you- some new kids have arrived in the world of wedding design and thank God they did! Sustainability and respect for nature are more than welcome!

Proposal: Pranv & Kristi

Dubrovnik Event Private events Pranv Kristi May 2021 01

Even tough Covid-19 has changed lots of plans for all of us, this lovely couple decided to travel to Croatia all the way from the US and celebrate love in one of the most romantic cities – Dubrovnik.

Some of you may wonder– is it safe to travel to Dubrovnik? Is it safe to have an event now?

Our answer is absolutely yes – health and safety are our priority, and we take it very seriously, but with all necessary measures, we can still do events that will be just as amazing and as breathtaking as this fabulous proposal was…

The surprise factor, the tears, the incredible backdrop. God we missed this all!

Thank you Pranv & Kristi, you will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Love, weddings & events in time of COVID-19 with Dubrovnik Event

Dubrovnik Event Love weddings events in time of COVID 19 with Dubrovnik Event ink

We have great news and this is that as of today most measures have been released and all events will be allowed for up to 120 people who have either been vaccinated, had COVID in the past 6 (it will soon be likely 8 months!) months or have a  negative PCR test.

Last few months taught us to be more patient and kind, to be grateful for everything we have, and grateful for our incredible clients who had to postpone and wait to see how the situation will unwrap. Time for events finally came, and we never ever thought that love will be cancelled. Remember why you choose Dubrovnik and why you put your heart here. We’re in this together, and the whole Dubrovnik Event team is excited to be by your side on your big day.  Your Dubrovnik love story is waiting to be portrayed in a unique way, just as your love is – pure, charming and genuine.

Dubrovnik is the city of love stories – from hidden loves, loves that are full of passion, unbreakable ones and loves that makes you cry – our city walls keep stories that are beyond the wildest dreams, old almost as the city itself and by strolling in, you can feel  love carved in every pore of the town. Let Dubrovnik breathe in everything you hold in your heart and let it be an inspiration for all the future couples who are looking for that special place where their story will be cherished.

Dubrovnik Event will be by your side, making sure that, as every love deserves it, your story will be told in a special way as you are. We’re waiting for you!


Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips LUXURY IN WEDDINGS 02

Luxury. That attractive word that has slipped into every pore of our lives – and found a way to slip into weddings as well. At the last year’s congress where about two hundred exclusive event planners from all over the world gathered, every workshop and every panel had a common phrase – luxury. There was so much talk about luxury in weddings that I was a little tired of that word if you will be honest. On the other hand, I’ve met colleagues who don’t talk to clients at all if their wedding budget is under a million dollars. And that’s what they say without blink of an eye. One of these same colleagues recently organized a wedding for the sister of a Qatari sheikh, and although we were unable to find out the budget itself (this is highly confidential information at these levels), we saw a five-minute video showing the lapse of building a 15,000-square-foot village that lasted six months and the results of that project was a wedding dinner on the glass floor while a cold river flowed beneath the guests- which in hot sandy Qatar was an inconceivable challenge for the planner and an absolute attraction for guests who are incredibly hard to impress. The walls were surrounded by jewels and with literally tens of thousands white orchids while guests were served filtered gold water with gold particles. Well, we could definitely call that a luxury wedding!

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips LUXURY IN WEDDINGS 01
Photo by Librecommel’ Art, all rights reserved

After all – what does a luxury wedding mean and what does it have to have in order to be considered as a luxury? There are as many answers to this question as there are people in the world – because for each of us, luxury is something different and just like beauty, in the eyes of the beholder. This definitely does not simplify things for us, but we are going to think the most general we can, Truth or Lie, and try to figure out the characteristics of luxury weddings.

Truth or Lie?

For a wedding to be luxurious, it must also be extremely expensive. To be honest -true. By some international standards, if we are not talking about hundreds of thousands of euros, a wedding is not categorized as a luxury. With this, we close the topic of the expected. Let’s go into a little detail now ….

 At luxury weddings flowers must be at every corner, to say it in the simplest way. I dare to say – a lie. Although, if you type “luxury wedding” into Pinterest, you will get hundreds of pictures with floral installations that give you a headache, but a bunch of flowers does not necessarily mean luxury. Of course, at most lavish weddings you will have incredible amounts of flowers at every corner, including toilet décor to emphasize luxury, but I would say more attention is paid to details in the décor, such as silk, hand-drawn tablecloths specially ordered and designed by Japan conceptual artist from which Donatella Versace orders silk for her brand. That’s the luxury at a wedding. The point is not that it costs unimaginable lot that is for us, ordinary human beings, out of the budget, but the point is that it is difficult to obtain and has a story to tell.

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips LUXURY IN WEDDINGS 02
Photo by Librecommel’ Art, all rights reserved

A luxury wedding is mostly held in unusual, exclusive and preferably unique location. A hundred times true! By default, such locations cost a lot, but the point is that it is “hard-to-get” – by no means hotel, possibly a palace where no one has managed to get married so far (I’m just waiting to see when we will have our first space wedding and how that wedding dress will look!) and preferably a private island where each guest has their own villa with a butler. The trend of weddings, which has been popular for the last few years where newlyweds rent a whole cruise ship where each guest has two cabins – one for sleeping and staying and the other for luggage is now a slight passé, not to say shabby because it is a wedding which you will have to set aside several million euros. The point is to be first and original. This is, in the circles of the real rich, the definition of luxury.

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips LUXURY IN WEDDINGS 03
Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

At luxury weddings, guests are provided with an experience or service that they would not normally imagine at a wedding. Absolutely true! Anyone can have fireworks or lobster on the menu. I will also give you an example. Recently, one of my former clients was at a five-day wedding in Mallorca, where every morning, together with the breakfast of a king, they had a pagoda in which nurses from a private clinic gave a cocktail infusion of electrolytes and vitamins that eliminate hangovers in 15 minutes so guests may continue to party. I’m telling you most seriously. Well, it’s a luxury at a wedding.

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips LUXURY IN WEDDINGS 04
Photos by Librecommel’ Art, all rights reserved
Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips LUXURY IN WEDDINGS 05
Photos by Librecommel’ Art, all rights reserved

At celebrities and other luxury weddings, privacy is valued above everything else. Absolutely true! The trend of taking a mobile phone at the entrance to a wedding ceremony and returning it only on departure has become more and more present at luxury weddings. Yes, there will be a time when the newlyweds will post pictures of their special day, but on the wedding day itself they want their guests to relax and have fun without scrolling and posting. And do you know who will be most grateful for 10 hours without a cell phone? Those same guests. It’s a luxury.

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips LUXURY IN WEDDINGS 06
Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

I could write to you about luxury at weddings until tomorrow. But the point is that luxury is a very relative term, so those from high society will consider, for example, a menu with organically grown meat and home-grown vegetables very luxurious because it is “hard to get” for them, while for us it is completely normal. So, don’t bother too much with the definitions of luxury in wedding – you can bring a touch of luxury with personalized gifts, top Croatian wines and a slightly different menu. And I don’t mean grilled steak or shrimp – few years ago, for one of my richest clients with the very exclusive venue we served – a hamburger and French fries for a dinner. All the food was homemade and organic, that was the only requirement. So now you say- who’s crazy here?

Destination wedding trends of 2020

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Destination wedding trends of 2020 08

I rarely write such general posts but I really felt it was time to do one… Trends, what a big words, isn’t it? But whether we want it or not, we follow them, some of them of course and perhaps we set some too! In weddings however, you can see same paatterns and trends taking place worldwide! So let me tell you some of them that are expecting us in 2020- and by all means do write more if you think of them or know of them 🙂

1.  Let’s start with an official one and quite big on the chart of wedding priorities- color of the year! After last year’s vivid living coal (which wasnt an easy one on floral choices let me tell you that!), this year Pantone went for- wait for it…. CLASSIC BLUE! You may find it dull for a wedding, but there is a lot you can do with this color when it comes to matching and pairing. Think gold (like in below photos of a stunning wedding we did in Dubrovnik’s Art Gallery a couple of years ago), magenta or simply white. And let’s not forget using it in fabrics such as groom’s and his ushers’ suits or even bridesmaids dresses!

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Destination wedding trends of 2020 01
Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

 2. Sustainability- that’s a tough one but definitely one we have been seen much more awareness for in the past few years. Couples are more and more thinking of the carbon footprint vendors are leaving in creating their events and usage of plastic at weddings as well as where all the food and ingredients are coming from!
Think flowers too- reusing and recycling is the way to go- many couples are asking what happens to all the decor after the lights are turned off or take the flowers from the wedding to decorate their day after venue. The truth is- many local vendors don’t have proper sustainability practices in place, but the awareness is rising, make sure of that. And keep in mind that Croatia and its people value their nature above all so it’s a place where environmentally friendly has always been in trend!

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Destination wedding trends of 2020 02

3. Special food stations with an accent on local and personalized- ok this has really always been a trend, more or less! But we have seen more and more couples wanting to do something different and personalize to the best extent possible so their guests recognize them in the little things throughout the wedding. A few years ago we had a bride who ate popcorn every night she’d come home from work. Of course we brought a popcorn machine to her fortress wedding (the guy who had to bring it up 200 steps wasn’t so thrilled about it :D) and served popcorn in personalized carton boxes. Everyone LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Moreso, think prosciutto carving stations, local cake making station, grappas or olive oil as favors and local fish sushi  making stations. Yup, we got them all!

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Destination wedding trends of 2020 03
Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved
Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Destination wedding trends of 2020 04
Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

4. Specialty Liquor Bars- ok this is a big one! We have seen weddings where clients asked for cocktail barmen but mixology is a whole new level lately! And cigars of course- last year we did an event with Cuban theme and had a station with a uban guy rolling cigars for the guests in front of their very eyes. Pretty cool, huh? Proper glassware and garnishes are a must too! Most popular in our experience have shown to be whiskey and tequila bars but cocktails are still trending. Basically, whatever does it for you! And your guests, of course 🙂

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Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Destination wedding trends of 2020 06
Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Destination wedding trends of 2020 07

5. Videography. Yes, the time of your uncle videoing with his shaky hands is done and so is the time where your friend film the most important moments of your life to date by their very good Iphone camera. It’s become a part of any decent wedding, video that  is and the only job you have to do is find the right team to film your special day. And please don’t mention those times when videographers stood with a camera in your face- yes those times are past tense as well- video teams are nowadays equipped with state of art tehnology, drones, tinies mics you can imagine and very artistic talents. So don’t wait up, email us about the video options! You’ll be sorry later if you don’t!

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Destination wedding trends of 2020 08

6. Destination weddings in locations that are still hidden gems :)- and yes, this is where Dubrovnik and whole of Croatia comes in! Don’t wait up! Email us for more info!

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Photo by Mihoci studios, all rights reserved