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3 reasons for including a boat cruise at your wedding

Photo by : Mihoci

Dubrovnik is a city that literally “floats” on the sea. It is lying down beautifully on the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, that changes its colors depending on the weather. From dark blue when the “Bura” wind hits, to light blue early in the morning when catching first rays of sunshine. Can you imagine yourself cruising through?

Having a boat cruise at your wedding feels like an introduction to the wedding reception. But, on sea. Whether you are all for it, or totally against it, I’ll leave that decision up to you. But let me tell you 3 reasons why you should cruise down the Adriatic on your wedding day.

  1. Transfer preferences – I may be wrong, but during summer it is much more enjoyable to have a boat transfer you from your ceremony to the reception venue. Depending on which venues you choose, of course, sometimes the boat serves for transferring you and your guests to another venue. Other times, it serves for just being an enjoyable cruise around the town after your ceremony is done. While you’re on the coast, use the transportation accordingly 😊


  1. WOW factor – Not many people have experienced Dubrovnik and its surrounding from the sea. Usually, people are walking along its city walls, visiting museums, bars, and restaurants. Also, getting lost in its narrow picturesque streets. Having a boat cruise then is something new and exciting you get to experience with your loved ones. Seeing how the waves hit the city from outside, seeing the island Lokrum and its deep green colored vegetation. The fort Lovrijenac growing from the sea level. And, whether your reception is in Cavtat or maybe on the island of Koločep you get to see all the little bays and reefs, the coastline, the lighthouses, islands, and the horizon of course. Honestly, I think that if you don’t lift your head up at all and just look at and into the sea, it’s an experience on its own.


  1. History – Dubrovnik was one of the largest and most important trade cities on the Mediterranean. The fleet that Dubrovnik had was something that even larger countries like England were envy of. Now, imagine you and your wedding guests cruising along in a replica of a trade ship from centuries ago. Or a bit smaller traditional dalmatian boat. It would be so special to enjoy a glass of your favorite drink, while listening to music. Having an amazing time while cruising along and hearing the sound of waves.


I believe all of this sounds very appealing, am I right? Oh yes, yes, I am.



This boat cruise can also be a secret only you and I share. Your guests don’t need to know that they’re just about to see another side of Dubrovnik. But they’ll thank you afterwards! Just wait and see it for yourself. Are we ready to plan your entire wedding now?


Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci

2 pros and 2 cons of doing a first look

Photo by: Mihoci

Doing a first look is something that is often debatable whether to have it or not. It is really about preferences of the couple and something that you two should discuss between each other. Don’t listen to anyone telling you what to do, or how you should behave. It is YOUR wedding day and do as you like.

With or without doing a first look, you will have the most amazing wedding day. After all, you’re having your wedding in beautiful Dubrovnik. 😊

So, let us begin with the “negative” side or the cons…

  1. First con, and the most obvious/controversial one is that – you lose having your first look at the Altar. Grandma, buckle up your seat belt, we’re taking off! (haha) Seriously now, she or some other more “traditional” guests might feel sorry that you won’t wait for that special moment to happen in front of the Altar or at the ceremony venue. Besides them, some couples really do take a lot of time and consideration whether to have a first look, since they want to make the walking down the aisle as special and emotional as it gets. Or should I say raw. Majority of people associate weddings with the fact that the groom gets to see his bride (for the first time) as she is walking towards him in her white dress. It is up to you to break those stereotypes, or maybe not… P.S. No one even needs to know that you’ve already seen each other.

2. Your wedding day might start earlier now -With having your first look before the ceremony, obviously you’ll have to think about getting up earlier than you planned to. Which is fine if you’re an early bird. But oh boy if you’re a night owl! You should consider getting to bed in some reasonable hours to get your beauty sleep. We all know that having enough sleep highly affects our stress levels but also our under-eye bags. We clearly do not need those!


We’re not here to overwhelm you, so doing 2 of each will be enough, agree? Moving on to the positive sides and we do love those (unlike the under eye bags). 😊

  1. First pro is – having some alone time with your loved one. While you’re the only ones being there, the emotions are shared just among you two. And that’s just beautiful. The sheer love and intimacy that is being felt is clearly something that you’ll remember forever. It’s just you two and that’s what matters after all. You’ll also feel more relaxed now while walking down the aisle (or waiting at the Altar) since you released all the nerves beforehand.

2. The second one – You can get amazing photos bursting with your emotions! And maybe a tear will mingle its way through. It is a lot easier for you (especially if you’re an introvert) to show your true emotions when there’s not many people around. Making your photos a true representation of your inner state at that moment. As well as you’ll save time this way with doing your shoot before the ceremony so you can spend more time with your guests after it. Enjoying drinks and just being relaxed and content.

There’s much more to add but we’ll leave it as it is. Think through it and do as you please. It is your wedding day, remember! You should be at ease.

Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci

5 tips on how to stay stress free on your wedding day

We’ve all seen numerous shows on hectic “bridezillas” and probably the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions stress on the wedding day are those scenes and images.

It’s totally normal to behave in a certain way, we all have different personalities, and it is important to understand that every bride is different and more (or less) demanding than the other.

Before we jump in into how to manage stress on your wedding day, we’ll cover how stress impacts our regular daily lives. Once again, every person is different, and stress doesn’t have an equal impact on everybody. It is also manifested differently among every individual (it is all really depending on the situation) I can feel more stress than you do and we’re in the same situation. Looks like you handle it better and don’t think of this situation as that big of a deal, whereas I clearly do. And that’s OK.

From a more scientific standpoint from the American Psychological Association “Stress affects all systems of the body including the musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, nervous, and reproductive systems.” Meaning, muscles tense up, we are out of breath, our blood pressure rises and what not. It is not really something to look forward to when you’re about to say, “I do”.

How to prevent that from happening? Well, we’re glad you asked 😊

So, my dear, here are 5 tips on how to stay stress free on your wedding day.

  1. First and probably most important step is to hire a wedding planner – This step enables you to be sure that everything will be executed just like you’ve imagined. Worrying is a big contributor to the rising stress levels and anxiety. We all know that weddings require a lot of detailed planning. Having someone with whom you’ve already went through the whole process multiple times will make you feel more relaxed and calmer. The basis of reducing stress is the feeling of knowing that everything is under control.

      2. Don’t follow the “rules” ” – It is known that on a wedding day it is all about the bride & groom. You know that all eyes will be set on you. You don’t need to have a bunch of people around you when you’re getting ready. It is totally fine to have just a few people you feel calm and relaxed around, those who you always feel good around. Those that always have good advice and those who have an amazing energy.

3. Don’t skip on food – Don’t worry, you’ll fit into the dress even if you have a good breakfast. No, seriously now. Don’t neglect the importance of having something in your stomach. Here in Croatia, we don’t do anything on an empty stomach you know. It’s a crime! And also, hydrate. You’ll feel more focused and relaxed. Our brain and gut are so closely linked. You wouldn’t believe how are our thoughts affecting the gut and its lining.

  1. Have some alone time with your partner – Even if it’s hiring a separate transfer from the ceremony to the reception venue. Or, sneaking away from the party for a couple of minutes. Do it! You two are finally a husband and wife and having those minutes for just the two of you will feel so soothing and relaxing for both of you. So intimate, immersed in the feels…
  1. Breathe and meditate – Or don’t. But make sure to be present and grounded. Don’t let your thoughts wander around your head leaving toxic marks. The time that you lose while being stressed is the time you’ve lost that could have been filled with positive thinking. And we sure cannot turn back time. Enjoy every moment, don’t let stress win. It’s your day not his!
Photo by: Mihoci

Photo by: Mihoci

Photo by: Mihoci

Photo by: Mihoci

Photo by: Mihoci

Photo by: Mihoci

Photo by: Mihoci

Photo by: Mihoci

Photo by: Mihoci

Photo by: Mihoci

Photo by: Mihoci

Photo by: Mihoci

List of 10 songs that every generation loves

Dubrovnik Event wedding reception

Your big day is coming up, make sure to incorporate these songs during reception time. Every generation will be having time of their lives on the dancefloor. Believe me 😊

But first…

We can all agree that music plays a huge role in everyone’s lives. Especially today when we’re living in a such a fast pace and tend to use music to feel more relaxed and in a better mood. That can be either when waking up in the morning, when at work (as a background noise) or just to feel more relaxed. It is scientifically proven that listening to music that you like reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety (and there is a rise in number of people having those nowadays). Sooo, we can conclude that we should all include music in our day-to-day lives. What a simple way to boost your serotonin levels! Give it a try.

It’s not uncommon to see all profiles of people with headphones walking down the streets or during bus/metro rides or when exercising. Music really does run through our veins. And people who recommend you new songs to listen to are the best kind of people, right? With saying that we can conclude that music can connect people. Look at the concerts for example. God knows how many people you can meet there just because you listen to the same artist and enjoy their music. You can even meet the love of your life there.

Let’s say you did.

Your wedding day is coming up and you can’t wait to call each other husband and wife. (Like you don’t do that anyways 😊) You’ve kissed each other now and are officially husband and wife! It’s time for reception. Your wedding day is just one of the rare life events in which the whole family/relatives/friends and loved ones gather. You should take advantage of that and make sure that your nieces and nephews as well as your grandmother and grandfather enjoy equally; like they should.

Yes, it is possible.

They can all forget about their problems (some more than others) and enjoy in the moment. How can they even think about their problems when you’ve incorporated some of the songs that all generations know and love. Yes, you did! Because you’ve read this blog beforehand and went to the concert just for the sake of having fun and you ended up being engaged. You’re welcome 😊 Just like we’ve discussed, the songs below ended up being on your “list of 10 songs that every generation loves”.


  1. “I will survive” – Gloria Gaynor
  2. “Celebration” – Kool & The Gang
  3. “I Wanna DanceWith Somebody (Who Loves Me),” – Whitney Houston
  4. “Stayin’ Alive “– Bee Gees
  5. “Mambo No.5” – Lou Bega
  6. “Macarena,” – Los del Río
  7. “Footloose “– Kenny Loggins
  8. “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! “– ABBA
  9. “Volare “– Gypsy Kings
  10. “September” – Earth, Wind & Fire
    Dubrovnik Event Wedding - party songs

    Photo by : Mihoci

    Photo by: Mihoci

    Photo by: Mihoci

    Photo by: Mihoci

    Photo by: Mihoci

    Photo by: Mihoci

Top 10 reasons why get married in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Top 10 reasons why get married in Dubrovnik 01

1.      Dubrovnik’s beauty has long been inspirationally known and world renowned, even the famous poet Bernard Shaw said it himself: “Those who seek Paradise on Earth, must come to Dubrovnik”. This says it all and surely you will know what he meant once you visit and experience the picturesque sites this amazing city has to offer. You will be enchanted by its clear blue sea, pristine beaches, hospitality of the locals and that familiar feeling like you are at home, at a first glance. You will always want to come back to it.

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Top 10 reasons why get married in Dubrovnik 11

2.   Dubrovnik is also known under its alias “Pearl of the Adriatic”, as it truly offers you and your wedding guests absolutely anything you may need and want while leaving you without breath with its natural beauties, rich history, culture and romantic alleys. It has been a vacation getaway location for many celebrities including Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Mickey Rourke, Nick Nolte, Steve Buschemi and Roger Moore, to name a few.

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Top 10 reasons why get married in Dubrovnik 04
Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Top 10 reasons why get married in Dubrovnik 05

3.   Today, you can directly fly to Dubrovnik for your wedding from most European and world cities, including New York from 2011! You can also fly to Dubrovnik’s local airport from England, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland and Austria, to name a few. This definitely saves a lot of time and money for your guests, making it convenient, easy and even more desirable as a destination wedding location.

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Top 10 reasons why get married in Dubrovnik 13

4.   UNESCO has placed Dubrovnik and its famous city walls in 1979 as a city under their protection due to its incredibly rich cultural and historical heritage and the preservation of the mentioned. You will surely have lots to do around here- from learning about our rich history and culture, to, for some more fun stuff, such as paragliding, water sports, diving, kayaking, or simply sun bathing with an occasional swim in the clear blue sea. And you wont even have to look very closely to see the fish swimming around you- the sea is just that clear!

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Top 10 reasons why get married in Dubrovnik 10

5.   While walking through streets of Dubrovnik, you will be able to pick a lemon for your morning freshly squeezed lemonade, a tangerine to have for breakfast, some pomegranate for snacking fresh and healthy at the beach; and pretty much wherever you go- to a local tavern or your private accommodation Bed and Breakfast, you are most likely to be served mostly homemade and home grown produce. Croatians take pride in this so enjoy the organic fruit and vegetables at your hand’s reach.

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Top 10 reasons why get married in Dubrovnik 12

6.  Dubrovnik has 2554 sunny hours per year in average. looking for a sunny destination wedding location? You can’t beat that!

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Top 10 reasons why get married in Dubrovnik 06

7. Dubrovnik has been a host to Dubrovnik Summer Festival for over 60 years- concerts under the stary skies, theatrical plays in most amazing lcoations you can imagine and medieval costumed festival on each cobbed corner! Your guests will have loads of options to choose from on their list of “what to do while in Dubrovnik”.

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Top 10 reasons why get married in Dubrovnik 09

8. Dubrovnik’s accommodation and restaurant/bar offer reached an enviable assortment of all different kinds and categories of the properties, so you can stay and offer your guests to indulge at a 5 star hotel overlooking the famous Dubrovnik’s city walls while enjoying a relaxing massage with a glass of champagne, or enjoy the authenticity in one of the local B&Bs in the Old Town up in the cobbled streets. Or maybe a Villa with a pool for your guests, there are loads to choose from! Whatever their budget and preferences are, we assure you Dubrovnik has it all. And when it comes to dining and wining in Dubrovnik, you are in for a treat! We will happily send you a list of must visit places to taste the very best of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Top 10 reasons why get married in Dubrovnik 08
Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Top 10 reasons why get married in Dubrovnik 07

9. Your guests will be happy to visit a place for your wedding week where they will be able to make a vacation out of it- there is a bit for everyone’s tastes in this beautiful city. Also, Montenegro is half hour away and Medjugorje is only 2 hours away if your family wishes to do a pilgrimage trip.

Dubrovnik Event Wedding tips Top 10 reasons why get married in Dubrovnik 02

10. After a couple of days walking through Dubrovnik streets and visiting local bars, you will feel like home, already getting exciting at the thought of coming back, and you will leave with so many beautiful memories and locals’ contacts who will truly be in touch with you for years to come.
Indeed, Dubrovnik is a very special place for Your very special day.

***for your personalized wedding offer in Dubrovnik , please email us at

We look forward to hearing from you and making your dreams come true!



I know I know, you’ll say – I am getting married for the first time, how do you expect me to do everything perfectly right away?

I don’t know about you, but Pinterest doesn’t help. It’s just all over the place. And all those gazillion options. It’s easy to forget why we’re doing this at all! Ah, yes! Love, the crown of a relationship between two people. But even the most organized among us get lost someday. There are too many choices, too many expectations. Things are actually very simple and don’t forget the important thing – you’re marrying the man of your life. The One. Everything else is like a bow on the gift box. They may be used, but not necessarily.

So, let’s start! Read this through and learn on other people’s mistakes.

1.      You don’t put your and your fiancé’s priorities first. Wait, whose wedding is it anyway? So, who should decide then? And don’t let yourself get lost right away, set a guiding thought that will be your main wedding planning direction. When you have a direction, it’s easy to go forward.

Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

2.      You forget about your guests. Not literally, but if you expect your dear wedding guests to walk around the grass gardens or sand in suits and heels at 35 degrees Celsius in the shade just for the sake of that perfect photo you saw at someone else’s wedding, you are not being a very considerate host, are you? Or that they will walk from location to location all day because you couldn’t decide between the three options, so you opted to spend part of the day with the whole wedding party at all three locations. Think about the comfort of your guests – they are there for you and they have invested both time and money to share your wonderful day with you in the best possible way.

Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

3.      Buying a wedding dress before choosing a date. Need I say more? A light silk dress at -15°C or a luxurious multi layered crinoline with a bolero at plus 40°C? Not ideal, is it? Plan! That’s why it’s called wedding planning. A wedding dress is one of the most essential elements of your wedding. You will be in it all day, walking, dancing, sitting and eating. Trust me, you better be comfortable with it. Otherwise, you’ll curse it and the day you chose it before the main course is presented on the table.

Photo by FotoAdria, all rights reserved

4.      You forget planning /ordering food for the people working on your wedding. What are you like when you are hungry? Guess what? Your photographer, who’s been with you since dawn and hasn’t had a bite since is like that as well. And that singer too that has been rehearsing and doing sound checks all day. Nobody is happy when they’re hungry. That’s why a word Hangry came in, perfectly suited! And if you want to be happy that day, trust me they have to be happy too. Feed them for God’s sakes! Arrange in advance a table for the people working at your wedding – the planner if you have one, the band / DJ, the photographer and the cameraman are usually at the “staff” table. Musicians from a ceremony, for example, or a florist are not standard on that team.

Photo by  Jure Vukadin, all rights reserved

5.      You have all your single friends at one table. You are not fair, point. Sort people according to common interests, hobbies, similar jobs, but forget on relationship status and table for ‘singles’.

Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

6.      Power of paper is always underrated. Yes, paper. I know everything is digital these days, but a handwritten thank you note, guest names or a menu that you can frame in super cool picture frames and put on the table as a decoration are priceless. You don’t have to go so far to scribble something with an ordinary pen, consult with professional calligraphers, include your design and theme and enjoy. Old school never goes out of fashion! Especially when it comes to personalized details. And if you use recycled materials, you’re being natured friendly too 🙂 .

Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

7.      You go OTT with the decoration. I know I know, there is so much around and so much of it is just pure beautiful! Trust me I know! But that doesn’t mean you have to have all- both metal lanterns and those hanging Chinese paper and old school bulbs and Edison bulbs and shabby chic picture frame and modern photo booth- I’ll say it again- set a theme and stick to it- the golden rule of wedding planning- it saves not only time but also money. And for God’s sake, make sure that the people at the table see each other from that splendor of flowers. There is nothing worse than when you spend all that huge money on a table decoration and good old Uncle Frank, visibly annoyed because he can’t talk to his neighbor Joe, puts your magnificent decoration on the floor. Or worse, under the table.

Photo by Katija Zivkovic & Fabijan Drnas, all rights reserved

8.      DIY takes you over.  I know it’s a tempting idea to make flowers with friends and ask a cousin who handles his Iphone camera well to do some shots, but hey – it’s not a random birthday or a house party, it’s probably the most important day of your life so far when  a) you want to be relaxed and know that you have booked professionals to do the job properly and  b) you do not have time to tie the laces and buy additional ribbons for bouquets / vases and so on. A good florist can be paid, your precious time and a calm head do not.

Photo by Katija Zivkovic, all rights reserved

9.      Exaggerate with spray tan and / or makeup. I have seen this too many times. Yes, you definitely want to be at your best on your wedding day, but you also want to stay true to yourself and want your future husband standing at the end of the altar when you enter the church recognize you. And you don’t want to laugh at yourself 20 years from today when you look at the pictures and say to yourself – good God, what did I mean when I  even walked out of a room like this! Beige lipstick is not the happiest solution, in the pictures especially, but don’t overdo it with tribal colors on your face either.

Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

10.   You leave the “small things” to do on your wedding day. For example, printing guest names on cards. Or typing menus. Or assembling a cake box. You need to get married on your wedding day. Wake up, smile and tell yourself- today is my day! Do all the work before the wedding day, the day before go through all the details once again with your godfather / mother / sister to make sure that everything is under control, and on the day you get married – enjoy, you deserve it!

Photo by Veronica Arevalo, all rights reserved

Top 10 Frequently Forgotten Wedding Expenses

Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 05

Let’s face it- we all want to make sure we get the best value for the money. Be it in home decor, shoe shopping or wedding planning.


When it comes to wedding budgeting, all of us, including us as wedding planners, first think of the big items- food and beverage, wedding administration costs, music, photo and video and similar big items. But we also all know the devil is in the detail 🙂
Here are the most commonly forgotten wedding costs, and honestly- most of you will have most of these, so be prepared and don’t say I didn’t tell you 🙂

Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 01
Photo by Thierry Joubert

1. BEAUTY TREATMENTS– yes, you’re thinking of your own hair and makeup, maybe even same for your bridesmaids, but did you forget your mum or even worse- your mother in law to be? Make no mistake, in my experience, in 99% of the cases they expect to be a part of the bridal party. But these are not the only costs I am referring to- how about spray tan? Manicure and pedicure? A massage to relax the day before the wedding? When you’re planning a wedding in initial stages these seem needless, but I assure you in a lot of occasions at least some of these will be booked in final stages of your wedding planning.

Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 02
Photo by Fotoadria, all rights reserved

2. OUTFITS FOR THE DAY BEFORE AND DAY AFTER EVENTS– of course her Majesty Wedding Dress holds a pedestal, but have you forgotten you will be a Bride on all of these events? I suggest you go with white on all of the events, after all you are the Bride! A cocktail dress for the night before and a casual beach dress for the brunch/BBQ day after. Don’t go overboard, but do plan on this cost. And don’t forget the shoes!

Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 03
Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

3. WEDDING STATIONERY (not thinking of invites here! 🙂– when you think of paper stuff needed for your wedding, invites first come to mind along with maybe save the date cards and RSVPs. Though technology has taken over a lot of wedding segments and more and more couples are opting for wedding websites and wedding apps, I do have a feeling stationery will never go out of fashion. Especially the non planned items such as place cards, seating plans, welcome signs, menus and different signs you want to place throughout the wedding in the same theme. I suggest you use the same designer for all of your planned stationery and I suggest s/he does it all! This is one of the prettiest personalization wedding segments and it is definitely noticeable, I can assure you of this. Then simply email it to your planner for print locally or have it printed at home if you want to make sure the print and paper is exactly what you had in mind.

Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 04
Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 05
Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

4. CEREMONY SOUND SYSTEM– yes, your planner booked a lovely string duo to play for your charming garden wedding in Dubrovnik. You love the fact there is a hushing sound of the waves in the background too. And the humming sound of the trees, with a few birds singing only for you. If you have over 30 people I strongly suggest you rent the PA for the outdoor wedding ceremonies. Yes, the officiate is likely to be loud enough, but do you really want to yell out your vows while so gracious and elegant, on the most special moment in your life? And your cousin who you selected to do a reading is not all that open to public speaking and without a mic is probably going to be heard solely by the two of you. Take my advice, those couple of hundred Euros will be well worth it, I guarantee you that!

Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 06

5. HOTEL ROOM FOR THE NIGHT BEFORE– you are so proud of yourself as you are so well organized- you booked your hotel for your wedding, before the wedding and honeymoon too months in advance. Did you think about the fact that you and your soon to be husband will want to spend the night before the wedding separately and that it makes sense he stays in the accommodation that is booked for the wedding week while you book a room in a hotel where you’ll be getting ready in to make things easier on yourself? You didn’t? No worries, most brides don’t. Book this room now, and don’t forget to ask from your wedding planner to put a note in the reservation system not to move you from this room or to have a late check out. Details like this can save the day, trust me on this one!

Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 07
Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 08

6. FEEDING YOUR VENDORS– being one of those vendors myself, I am obviously subjective when it comes to this subject. Providing a small meal that rarely costs more than 20€ per person in most venues is a token of appreciation for the wedding staff that spent most of their day with you. And yes, they are working and getting paid, but supplying them with a small meal is the least you can do. I assure you it goes a long way! P.S. Don’t raise the subject of covering a meal for the band or the DJ, these guys are setting up in the direct sun in the peak of the summer since early afternoon and doing sound checks and most of the time take a shower in the hotel changing rooms. Do feed them, you don’t want hungry /read cranky/ vendors at your wedding, do you? 🙂

Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 09
Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 10

7. GIFTS FOR YOUR PARENTS– you think you thought of everything? There’s always something left, I guarantee you that :). Of all the items ever in wedding planning, I would say this one gets forgotten the most. Only God knows how many times I called our florist to create two bouquets for mothers in less than 10 minutes as the speech is starting and this little detail went forgotten. I even had cases where the couple had presents for parents but never gave them out during the speech and left them in reception room under the table. Housekeepers found some lovely gifts ;)To keep it short- DO NOT forget your parents. Yes, they are happiest for you on that day and they don’t need a present but a small memorabilia from this most special day will be more than welcome. And do go with something more lasting than flowers. Ask your wedding planner for local present ideas, I have no doubts they will be happy to help!

Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 11

8. BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DRINKS FOR YOUR WEDDING PARTY– you’d be surprised at the importance of this. I refer to the above in feeding vendors, same goes with bridal party- have them fed and well hydrated, sparked up with some champagne or prosecco at least. It’s a morning you will never forget, make it memorable for your ladies of honor too, it’s your choice they are there with you, don’t have them running to the bakery minutes before ceremony. I have seen it happen and nobody’s happy. And it’s so easily prevented! If you’re in a hotel, email in advance so it’s one thing less to think on the wedding day, and order some fruit platters and non bloating breakfast items in the morning (eggs and bacon work too!) with some fizz and about 1 hour before the time you put the dress on order some fries, they wont bloat you but will comfort you when you will need it. And everyone else around you too: )

Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 12
Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

9. EXTRA DECOR– nobody plans for this from the beginning. Not because it is omitted on purpose but because the extra decor such as lighting, balloons, charger plates, chandeliers,  different chairs than what the venue has, festoons over the dance floor, lanterns dotted around the venue, fairy lights around the trees and similar items are something that is added once the whole concept of the wedding is finalized. And trust me, it can be a significant cost. I suggest you plan on extra money for decor just in case. It is quite likely you will have one of these beautiful mood setters. And if you ask me- they’re worth every penny!

Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 13
Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved
Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 14
Photo by Yann Audic.

10. INCLUDING YOURSELF IN THE FINAL HEAD COUNT– it is utterly unbelievable  how many couples (including me at the time of my wedding!) forget to count themselves in the final head count. It adds up easily trust me, a canape here, a glass of champagne there….My suggestion- put yourselves first in all of the lists. As a positive RSVP of course 🙂

Dubrovnik Evrnt Wedding tips Top 10 frequently forrgotten wedding expenses 15
Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

That’s it folks! I am sure there is more, but these are in my 12 year long experience 10 items most often forgotten to be planned for. And the costs do add up, we all know that. What we also know is that it’s not about the cost but the feeling, the emotion and the memory. Still, it feels good not to save on your honeymoon because you forget items 3,7 and 9 🙂
Happy Planning!

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8 tips on how to save wisely on a wedding

Dubrovnik Event 8 tips on how to save wisely on a wedding 08

We all know that as soon as you mention the word ‘wedding’ anywhere and in any context, people’s pupils turn into money. And don’t worry, that’s the way it is all over the world – people probably think that when you’re get married they can charge you a higher price tag. While you won’t be able to avoid these situations completely, we bring you eight tips on how to wisely save on your wedding expenses without seeming stingy.

1. LOOK OUT FOR THE SALE SIGN – they are really everywhere if you look closely- from lingerie to designer wedding dress shops, you just need to be in the right place at the right time. Especially nowadays! And you know what else? You just need to ask! And you will be surprised to see that the answer is very often „Yes“ – you’ll get 10% in almost all stores upon first request. Even in those high fashion stores! My husband actually taught me this little sneaky trick and since then, I’ve been a real sales huntress and a proud owner of several fantastic designer pieces that I bought at amazing prices, including my designer wedding shoes that I still wear (a decade later ;)). Timing is crucial here, so ask your maid of honor to keep you company in in this scavenger hunt. Even if you don’t find anything, at least you’ll have a good time! Just be careful not to spend more than planned, then all of our efforts go down the drain!

2. Buy second-hand! I know, second hand and weddings should not be in the same sentence. But it’s possible – lots of you rent a wedding dress and a wedding suit, right? And how about a wedding dress from Amazon? I have a few friends who not only bought fantastic dresses at fantastic prices, but also gained new friends who gave them some advice on organizing a wedding after trying on the dress. Two flies in one hit! Smart isn’t it?

3. Take advantage of your talented friends! Don’t ever hesitate to ask for help, advice or good quality vendor contac. Personally, I have experienced this countless times and I am always happy to help – not only that, but I am even a little offended when I realize that my friends organized everything and didn’t ask a single question! We are here to help each other! Of course, you want to look for the help of friends who understand your style and who can direct you to the right address(es), saving you time and money. If a friend’s mom makes great cakes and is retired – ask if she is interested in jumping in with her talent and earning some extra cash. But remember, if you’re inviting a friend to a wedding and she’s a wedding photographer by profession, don’t expect her to take professional pictures of your wedding. He or she is either a guest or a photographer. As much as we don’t like it when you don’t ask us for some help, we especially don’t like when you invite us as guests and expect us to work.

4. Buy now and sell later! Today, a lot of local companies rent a variety of inventory for weddings, from glasses, plates and chairs to small details for decorations. You may not believe it, but sometimes you can benefit from buying in bulk and reselling it later. Believe me, I don’t advertise Amazon, but on that page you can get rid of all the purchased stuff that are in good condition in the blink of an eye – who knows, maybe even make money! Even better, if you know someone who is getting married and has a similar vision, you can share the cost. Get involved in local forums and interact with brides from your region, you will be amazed how much you can learn from each other and save together.

5. DIY, but be smart while doing it! I always struggle with this advice. I have seen so many times that the “DIY” project went wrong and almost ended in wedding disasters. But! If you are careful and choose smartly what you’ll do and with whom, your wedding can get a new personalized dimension that you will be especially proud of! I don’t recommend DIY makeup and hair on the wedding day (some things are better left to professionals on such an important day) or relying on your cousin’s new Iphone which has insanely good camera, the only and greatest physical memory of the most important day in the life. But you can make invitations, thank you cards and gifts, buttonholes, seating plan and menus, and maybe even cute little candlesticks. Here, choose assistants wisely and carefully and in return cook for them something delicious and open a bottle of good, chilled champagne. It’s celebration time, isn’t it?

Dubrovnik Event 8 tips on how to save wisely on a wedding 05
Photography: Mihoci Studios

6. Say your I DO’s and dance until dawn at the same place! If you are not getting married in a church, you know that the location’s, the costs of the registrar outside of the registry office, the chairs, the decorations and other big little things for the wedding ceremony have reached serious heights. Why don’t you think of a location that can accommodate both your ceremony and dinner? Or maybe they have a garden in front of the restaurant that can be beautifully arranged and then you can reuse all that decoration from the ceremony again for dinner (make sure you communicate it all well and know the point of who does what between the ceremony and dinner so this part is done flawlessly). This way, you will not only save bucks, but also time, because the guests will not bother to drive between several locations, and you know, we all prefer that once we come, we don’t move much.

7. Skip the cake! Or some other traditional wedding item that most of the newlyweds have because they’ve always been there. Who says you have to have a wedding cake at your wedding? Choose what really matters to you and focus your budget on those items. Items that are not too important may be on hold and finally, who can take them out if not you! Whose wedding is it, after all?

Dubrovnik Event 8 tips on how to save wisely on a wedding 07
Photography: Mihoci Studios

8. Plan! I can’t stress this enough. Maybe because it’s my profession, but trust me, planning can make the biggest difference in the whole process. Cleverly planned expenses (let Excel become your best friend!) can help you see where you’re spending more than you should / like / want and bring you closer to the idea of total cost and all those little expenses you didn’t think of. Think underwear. Or his belt. Or petals that guests will throw away after the ceremony (and you’ll need about 50 roses for that for sure!). And so on, and so on. Plan and leave nothing to chance.

And finally, when it’s all over – burn the budget. Not a computer, just a budget! No use in crying over spilled milk, right? After the wedding, you want to have memories of the most wonderful moments. Yes, creating those memories will cost you a real fortune in the most cases, but when it’s all over, don’t think about the cost anymore. What you planned, you planned. It’s time to start with the new budget, the marriage-home budget. In another blog, I will write about ways to save in that department. For now, enjoy locating as cost effective eco-friendly confetti as possible – how about those garden roses from grandma’s garden?

Top ten questions to ask your Wedding Planner

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 13

We have a saying in Croatia that would be roughly translated to something like this: “Those who ask, don’t wander nor wonder”. So this is a post devoted to questions. And answers of course 🙂
I have been working for ages on a long list of frequently asked questions so we can send to our clients to help them better understand the way we work and the way wedding planning generally goes. At first I envisioned this as a short list with only a few that will answer what you care about most. But wedding planning is not a small topic is it? And a wedding planner not just a random person you don’t need to learn anything about and entrust them only the most important day of your life so far, right?
So I have come up to 25 for now (and still going!), a list we send to our clients at the time of booking.
I will share with you top ten I find most crucial at the time of sending inquries. Some questions you will find online us wedding planners are not a big fan of and we really dislike the feeling off being interrogated, so try to make it feel casual, we’re people too, people who care about your wedding probably more than anyone else around you , trust me on this one… So let’s hit it off! 🙂

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 01
Photo by Fabijan Drnas, all rights reserved

1. Are you available on my wedding date and will I be your only client that day?

Why is this a first question? If you are fixed on a date and not on a planner, you want to make sure you are not wasting anyone’s time, least yours, with someone who isn’t available on your wedding date. I have had clients change dates so we can be their planner and I have had clients I had to reject as they were fixed on the date. Either way, prioritize!
As far as being the only client goes, many event planning companies have multiple wedding planners and you will have your own, so they may take more than one wedding, and also some may have another event from a client who got married a day before or is about to marry the day after. What’s important is that you make sure that your wedding planner will be with you on the day. Also ask about hours- from when to when they will be on the wedding day with you?

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 02
Photo by Veronica Arevalo, all rights reserved

2. How involved will I be in the wedding planning process?

This will help you understand the planner works. You want them explain in general will you have to choose the exact vendors they work with or will they provide you with several options (usually what we recommend, simply for comparison reasons and also because not everyone has a same taste). You want to make sure the planner will work in your best interest advocating your visions and ideas to all vendors you may need. Make sure to check if they are willing to work with vendors you book on your own- in our case, we don’t take any responsibility for the work and quality of vendors not booked through us. Not out of spite but simply because many times before we have had lost-in-translation kind of situations where either that vendor doesnt feel comfortable with us guiding them or they keep saying the Bride told them differently. Either way, it doesn’t feel right and we will for example always ask from our Clients to brief their vendors (most of the time this is the photographer or videographer they brought from home or a band they booked online) that we run the show. Because you pay us to do so. And our job and mission is to have you covered 😉

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 03
Photo by Foto Adria, all rights reserved

3. How much do you charge and what is included in this price?

Oh the money talk. Don’t let it be your first question, it’s simply not polite :), but do make sure to ask far in advance so there are no surprises. In our case, we have packages that are based on what kind of ceremony you do- civil, church or symbolic. Our wedding planning packages are a flat fee, tax inclusive that cover unlimited wedding planning, consulting, emails, calls, you name it 🙂 plus all local admin costs. Some of our colleagues charge a percentage based fee or simply a service fee. This may be a good time to disuss methods and dynamics of payments, deposits and contracts. Check if the planner in question does day of coordination only as well or exclusively full service planning and coordination, like us. Be open and transparent and so will we, always! What I mean here is be open about your budgets as well and don’t take it the wrong way if we tell you some venues are simply not doable for this budget. It’s something like not understanding how you cannot buy a Ferrari for 10,000 euros, well- you get the idea. We will do everything we can to adapt to your budget but we ask the same from you- staying realistic what can be put on table in that budget too.

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 04

4. What do you not do? Ie what will be a sole responsibility of mine?

Sometimes it is more important to know what isn’t included than what is! For example, in our case, we don’t do stationary such as invites, save the date cards, wedding websites and thank you cards. We don’t deal with rings or wedding dresses and we don’t deal with flights. We are happy to recommend vendors but you will know better who does best where you come from. What we do? All local! From the moment you set your foot to Croatia till you leave, we are here to assist you and your guests with any and all arrangements- from airport and local transfers, tours and trips, speed boat rentals, jet skis, beauty treatments, babysitting services, VIP entrances to local clubs, restaurant reservations and of course all wedding related items, any! So basically, locally, you name it, well handle it. As long as it’s legal 😉

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 05
Photo by Veronica Arevalo, all rights reserved

5. How do we communicate – how and best do we contact you?

Ok this is a big one…. What our clients often forget is that this is our job. And nobody works 24/7. Keep that in mind when you send that WhatsApp message on Sunday morning. We all have families and we very much appreciate when our personal space and time are appreciated. We always recommend scheduling a phone call (ideally during working hours, so if you work same hours as we do- how about during your lunch break?) to make sure we fully devote our energy to you. Our working hours in the season (which in our case is 7-8 months per year) are often manic and 12-15 hour working day – office in the morning, meetings midday with clients from yesterday or from tomorrow, wedding the rest of the day and bedtime sometime after midnight. Life of a wedding planner is far from fancy or coveted (though a LOT of fun :)) but it’s quite well organized, at least in our case. We will be there for you all the way in every segment of the planning and the day itself but please let’s plan on it! And please let’s keep weekends off for us as well, at  least in off season- my kids  love spending Saturdays with me too 🙂
The only time when you will have our 24/7 availability is during your wedding week. Then, there’s no rules and we act as planners, psychologists, nurses, emergency contacts and much more 🙂

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 06
Photo by Bobi, private album

6. Can you tell me more about your participation and work on my wedding day?

It’s so important to nail this in advance and right. It’s so important to manage your expectations. Most of us don’t sit in front of your hotel room like in some movies you may have seen, waiting to see if there’s anything you’ll need. We are here for you at all times, but physically we don’t arrive to your hotel room before a few hours before the ceremony itself. It’s simply not necessary (given that all is going as planned).
My reply on this question would be as follows: my mornings are reserved for clearing up inbox and going through every single detail of your wedding, checking for the 5th time in two days all and every single vendor that has anything to do with your wedding that all is clear. I pick up bridal bouquet and bring it to you around 3 hours before the ceremony so it is kept fresh for as long as possible. Then I’ll sit down with you to see how you feel, if you have eaten (one of key questions I always ask, if you don’t eat you don’t get married, as simple as that ;)- it’s the one thing I don’t compromize on! :)) and go over the plan of the day once again. I’ll brief your Bridesmaids and family members on what they need to know and then I’ll let you enjoy those last few hours of getting ready for your wedding. I’ll come to pick you up when it’s time to go and make sure you have your bouquet on you, your veil is set up right and there is a person in the bridal party who knows how to fix it if needed.
I’ll have your back when you walk down the aisle (not literally :)) and I’ll be the first person you’ll see when you get married and walk up the aisle with your husband, clearing your hair from confetti and giving you a huge sweaty hug to congratulate you on becoming a Mrs.
I’ll spend the rest of the day with you and your guests, making sure all goes as planned and your expectations are hopefully exceeded. My job is done when you can’t stop hugging me 🙂
I’ll cue you for the speeches, cake cutting time, first dance as well as that time to fix your lipstick and time to have a shot on the side with me. And I’ll probably go to bed long after you. I will be your guardian angel on the day, I can promise you that.
And then people wonder how we become friends with our clients…. 😀

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 07
Photo by Svadbas photography, all rights reserved

6. Do we need to pay for the meals of people who work at our wedding, such as you, DJ and photographer?

We, the wedding staff, are very sensitive to this one, let me tell you honestly. We’re people too, remember? And we eat here and there, too. So a small meal during your wedding dinner when there are no logistics to look after will be very much appreciated. Please keep in mind we will always suggest that a small meal (nog the wedding meal of course) is covered for the coordinators, photo and video team, AV team and music team. We will be very thankful. Feel free to stop by our staff table and have a drink with us at some point, you’ll have fun, I promise 🙂

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 08
Photo by Fabijan Drnas, all rights reserved

7. How many weddings have you planned, how many do you plan in a year and can you share some of your references?

Experience is everything in our profession. And I mean everything. It means ability to improvize when needed, best contacts and local support, wide range of communication skills, handling and extinguishing fire emergencies within guests relations and family issues and seemlessly running the show with a smile on our face. Sometimes speaking to other brides will help understand something that didnt come to your mind before. And keep in mind you’re hiring someone who will literally look after your whole wedding, you don’t want to take any chances here and trust me on this. We have had clients book new agencies over us due to lower costs and came back to  us crying after a few months. You get monkeys when you pay peanuts- and you know that! Of course, look for value for the money but don’t do compromize your one and only weddings just because the cost is low(er)- there’s usually a reason for that.

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 09
Photo by Svadbas Photography, all rights reserved

8. Do you plan on backup options for all vendors and venues?

I still cannot believe that there are planners who plan weddings (once in a lifetime event, let’s not forget, for most at least!) without a backup plan. I  have seen it backfire so many times and trust me it’s not fun. Our motto is leaving nothing to chance. If the venue has outdoor capacity for 200 and indoor for 50, we promote it as a 50 people venue. As simple as that. We have had clients who went elsewhere because we refused to plan their wedding on a venue without a backup and they were sure it won’t rain on their wedding day. You’re guessing right- most of these had a stormy wedding day, in every sense possible.
Especially in Dubrovnik, where we don’t have marquis and tent companies and it will cost you thousands of Euros to bring someone last minute from other parts of Croatia to jump in and save the day. Trust me, this question should definitely be your priority. And the answer should be always yes, heck insist even on putting it in the contract.

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 10
Photo by Foto Adria, all rights reserved

9. What is your cancellation policy?

In this sensitive time, especially now with Coronavirus is threating to all travel related segments including destination eddings, you will want to know the cancellation policy and have it clearly outlined in the contract. Most vendors and venues will be willing to transfer deposits to a different date (pretty much no matter the reason) but do keep in mind if you decide to cancel in non act of God situation, in most cases deposits will be non refundable and this is why they are called retainers (this is likely to be around 2-3000€ with venue deposits). When clients cancel a wedding after months or even years of planning, please keep in mind we have done our fair share of work which is covered by a deposit which is usually half of our service cost.

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 11
Photo by DT studio, all rights reserved

10. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your experience, your company and its philosophy?

I was debating whether to put this one in top 10 or not. Simply because not everyone enjoys being asked their personal things. But a wedding is such a personal event and you will get in an intense relationship with your wedding planner. All of my clients know names of my kids and it’s on purpose I speak about them in front of my clients. Over the next few months or even years you will speak to us more than you speak to most people in your life. It’s just the way it goes. So you will want to do your research on your planner and you will want to know a bit about them as well. How long they’ ve been in the business? How did they get in the business? What did they do before being a planner (sometimes this is a very important and interesting piece of info) and what does your company value and believe in?
As for us, this is personal touch and bespoke Client experience approach. We are known for making friends in a lot of our clients and staying in touch with them for years after their wedding. Being a family business, our philosophy goes far beyond a business scope, we truly live and love what we do. We believe in promptness and professionalism all the way- slacking, ignorrance and amateurism are simply not an option in the way we work. And we honestly hope this is again and again recognized by our clients, partners and vendors.
Oh and we do our best to have fun while working, hope the photos in this post brought to you at least a bit closer to who we are and what we do 🙂

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 12
Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

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