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Dubrovnik, Your Enchanting ELOPEMENT Destination

Hey, lovebirds, welcome to another Blog by yours truly! 

Are you tired of the traditional wedding hoopla? Do you dream of saying “I do” in a place where romance meets tradition, architecture and the Sea? Well, grab your passports and your sweetheart because we’re spilling the tea on why Dubrovnik is the ultimate elopement destination for 2024!

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What is Elopement Anyway?

Now, for those of you who might be scratching your heads, let’s break it down. Elopement isn’t just running off to get hitched in secret anymore (though, that’s still an option for those feeling extra sneaky). Today, elopement is all about choosing an intimate, personalized wedding experience that’s uniquely you. It’s about ditching the guest list, the seating charts, and the stress, and focusing on what truly matters – your love story.

Why Dubrovnik?

Ah, Dubrovnik – where fairy tale dreams become reality and every corner is a photo op waiting to happen. This picturesque city, with its breathtaking Adriatic Sea views, ancient city walls, and cobblestone streets, is the epitome of romance. Imagine exchanging vows on a secluded cliff overlooking the sparkling sea or in a historic church tucked away in the Old Town – talk about swoon-worthy!

But it’s not just about the stunning scenery. Dubrovnik offers a blend of luxury, culture, and charm that makes it the perfect backdrop for your elopement adventure. Whether you’re a history buff wanting to tie the knot in a medieval fortress or a nature lover dreaming of a sunset ceremony on a hidden beach, Dubrovnik has something for every couple’s unique style.

Why Elope to Dubrovnik?

Eloping in Dubrovnik means saying goodbye to wedding planning stress and hello to a romantic getaway you’ll never forget. It’s about creating memories that are just as epic as your love story, without the fuss and fanfare of a traditional wedding.

And let’s be honest, if you’re going to elope, you want to do it right. And by “right”, we mean in a place that feels like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. Dubrovnik offers that magical setting where every moment feels like a scene from a romantic movie – minus the script, of course!

At Dubrovnik Event we wanted to make exclusive offers for our eloping couples. We have our SYMBOLIC OFFER, which is perfect for couples to celebrate their love without the legalities of a civil marriage. It’s a beautiful way to express your commitment and devotion to each other in a unique and personalized manner.

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Our CIVIL PACKAGE is amazing for couples who want to have legally bound marriage in a scenic venue with the most beautiful sunset you can imagine. Bring your closest who will watch your love story being told in Dubrovnik.

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Still Time to Book Your 2024 Elopement

Now, you might be thinking, “But it’s already 2024, isn’t it too late to plan an elopement?” Fear not, lovebirds! There’s still time to book your dream elopement in Dubrovnik with us. Because let’s be real, if you couldn’t book an elopement in time, that would defeat the whole purpose of eloping, wouldn’t it?

With our expert guidance and local connections, we’ll help you plan the perfect elopement that’s stress-free and utterly romantic. From finding the ideal ceremony spot to arranging all the little details, we’ve got you covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your partner, pack your bags, and let’s make your elopement dreams come true in the enchanting city of Dubrovnik.

Until next time, keep dreaming big, living glamorously, and remember – the best love stories are the ones that start with “Once upon a time in Dubrovnik”. 

Aisle Adventures

Sasa Tomic photos of Alex and Ivan (90) (1)

Another amazing wedding season is ahead of us my dear reader, we are so excited for the new experinces and new things happening!

We hope you’ve been sipping on champagne and enjoying life’s little luxuries because we certainly have been in preperation for this season. Now, we’ve gathered here not for a little chat but for something really thrilling—the grand makeover of our beloved wedding blog.

Drumroll, please. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook & other social media pages showcase your work and inspiration. But a blog is the soul of every company.

This is where you can gather some really amazing lessons, tricks, trends, inspiration and a general feel of the people you want as your wedding planners.

Time to start designing change.

You see, change is inevitable, like last season’s wedding trends or the constant stream of celebrity breakups. And so, with a flick of our metaphorical hair and a smoldering glance, we present to you our dazzling new blog design.

Aisle Adventures.

Why, you ask? Well, what are we doing here? We are wedding planners but so much more than that, we are your adventure desginers.

This redesign is not just a cosmetic touch-up; it’s a testament to our commitment to curate a space that mirrors the sophistication and grandeur of the events we hold dear. We our platform  to showcase our adventures and answer a lot of your questions even before knowing us. For example, we even have a catgeory ‘where to start with your planning’.

Sasa Tomic photos of Alex and Ivan 824 1
Photo: Saša Tomić

So, jump with us into this expereince and find a place where you want to start from.

Let’s talk about the heart of the matter—design.

Designing your own wedding is not merely about color palettes and flower arrangements; it is about making a picture a Whole.

Having your wedding in Dubrovnik is already the best decision you have made, but let’s go further. You are having your wedding at Fort Lovrijenac, and you are surrounded by ancient stone and neverending Mediterranean Sea. Let’s make this a whole picture.

Sasa Tomic photos of Alex and Ivan 156
Photo: Saša Tomić

Design is making your inspiration and ideas into the space you have, bringing the color palletes from the space to your Stationary, Flowers, Food, Guest Favours, Snacks, Decorations, Enetrtainments and so much more.

And who better to guide you through this journey than us—the maestros of matrimonial aesthetics.

This is not the Fin my darlings, set your alarms for next week’s issue that will continue about design, showcasing you what design means, importance of it and all that you can do with it. I will even showcase you some examples we have been working on designing a wedding and all about it, be ready for magic and much more.

A Journey through Flower Palette

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Happy Blog Thursday our brides-to-be and flower enthusiasts!

As a seasoned wedding planner, I understand that choosing the perfect flower arrangement is no small feat. What is more important than flowers and decor on your wedding day? Well maybe your Groom, but that’s a close call… In this guide, I’ll share some valuable tips and insights on how to pick out the ideal floral ensemble that harmonizes with your vision, ensuring that your wedding blooms in full color and beauty. Don’t consider this a decision for later, this is something you should be thinking of from the start. that is because somethimes other things fall under priorities and you loose your vision in the decision making process and your final outcome doesn’t look like you wanted to. We are here to help with that.

Define Your Style:

Begin by defining your wedding style. Are you dreaming of a romantic garden wedding, a seaside event, a chic modern affair, or perhaps a timeless classic celebration? Your chosen style will serve as the foundation for selecting flowers that resonate with your aesthetic and space.

Tip: Create a vision board with pictures of flowers, color palettes, and overall decor that inspire you. This will help you communicate your ideas clearly to your florist. Also ask your planner for photos of the venue to help you picture the idea.

IMG 0658

Photo: Tomislav Kriste


Color Palette Magic:

Establishing a cohesive color palette is key to a stunning floral display. Coordinate your flowers with the overall color scheme of your wedding. Consider not only the primary colors but also something that will make your wedding pop! Do not think that a wedding needs to be white to be classy.

Tip: Explore the symbolism behind different flowers and their colors. For example, roses convey love, while lavender symbolizes devotion.

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Photo: Saša Tomić

Seasonal Sensibility:

Opt for flowers that are in season during your wedding. Not only will this ensure freshness, but it also helps with cost-effectiveness. Did you know that peonies are often associated with good fortune and a happy marriage? Incorporating them into your arrangement might bring an extra touch of joy to your day.

Texture and Layers:

Create depth and visual interest in your arrangements by incorporating a variety of textures. Mix soft, delicate blooms with lush greenery and perhaps some unexpected elements like different variety of candle vases and hanging details. This adds dimension and personality to your floral design.

Tip: Experiment with different vase shapes and sizes for a dynamic and varied display.



Photo: Mihoci Studios


Budget-Friendly Blooms:

While it’s tempting to dream big with flowers, it’s essential to consider your budget. Consult with your planner about cost-effective alternatives or focus on a few statement pieces that will make a lasting impression. Don’t make a mistake of falling in love before you know how much love you have.

Personal Touch:

Infuse your personality into the arrangements by incorporating meaningful elements. Perhaps include flowers that hold sentimental value or represent your cultural background. These personal touches will make your wedding flowers uniquely yours.

Tip: Consider using vintage family heirlooms as vases or wrapping bouquets in lace from your grandmother’s wedding gown.

I hope these tips and steps help you start your wedding journey and as always, see you next week!





From Chaos to ‘I Do’

Welcome, soon-to-be-wedded souls and overwhelmed reader tasked with planning a grand matrimonial event!

Ah, the tingling sensation of wedding bells in the air, the rush of excitement, and the subtle panic of not knowing where to start – it’s the grand symphony of emotions when you’re on the brink of planning your big day. Let me help you, think of this as your guide

I will give you some pointers on how to start planning, not your wedding; that is our job. But how to start to plan a wedding. The same way athletes must warm up and practice before the game, you have too as well. The more prepared you come to your wedding planning process, the more you will thank me on it!

The steps:

Embrace the Chaos

First things first, take a deep breath. If you can’t laugh at the thought of choosing between an elegant sit-down dinner or an all-out buffet resembling a royal feast from the Middle Ages, you’re in for a rollercoaster ride. Talk to your partner, even if it is to laugh at some themed options, it is also important to know what you do not want!

Remember, the journey to ‘I do’ is paved with quirky mishaps, unexpected turns, and the occasional bride/groom-zilla moment. Embrace it all with a chuckle and a touch of humor – if you prepare for chaos, you can navigate it and it makes the journey more memorable.

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photo: Saša Tomić


Define Your Vision… Board

Picture this: you, a glue stick, scissors, and a board, ready to create the Mona Lisa of wedding vision boards. Take a moment to immerse yourself in a world of possibilities. Whether it’s Pinterest, magazines, wedding companies blog posts or a good old-fashioned sketchpad, gather inspiration from all of it. It’s the place where your dream bouquet, whimsical venue, and the perfectly color-coordinated napkins collide in an artistic explosion.

Now, here comes the challenge, although it may be ‘old-school’ – curate your collage masterpiece. There is something in the making of ‘wedding scrapbook’s’ that is special, plus it created another great memory.

Cut, paste, and create your vision board. Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to add a few funny cut-outs or doodles that represent your shared sense of humor. After all, what’s a wedding without a touch of your unique personality? Trust me it makes all the difference if you put your couple personality in the wedding.


Prioritize Like a Pro

From Uncle Bob’s insistence on bringing his pet to the ceremony to the Great Debate on whether the napkins should be ivory or eggshell, you’ll face decisions galore. Prioritization is key! Choose your battles wisely. Put people in charge of others, maybe tell your bridesmaids to handle the guests and their requests. The one advice I would give to you is to choose the right maid of honor, he/she is the one who needs to handle all of this for you on the day, so you don’t even know if Aunt Tonya lost her purse or Cousin Roger fell asleep in the garden…

Make a list of ‘must-haves,’ ‘nice-to-haves,’ and ‘if-it-happens, great!’ items. This not only streamlines the planning process but also adds a dash of sanity to the whirlwind of choices.


Keep Calm and Wed On

In the grand symphony of wedding planning, mishaps are inevitable, or with a great planner minimal.

A quirky twist, an unexpected turn, or a comical misadventure – these moments will become the fond memories you laugh about in the years to come, trust us.

So, take a deep breath, let the stress slide off you like confetti, and relish the joyous chaos.

To all the couples planning their special day, remember, laughter is the best wedding planner. Embrace the process, enjoy the ride, and hold on to your sense of humor.

We promise to sprinkle your wedding planning journey with more laughter than stress.

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photo: Saša Tomić


Cheers the beautiful chaos of wedding planning!

The different types of chairs you can rent

Dubrovnik Event weddings - type of chairs

Hey future bride! It’s nice to have you here, seems like you would like to know more about types of chairs that you could have on your Dubrovnik wedding day; good thing you encountered us!

Among all the things necessary for arranging the wedding ceremony/reception setup, chairs hold a significant part in the visual impression of the venue itself. Don’t you think so too?! Unfortunately, chairs, in any shape or form, are often being neglected and looked over. Often times, brides (and grooms) think that chairs represent an additional cost to their budget so they end up not willing to incorporate them in their wedding venue. Most of the hotels in Dubrovnik provide regular covered chairs complimentary while rest of the chairs need to be rented for the big day.

But! (There’s always a but.)

Even though chairs are just a type of furniture, they don’t deserve this type of treatment and lack of hype. Chairs have the ability to lift the entire ambiance and elevate the feel that you have right at the moment when you step into that venue. Maybe you didn’t thought about it, but for example just look at how just their colors significantly impact the entire look/feel of the venue. If you choose to go with lighter/brighter color of the chairs it will give the venue an elegant and airy feel to it. It looks prominent, luxurious, classy and on a whole another level. Whereas darker tones are chosen to emphasize more of a rustic feel to the venue itself. Some Dubrovnik venues, such as Sponza Palace are versatile and any type of chair fits well into the venue and space, while some venues require a specific type of the chairs. Sometimes you don’t need to go over the top with the table arrangement when you have the chairs; chairs will lift up the whole design of the table and add specific touch to the décor. We’ve hopefully caught your attention and made you think of incorporating unique looking chairs on your wedding day too. It may demand for an extra ‘space’ in your budget but we definitely think it’s worth it in the end. To balance it all out, you are able to save on some other aspects of the wedding day preparations.

We have decided to have four types of chairs in our offer that you could rent on your most special day. Having any of these four will make your wedding photos most definitely stand out! (You’ll thank us afterwards 🙂 )

  1. Louis chair – antique looking, timeless, woven back, leaving you with very French and posh vibes. Very classy and elegant, great fit for traditional as well as modern types of weddings. It holds a lot of character, versatility so they could be beautifully incorporated to any setting that you choose.
  2. Chiavari chair – They’re named after a small town in Italy. See, we’ve mentioned France, then Italy, we’re already travelling and it’s not even your wedding yet! Italians are being known for their distinct taste and fashion sense. They also haven’t made a mistake with chairs. They have a simple design, are lightweight and probably remind you of bamboo tree joints. These chairs became prevalent after being seen at Jackie and John Kennedy’s wedding. Chiavari chairs are the most popular chairs mostly because they fit with any and every wedding theme – you name it, they’ll fit into it!
  3. Cross back chairs – could be used in both rustic and elegant settings.   It leaves an overall impression of warmth as well as formality. Just one additional tip: these chairs could be mixed with Louis chairs for a unique looking venue. We think it is very creative and will definitely make your wedding guests glance at them more than once!
  4. Chameleon chair – These chairs are something new and fresh on the wedding charts. Very appealing, modern and stylish. Interesting design for sure. Could be a great fit for your special day plans!

We’ve hopefully proven to you that a chair could be much more than just a piece of furniture; it could bring your wedding to the next level. After all, you’re not getting married every day! Don’t be afraid to stand out, even with the simple use of chairs.

Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 01
Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 02
KARINA & LOU, from the US, married 2010 in Dubrovnik

There is something about small weddings. Especially the elopement ones, with only the Bride and Groom, eloping in their love somewhere new or somewhere special to them, without any hassle a traditional wedding would embrace and with all the romance of a wedding indeed.
For some reason, every single of our weddings seasons so far has started with an elopement wedding. It is a best way to start a very busy season to be and such a romantic introduction to months of love ahead of us. 

Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 03
Vildan & Dagny, from Sweden, married May 15th 2009 in Dubrovnik…. 
Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 04
Sonia & Benoit, from Canada
Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 05
Sarah and Bryan, married April 12, 2012 in Dubrovnik. Just the two of them….. 

Most of the time Marin and myself are honored to be the witnesses for the couple and witness such amazing moments you cannot feel but blessed in those times. Yet again, do you feel lonely at a time when you feel the closest ones need to be next to you? I really believe it is like beauty, in the eye of a beholder and whatever suits one best. Some like it big, some not so much. And some like it this way- easy, romantic, natural. No guests to think about, no reception thoughts or menu choices. Just getting married to a person you love. Dubrovnik luckily enough has some amazing locations for elopement weddings – small seaside forts, amazing viewpoint terraces and incredibly romantic boats… just to name a few.

Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 06
Nastasja & Anatoliy, from Russia, married August 2006
Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 07
Caragh & Darryl, from Australia, married September 2012
Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 09
Kisha and Kamau, from the US. a surprise wedding organized by the Groom. June 2011.

Obviously prices of venue rentals are less expensive than those for larger weddings and this proves to be one of the first reasons why a lot of couples elope to Dubrovnik- reduced cost and the value of the money gotten for how much you spend. The cost is reduced to a couple of thousands including travels and accommodation compared to tens of thousands to marry on a larger scale.Then there’s a thought that you will spend less time on the whole wedding planning process, which to tell you the truth is a great misconception as you have to plan to buy your dress, the rings, the travel, the hotel, paperwork, flowers, venues, and it often happens that Brides spend more time wedding planning, researching and inspiriation seeking for smaller than for larger weddings to make up for the “smaller scale wedding”. There are no however seating planning miseries and choosing bridesmaids, which can prove to be quite a challenging task when planning a wedding.Finally, one of the greatest reasons couples come to marry alone abroad is the fact they avoid any family arguments, pleasing everyone and anyone and obssessing over who will think what and this is proven to be a greatest stress factor for most couples planning their wedding. Elopement wedding solves all of these, nonetheless you end up most of the time throwing at least a party back home to celebrate the union. Much less of a scale than a traditional wedding though.

Dubrovnik Event Elopement weddings in Dubrovnik 08
Bracera Lady of the Seas, presented to us only recently and absolutely perfect for weddings up to 10 people.

The choice is all yours and good news is that Dubrovnik has it all- whichever size or ambiance you had in mind and we will truly be there for you every step along the way, whether we are honored to witness your eternal love getting crowned in marriage or in a party with a big bang. A wedding is a wedding, always one of a kind, always a reflection of the couple. Do what you two feel best to do. And if it is just the two of you- why not?

Happy planning and don’t forget to contact us to start your Dubrovnik Wedding story at