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Dubrovnik 2019 Floral Wedding Trends

Dubrovnik Event Blog Dubrovnik 2019 Floral Wedding Trends 01

Never really thought of myself as a trendsetter, in anything. Good trend follower, well that’s another piece of cake that I can relate to. Am I am big fan of trends? No, not really. But in weddings, they really do come handy, especially if you’re doing a destination wedding in a country you don’t live or know local flowers, florists, decoraters, offers etc.
And trust me, there’s a lot to know 🙂
I’ll cover here a bit of this and a bit of that and I truly hope you find it useful like my Brides do 🙂

So let’s start with flowers!

  • LOCAL FLOWERS- LAVENDER PLEASE! We get so many Dubrovnik brides asking about local flowers and seasonal local offer. Do keep in mind that absolutely all Dubrovnik florists get their flowers from Netherlands and store them locally. Croatia doesn’t have a standard flower farm as such so we don’t really grow local flowers in bulk. Many of you will think lavender is a way to go but it blooms for such a short period (count June and that’s about it!) so for the rest of the year it would have to be dried (read: flying around everywhere!) and preserved. May be a good option for table centerpieces but wouldn’t recommend it dried for a bridal bouquet or God forbid confetti- you will be getting rid of dried lavender from your hair for days to come 🙂

    Dubrovnik Event Blog Dubrovnik 2019 Floral Wedding Trends 02
  • BOHO CHIC STYLE – oh the boho style, that pleasant laid back floral design that is actually anything but laid back as you will learn while talking to your Dubrovnik wedding florist. Playful texture and colors, garden roses and greenery, free spirit and barefoot newlyweds. That would be a pure definition though you are allowed to wear sandals. Honestly, I don’t see many Dubrovnik wedding venues that fit this style, but some that come to my mind are located on islands, surrounded by pine trees and everlasting sound of crickets, where you enjoy the sunset with the feet in the sea while sipping a glass of your wedding signature cocktail. Keep in mind this relaxed style can turn out to be quite pricey as it requires a lot of flowers to get the look and usually pricey flowers too (read Dave Austin roses, peonies, hydrangeas etc). But is it beautiful? Oh my God- stunning!

    Dubrovnik Event Blog Dubrovnik 2019 Floral Wedding Trends 03

    Dubrovnik Event Blog Dubrovnik 2019 Floral Wedding Trends 04
    One of the most playful bouquets we have had. More rustic than boho, but oh so chic!

    Dubrovnik Event Blog Dubrovnik 2019 Floral Wedding Trends 05
  • GREEENERY- now that’s a trend that’s been here for a couple of years and we’re not seeing it fading out any time soon. Why is that, you ask? Well, being simple, cost effective and luxurious at once for one! Easily accessible, ideal for long tables that are oh so trendy and we are so in love with, greenery oriented centerpieces are one of the favorites among our brides lately. You can do so much with greenery, it is incredible- from falling centerpieces to grand chandeliers. And if you incorporate a flower here and there and add romance to the rustic chic style, you got yourself a winner! And don’t forget a truck load of candles!

    Dubrovnik Event Blog Dubrovnik 2019 Floral Wedding Trends 06
    Photo by DT Studio

  • LIGHTS OF ALL KINDS – different kind of lighting has become a major part of most of our clients decor planning and it suits pretty much all venues if chosen right. For a romantic feel, there are fairy lights around the trees. For rustic style there are string lights (festoons) that add that country feel touch. Then there are hanging Chinese paper lanterns – a wedding decor evergreen already. Let’s not forget ambiental lighting some venues can do without and some can’t. Do ask your wedding planner on the opinion on that, it can make a world of a difference. And finally, the grand crystal chandeliers, decorative pieces that will make any venue look like a million dollars. If they are your style. But done in a right way, they’re everyone’s style, trust me 😉

    Dubrovnik Event Blog Dubrovnik 2019 Floral Wedding Trends 08
    Lanterms and festoons, Villa Rose. Photo by DT Studio

    Dubrovnik Event Blog Dubrovnik 2019 Floral Wedding Trends 09
    Photo by Thierry Joubert. Lovrijenac venue. The Red Fort of Game of Thrones, if you are into GOT weddings 🙂

    Dubrovnik Event Blog Dubrovnik 2019 Floral Wedding Trends 10
    Villa Sheherezada. Ana and Tom’s wedding one beautiful June evening. Lighting was so important here.
  • BEING YOURSELF- as you can see, trends are not really my thing. Most of these photos are actually from the past 10 years randomly, so it doesn’t really matter what’s in trend, what matters is what’s a reflection of you. Personalization will always be in trend. Don’t forget that. Stay true to yourself and you will enjoy everything you design for your most special Dubrovnik destination wedding.

So we come to an end of this mini topic. It’s actually huge, but as long as you stick to what you love and enjoy, you’ll be just fine, be it in trend or no.For more personal ideas, contact us at

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8 tips on how to save wisely on a wedding

Dubrovnik Event 8 tips on how to save wisely on a wedding 08

We all know that as soon as you mention the word ‘wedding’ anywhere and in any context, people’s pupils turn into money. And don’t worry, that’s the way it is all over the world – people probably think that when you’re get married they can charge you a higher price tag. While you won’t be able to avoid these situations completely, we bring you eight tips on how to wisely save on your wedding expenses without seeming stingy.

1. LOOK OUT FOR THE SALE SIGN – they are really everywhere if you look closely- from lingerie to designer wedding dress shops, you just need to be in the right place at the right time. Especially nowadays! And you know what else? You just need to ask! And you will be surprised to see that the answer is very often „Yes“ – you’ll get 10% in almost all stores upon first request. Even in those high fashion stores! My husband actually taught me this little sneaky trick and since then, I’ve been a real sales huntress and a proud owner of several fantastic designer pieces that I bought at amazing prices, including my designer wedding shoes that I still wear (a decade later ;)). Timing is crucial here, so ask your maid of honor to keep you company in in this scavenger hunt. Even if you don’t find anything, at least you’ll have a good time! Just be careful not to spend more than planned, then all of our efforts go down the drain!

2. Buy second-hand! I know, second hand and weddings should not be in the same sentence. But it’s possible – lots of you rent a wedding dress and a wedding suit, right? And how about a wedding dress from Amazon? I have a few friends who not only bought fantastic dresses at fantastic prices, but also gained new friends who gave them some advice on organizing a wedding after trying on the dress. Two flies in one hit! Smart isn’t it?

3. Take advantage of your talented friends! Don’t ever hesitate to ask for help, advice or good quality vendor contac. Personally, I have experienced this countless times and I am always happy to help – not only that, but I am even a little offended when I realize that my friends organized everything and didn’t ask a single question! We are here to help each other! Of course, you want to look for the help of friends who understand your style and who can direct you to the right address(es), saving you time and money. If a friend’s mom makes great cakes and is retired – ask if she is interested in jumping in with her talent and earning some extra cash. But remember, if you’re inviting a friend to a wedding and she’s a wedding photographer by profession, don’t expect her to take professional pictures of your wedding. He or she is either a guest or a photographer. As much as we don’t like it when you don’t ask us for some help, we especially don’t like when you invite us as guests and expect us to work.

4. Buy now and sell later! Today, a lot of local companies rent a variety of inventory for weddings, from glasses, plates and chairs to small details for decorations. You may not believe it, but sometimes you can benefit from buying in bulk and reselling it later. Believe me, I don’t advertise Amazon, but on that page you can get rid of all the purchased stuff that are in good condition in the blink of an eye – who knows, maybe even make money! Even better, if you know someone who is getting married and has a similar vision, you can share the cost. Get involved in local forums and interact with brides from your region, you will be amazed how much you can learn from each other and save together.

5. DIY, but be smart while doing it! I always struggle with this advice. I have seen so many times that the “DIY” project went wrong and almost ended in wedding disasters. But! If you are careful and choose smartly what you’ll do and with whom, your wedding can get a new personalized dimension that you will be especially proud of! I don’t recommend DIY makeup and hair on the wedding day (some things are better left to professionals on such an important day) or relying on your cousin’s new Iphone which has insanely good camera, the only and greatest physical memory of the most important day in the life. But you can make invitations, thank you cards and gifts, buttonholes, seating plan and menus, and maybe even cute little candlesticks. Here, choose assistants wisely and carefully and in return cook for them something delicious and open a bottle of good, chilled champagne. It’s celebration time, isn’t it?

Dubrovnik Event 8 tips on how to save wisely on a wedding 05
Photography: Mihoci Studios

6. Say your I DO’s and dance until dawn at the same place! If you are not getting married in a church, you know that the location’s, the costs of the registrar outside of the registry office, the chairs, the decorations and other big little things for the wedding ceremony have reached serious heights. Why don’t you think of a location that can accommodate both your ceremony and dinner? Or maybe they have a garden in front of the restaurant that can be beautifully arranged and then you can reuse all that decoration from the ceremony again for dinner (make sure you communicate it all well and know the point of who does what between the ceremony and dinner so this part is done flawlessly). This way, you will not only save bucks, but also time, because the guests will not bother to drive between several locations, and you know, we all prefer that once we come, we don’t move much.

7. Skip the cake! Or some other traditional wedding item that most of the newlyweds have because they’ve always been there. Who says you have to have a wedding cake at your wedding? Choose what really matters to you and focus your budget on those items. Items that are not too important may be on hold and finally, who can take them out if not you! Whose wedding is it, after all?

Dubrovnik Event 8 tips on how to save wisely on a wedding 07
Photography: Mihoci Studios

8. Plan! I can’t stress this enough. Maybe because it’s my profession, but trust me, planning can make the biggest difference in the whole process. Cleverly planned expenses (let Excel become your best friend!) can help you see where you’re spending more than you should / like / want and bring you closer to the idea of total cost and all those little expenses you didn’t think of. Think underwear. Or his belt. Or petals that guests will throw away after the ceremony (and you’ll need about 50 roses for that for sure!). And so on, and so on. Plan and leave nothing to chance.

And finally, when it’s all over – burn the budget. Not a computer, just a budget! No use in crying over spilled milk, right? After the wedding, you want to have memories of the most wonderful moments. Yes, creating those memories will cost you a real fortune in the most cases, but when it’s all over, don’t think about the cost anymore. What you planned, you planned. It’s time to start with the new budget, the marriage-home budget. In another blog, I will write about ways to save in that department. For now, enjoy locating as cost effective eco-friendly confetti as possible – how about those garden roses from grandma’s garden?

Helen & Barry

Dubrovnik event weddings proposals Helen and Barry

Barry surprised me with a long weekend trip to the City of Bath for my 28 birthday. After aday of exploring the city, we returned to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

Once we were ready for dinner, he took me out to our private courtyard for another ‘surprise’. He got down on one knee and popped the question.
It was a complete surprise and I was so shocked but so happy.

Once I had calmed down, we called both of our families and let them know the good news. We then went out for a lovely meal and some drinks to celebrate.

Barry has said that he really wasn’t nervous and until just before he asked me. The biggest scare of the day was that he had to leave the ring in his bag at the hotel recption all day.

Hellen & Barry – wedding gallery

Coffee with the bride: Abby and Mike

Dubrovnik Event Coffee with the bride Abby and Mike 01

Today, we would like to present you Abby Seers and her story. Both Abby and Mike are from from Manchester, England. They have been together for 15 years, and have three children (2 girls – Raea age 7 and Quinn age 3 – 1 boy – Blake age 1) Abby is a digital delivery manager and work at Bupa UK, while Mike is a business development manager. They got married 31/05/2018 and you can read below their Dubrovnik wedding experience!

How two of you meet each other? What is your engagement story?

I met Mike in 2005 at a local gym when I was 21. After my workout I went to get my belongings from the locker room and when I came out he was waiting for me. We started talking and he asked for my number. I asked how old he was to which he replied 21. He then told me he wasn’t 21 but actually 20, then 19 and ended with him saying I’m actually 18 but I’m 19 next week. On this note I asked him to show me his ID which confirmed he was approaching 19 the following week.

How you decided to have a wedding in Dubrovnik? How your friends and family reacted when they heard about your wedding location?

I knew I wanted to get married abroad for a couple of reasons, 1) to avoid as many wedding politics as possible (we have to invite them as they invited us to their wedding, they are a friend of my parents so they need an invite etc). 2) For a chance of better weather. However, I wanted a destination that was going to be special for everyone coming who was spending their money on celebrating with us, so I wanted a place that people had probably not been to before and wasn’t their usual holiday destination such as Spain and would fall in love with. I started my research on destination weddings and fell in love with the pictures of Dubrovnik, Sponza Palace especially. I spoke to Mike and said to him we should come out for a visit and to see if we like it. We came out the following spring where we met Ines for the first time and immediately knew this was where we were going to get married. All of our friends and family were very happy and extremely excited about coming to Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik Event Coffee with the bride Abby and Mike 02

What was the most stressful thing about your wedding planning?

I tend to not get very stressed over things and am quite well organised. I had everything prepared a good 18 months before the wedding was planned for, I could have easily done it sooner had it not been for the fact we wanted to have another baby before the wedding. Everyone at DE also made it extremely easy with the planning also by taking care of all of the legal stuff and made sure I knew what I had to do in the UK and when to do it for, and what documents they needed from us.

What was your ‘must have’ for the wedding?

There were so many must have’s for the day, mainly because we were very honoured that so many of our friends and family were joining us that we wanted it to be special for them as a thank you for coming. Therefore we wanted to give them a free bar, we wanted a very relaxed atmosphere so decided on a buffet style meal rather than a formal three course meal. We wanted it to be an experience for our guests and one they would never forget rather than just another wedding. And of course my dress had to be perfect!

Dubrovnik Event Coffee with the bride Abby and Mike 03

How did you feel just before you walked down the aisle?

Immensly happy and excited. I can honestly say marrying Mike was the best day of my life.

What worried you the most night before the wedding?

I didn’t have any worries the night before. We all had a lovely evening as we had scheduled a sunset cruise on one of the boats with drinks and canapes for us and our guests to give everyone a chance to meet and talk before the wedding the next day. When the cruise finished Mike and I said our goodbyes and I went back to the villa with my family to go to bed.

Dubrovnik Event Coffee with the bride Abby and Mike 04

Looking back, is there anything you would change?

Not a thing! If I was able to relive this day I would do everything exactly the same.

What was the funniest thing that happened on the day?

I would probably say when I threw the bouquet of flowers too hard and the fact that they nearly ended up in the sea.

Dubrovnik Event Coffee with the bride Abby and Mike 05

YWhat 3 advices would you give to other brides planning their wedding?

  • Don’t stress about things that are out of your control, the weather, the traffic, the strap of your dress snapping (This happened to my the morning I put my dress on, but Ines had a sewing kit and we were able to fix it) you can’t change these things so just go with them.
  • Be organised. Leave yourself plenty of time to get the things you want for your special day.
  • Enjoy every minute and soak it all in – you only get to live this day once.

Dubrovnik Event Coffee with the bride Abby and Mike 06
Photo by: Veronica Arevalo (Svadbas Photography)

TV weddings & Netflix

Dubrovnik Event TV weddings Netflix

I would like you to think about this for a moment: when was the last time you watched a movie (or even a cartoon!) where you didn’t see at least one wedding scene? If you haven’t noticed this trend so far, please pay attention to it and you will know exactly what I am talking about! Weddings are so trendy that even Tarantino incorporates them into his scenarios. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but you got the point.

As unbelievable as this may sound, I just LOVE weddings. Love. Really love. Without pretending, without exaggeration or any bamboozling – not only do I love to organize them (and my favorite part of the organization is the wedding day itself) but I live for the day when the postman brings me an invitation to a wedding where I am a real guest (although , I’m never really just a guest if you know what I mean, but I love that part too!). Now that I have shared this with you, it is time to say that I naturally also love movies and everything that has anything to do with weddings – commercials, cartoons, reality shows. All of it! And I have to admit that I was born at a good time, because my dears – everything, everything these days is about weddings!

Today a bit different post than usual, since we are spending so much time with remote  control in nour hands this year and Netflix became some sort of a friend these days . So let’s go through Netflix wedding movies guide for those “hygge” winter evenings under the blanket when the fiance falls asleep. Don’t take advantage of a man’s goodwill to watch just about every wedding movie, rather use it for The Shoes (not a movie, actualy shoes for your wedding day ;)). Or that veil that costs like a loan installment for an apartment, but you know deep down inside, and I mean REALLY  know that it was secretly made just for you.

Therefore, prepare a large bowl of popcorn (not only are they convenient, but they also have much less calories of all the snacks so you have an excuse you are taking care of your bridal looks), your favorite blanket and take a remote in your hands! Netflix has brought romantic comedies back into an absolute trend!

1. Mamma Mia! – this is an unforgettable classic of the modern era if you are preparing for a wedding. You have no idea how many times I have heard brides saying they want the reincarnation of a Mamma Mia wedding on their special day. I can bet your fiancé  won’t watch this, so plan the movie night with your friends or solo – it is always a good choice! And yes, first part is much better than second, but do watch them both 🙂

Dubrovnik Event TV weddings Netflix

2. Decoy Bride – When the paparazzi sabotage the wedding of international film star Lara and English writer James, they decide to move the wedding to a remote Scottish island. But it is not so easy to deceive journalists, and the couple will have to decide on much more drastic measures. This is where Katie shows up –  she is chosen to be a fake bride to mislead the paparazzi. When Katie meets James, sparks start flickering between them and things get complicated… An interesting story development that you can watch with your fiancé and here and there mention which scenario would happen to him if something like that came to  his mind.

Dubrovnik Event TV weddings Netflix 02

3. Meet the parents – I don’t know about you, but I’ve watched this movie a dozen times. And you could possibly watch this one with your fiancé. The biggest nightmare for our better halves is the disapproval of the bride’s father, and in this case – is truly turning into a nightmare.  A great combination of Ben Stiller and Robert de Niro in this solid comedy where we hope that love conquers everyone, even the father-in-law who is a former CIA agent.

Dubrovnik Event TV weddings Netflix 03

4. The Week of – Adam Sandler is one of Netflix’s top comedians and their biggest star. In this combination with the hilarious star Chris Rock –  they play fathers of the future newlyweds who spend the week together before the wedding date. A decent comedy, which, again, could work with your fiancé.

Dubrovnik Event TV weddings Netflix 04

5. Bachelorette (2012) – although there really are no good reviews about this one, this romantic comedy with a very good cast is, to me personally, hilarious. Some would describe this movie as a female “Hangover” because the plot gets complicated by every minute. Recommendation: watch with maid of honor and / or bridesmaids. And be sure to indicate which actions from the movie are strictly forbidden, so that they don’t think that you are giving them ideas for your hen party.

Dubrovnik Event TV weddings Netflix 05

6. Jenny’s wedding – Jenny is finally getting married (speaking of which – have you seen the movie Muriel is getting married? If not, it’s a warm recommendation (blast from the past, as it’s quite old J)!), and her extremely traditional Catholic family, which drives her crazy every day and comments about her biological clock,  is relieved.  But it’s not that simple- Jenny is a lesbian and marries the chosen one of her heart, Kitty. Watch an interesting, fun and touching romantic comedy with your friends, girlfriend or sister – this is likely not the material for your boyfriend.

Dubrovnik Event TV weddings Netflix 06

7. Wedding Unplanned – icing at the top of the cake! When she finds the wedding planner’s business card in Mathias’s pocket, Alexia immediately says “Yes”, unaware of the fact that the card belongs to his mistress. An hour and a half of good fun and just believe me – from personal experience I can tell you that this is a scenario that does not happen. Although you’ll probably rethink hiring a wedding planner when you see this movie, will you :D?

Dubrovnik Event TV weddings Netflix 07

What are your favorite wedding related movies? Tell us! 🙂

Coffee with the bride: Jessica and Matt

Dubrovnik event weddings Coffee with the bride Jess and Matt 01

Hello, my name is Jess. My husband, Matt, and I married at Grand Villa Argentina in Dubrovnik in July 2018. I am a cabin manager for an Airline and my husband works in banking. We live in a small town in Surrey, UK. We got engaged in November 2016. My husband proposed in Fort Myers, Florida at sunset after 8 years of love. It came to me by complete surprise as we had been in a relationship for so long a proposal just wasn’t on my radar.

How two of you meet each other? What is your engagement story?

Matt and I met at work in a bank in the UK. We had some friends in common and started socialising outside of the office, our relationship blossomed very organically with little no pressure for a long term relationship. Before we knew it we had fallen in love.

How you decided to have a wedding in Dubrovnik? How your friends and family reacted when they heard about your wedding location?

We love to travel and were lucky enough to be able to go on 2-3 overseas trips a year. We visited Dubrovnik for a weekend early on in our relationship and were captured by its beauty, climate and fabulous hospitality. Once engaged , we explored a few different options for a destination wedding but Dubrovnik had already won our hearts.

What was the most stressful thing about your wedding planning?

I truly cannot think of anything that caused either of us any stress. Ines and Matea covered EVERYTHING. I loved taking a back seat with regards to logistics, we just had the joy of choosing the creative elements. For example the flowers, I provided some photos and inspiration and on the day they blew me away. They were a hundred times better than I could ever have imagined. I did not have to worry about any coordination on the day, Matea ensured that everything went to plan and made sure our day was absolutely perfect.

What was your ‘must have’ for the wedding?

For us, it was intimacy. We both were adamant we didn’t want a huge wedding as we are both quite introverted. We had approximately 45 close friends and family who we are so blessed to have in our lives.

How did you feel just before you walked down the aisle?

I forgot how to walk in a straight line, there was so much concentration required. Matea gave me so much practical and emotional support and it’s these kinds of details and kindness that brides will never forget.

What worried you the most night before the wedding?

I was anxious with excitement rather than worry. I had a lovely pamper evening with my cousin who was my bridesmaid and just indulged in pure relaxation. Looking back, is there anything you would change? Retrospectively, we both wish that we chose to have a videographer. The day just goes do quickly, I would love to be able to watch it all on replay over and over again

What was the funniest thing that happened on the day?

We loved the speeches, one of our dear friends wrote the funniest speeches including all of the embarrassing, cringe worthy yet hilarious stories from over the years. The kind you never wish your family to ever learn.

What 3 advices would you give to other brides planning their wedding?

  • If you are on a budget prioritise what is most important to you to make sure you include all of your favourite things
  • Factor in some time after your ceremony for you and your husband or wife to take it all in, have some water and top up your lipstick as when you return to your guests time will fly as you are having such a great time.
  • Don’t be afraid to let go of control of the planning/logistics. Ines and Matea are fantastic at what they do and will bring your vision to life.

Photo by: Veronica Arevalo (Svadbas Photography)

Harriet & Rob

Dubrovnik Event How he proposed Harriet and Rob

Our engagement was amazing, it was out 6th anniversary and he took me to a beautiful spa hotel in the countryside. We had a luxurious suite, when we arrived he said he had a present but I had to close my eyes for it, when I opened my eyes he was on one knee. We spent the afternoon drinking champagne and telling our family and friends.

He told me after that he was meant to be asking me at dinner that evening but he was so nervous he wanted to get it out of the way. I had a small idea that it might happen because we had just been away on holiday the week before so we could have celebrated our anniversary then. Even though I had a feeling, it didn’t seem real so it was still a huge surprise and I was in tears for a while after (happy of course).

Andra & Gabriel

Dubrovnik Event How he proposed Andra and Gabriel

Our story is the best proof that Love will knock at your door when you least expect it. Back in 2013 I was living in Dubai, working as a flight attendant for Emirates. Gabriel, who was living in San Francisco, traveled to Dubai to visit his half-sister… who happened to be my roommate, so he stayed in my house. After about 4 days we were madly in love with each other; so much so that we decided to start a long distance relationship, although we were literally living on opposite sides of the Planet. Our love continued to grow and I eventually left my job and moved to San Francisco. 

In November 2015 we took a trip to Bonaire Island because we learned that was one of the few places in the World where licensed Scuba divers can dive only with a buddy (without an instructor). Around the third day of diving, as we were floating around marine life 15 meters below the surface, Gabriel handed me a seashell and signaled that I should hold it very tight. I noticed it was wrapped in scotch tape and started to get an idea… but I could not believe that was actually happening!!! It was a complete surprise. The emotions totally overwhelmed me when I opened it and saw the ring (carefully tied with some fishing line). He put it on my finger, my hand was shaking. Then he wrote on a board “Will you marry me?” I wanted to cry but it’s not that easy on the bottom of the ocean with a scuba mask on! I was so nervous that I even forgot he was waiting for an answer. After a few moments I nodded my head YES. We took a video ourselves (since there was no one else with us) and we always laugh when we watch it. We are so lucky we have found each other and so grateful for special memories like this one!

Black Friday 2020.

Dubrovnik event Black friday 2020. weddings

Dubrovnik Event is proudly announcing Black Friday deal – in collaboration with different partners, Dubrovnik Event offers special package with discounts and gifts to all couples who decide to book Dubrovnik Event as their wedding planners. Discounted photo packages, complimentary hair and makeup trial and personalized grappa favors are just some of included elements you may find in our special package which is combined with our standard packages.

Offer is available until Monday, 30th of November.

For more info about Black Friday deal contact us at: |

Dubrovnik event BLACK FRIDAY OFFER 2020