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Sabina & Sachin

Sachin proposed on a boat. He was acting very suspiciously that day. When I asked if I could have some water from his backpack, he shouted no and snatched it off me. I guessed there must be a ring hiding in there, which of course there was. I was so excited when he got down on one knee, that I didn’t listen to any of the speech he had prepared.

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Aida & Chris

Dubrovnik Event How he proposed Aida and Chris

I met Chris in London, at a mutual friends birthday party. We were introduced because Chris was about to spend the summer travelling around Bosnia & Croatia (where I’m from), our friend said something along the lines of “you need to speak to Aida about your trip and get her recommendations”, we got talking and it went from there.

We got engaged in the Cotswolds, which is a really beautiful area of natural beauty in England (think “the Holiday” movie with Cameron Diaz). Chris had planned a romantic weekend away doing all of my favourite things including booking me in for a spa treatment, a yoga session and a romantic dinner. He proposed to me in a little village called Snowshill which has always been a place we would visit as an escape from the hustle and bustle of London. On our way back to London, we stopped over at my sisters house so that we could celebrate with my mum/ family which was so sweet.

Before Chris proposed, I found out that he had lunch with my mum to ask her permission to marry me (my dad had passed away by this point and I am extremely close to my mum). We always have a joke that my mum is the worst at keeping secrets so I was very impressed that she didn’t accidentally blurt out his plans to me!


Dubrovnik Event COFFEE WITH THE BRIDE Lorraine Dolan 01

Starting from today, Coffee with the bride represents our monthly topic and it will be published every first Monday of the month – our brides will share their insights of the wedding process of planning and wedding day itself. We believe these information will be helpful to any bride-to-be!

Lorraine is our bride of the month, so, let’s dip into her story!

How two of you meet each other? What is your engagement story?

We met at a university in London. We were both there to complete the same 1-year course. We were really good friends for about 4 or 5 months and then we started going out. We stayed in London for 2 more years and then decided to move to the Middle East together. We got engaged in the Maldives. We went there to celebrate my birthday and Kevin surprised me on our second night there with a letter and a ring on the deck of our water villa.

How you decided to have a wedding in Dubrovnik? How your friends and family reacted when they heard about your wedding location?

At first, I had wanted to get married at home in Ireland, as we’re always away from our family and friends and I thought it might be easier. We looked at a beautiful venue and provisionally booked it. Kevin however, had other ideas. He wasn’t interested in getting married at home at all! His eyes would glaze over with boredom at any mention of it. But when I talked about a wedding abroad, he was straight on his phone looking up places. Eventually, I gave in and never looked back. We chose Dubrovnik because it’s absolutely stunning and not many of our friends or family had been to it. So we thought a new/different location would make it more memorable. We’re also big Game of Thrones fans, so that kind of solidified the decision for us.

Dubrovnik Event COFFEE WITH THE BRIDE Lorraine Dolan 02
Photo by Veronica Arevalo, all rights reserved

What was the most stressful thing about your wedding planning?

Helping our family to book flights and accommodation. It took some people a while to realize that it wasn’t a typical package holiday destination.

What was your ‘must have’ for the wedding?

The ship from Old Town to Cavtat. It was unbelievable! It’s all the guests talked about and they couldn’t believe how brilliant it was. It really was worth the extra money and it was a great way of cooling down from the heat in Old Town.

Dubrovnik Event COFFEE WITH THE BRIDE Lorraine Dolan 03
Photo by Veronica Arevalo, all rights reserved

How did you feel just before you walked down the aisle?

I was 100% fine going to the church, but as soon as the doors opened and everyone turned to stare at me, I started to cry! I’m not normally an emotional person, but I’m also not comfortable with alot of attention, so I think it all just hit me at that moment. I think it was just overwhelming that so many of our family and friends made the effort to come to our wedding (we had 150 guests) and I was just so grateful to have them all there.

What worried you the most night before the wedding?

Walking down the aisle.

Looking back, is there anything you would change?

Not one thing! Matea made sure everything at our wedding was perfect and that we had everything we wanted and needed. She made amazing last minute recommendations for the venue that made a huge difference. We just can’t thank her enough for what she pulled off.

What was the funniest thing that happened on the day?

I got a fancy little red car into Old Town with my Dad and a crowd of Chinese tourists followed us the whole way and kept taking photos of us. My photographer Vero was hilarious, trying to get them away from us. She was amazing too!

Dubrovnik Event COFFEE WITH THE BRIDE Lorraine Dolan 04
Photo by Veronica Arevalo, all rights reserved
Dubrovnik Event COFFEE WITH THE BRIDE Lorraine Dolan 05
Photo by Veronica Arevalo, all rights reserved

What 3 advices would you give to other brides planning their wedding?

1. Visit Dubrovnik before you get married. I seen venues online and had more or less chosen the one I wanted. But when we went to see it, I didn’t like it at all and ended up choosing a venue I hadn’t even considered.

2. Food tasting – don’t be afraid to ask the hotel to change the menu up a bit to suit the needs of your family and friends/culture. Our hotel was amazing for this and nothing was too much trouble.

3. Most importantly – get a wedding planner! We would not have been able to do all the paperwork and planning ourselves. I thought it was going to be soo difficult organizing everything but Matea just made every detail and every decision so easy for us. I couldn’t recommend Dubrovnik Event enough!

Dubrovnik Event COFFEE WITH THE BRIDE Lorraine Dolan 06
Photo by Veronica Arevalo, all rights reserved
Dubrovnik Event COFFEE WITH THE BRIDE Lorraine Dolan 07
Photo by Veronica Arevalo, all rights reserved
Dubrovnik Event COFFEE WITH THE BRIDE Lorraine Dolan 08
Photo by Veronica Arevalo, all rights reserved

You may check wedding gallery of Lorraine and Kevin on our Pinterest page here.

For more questions, answers and information on your Dubrovnik wedding, we cannot wait to hear from you at


Lorraine Dolan + Kevin Mossey

WEDDING PLANNER: Dubrovnik Event

CEREMONY VENUE: St. Ignatius church

BOAT: Tirena galleon

RECEPTION VENUE: Spinaker, hotel Croatia

PHOTOGRAPHER: Veronica Arevalo, Svadbas photography



COVID November update

Dubrovnik Wedding COVID November 2020

COVID situation hit us hard – in many different ways we could not even imagine at the start of the
pandemic. Some of us lost control of our lives, some lost source of income and some of us… some
lost closest and loved ones. But, only dark times open doors we never knew existed.

Even though we didn’t have any weddings this year, we are grateful for the lessons we learned and
new paths and approaches we acknowledged. Especially, we are thankful for our clients who put
their endless trust and support (in us) in these challenging times.

Whole Dubrovnik Event team is looking forward to 2021 – we see it as a year of love, positive
changes and re-learned beauty of living. Maybe it cannot be clearly seen in these times, but beauty
of living is around us, waiting to be re-discovered.

And what about Events? We truly believe that love would never be cancelled, and celebrating it is in
our nature – sharing special moments with people we care about would never go out of the trend,
and our desire to make people feel special would never fade away. Every day, any given day.

Due to UK government Corona restrictions

Dubrovnik Event Weddings UK government Corona restrictions

With the newest decision by the UK government, last two weddings left over for this odd 2020 have been cancelled. We are so grateful to all of our clients for their good spirits and not giving up until the higher sources made it impossible to travel for their Dubrovnik Wedding. We remain positive that postponing to next year will give us more time to create even more magic with who we all are and what we do.

Interview with a Bride who had to Postpone her Dubrovnik wedding due to Coronavirus

Dubrovnik Event Weddings Sorcha and Dans Dubrovnik Wedding Reception Venue Vala Beach Club

If things were normal, today Matea and I would be meeting Sorcha and Dan for their pre wedding meeting. We’d go to the registry office around 10am and then sip coffee in their wedding hotel and discuss their wedding timeline, meet their wedding vendors and around noon we’d likely switch to Gin and Tonics. But this scenario will have to wait a bit…
Oh how I love pre wedding meetings. So much emotions about them. And can’t wait when this will actually happen! I remember when they visited Dubrovnik to check on their wedding venues last year, they met with Matea and she absolutely fell in love with them. I also remember her saying how they will be a perfect beginning of the season. Little did we know…

Sorcha and Dan Dubrovnik Wedding Corona

Sorcha and Dan during their Dubrovnik visit for pre wedding site inspections

I don’t need to tell you much, Coronavirus affected every pore of our everyday lives and so it did the same to the wonderful world of weddings and even more so- destination weddings. All of a sudden, nobody knew what is happening and what will happen. Virus spread in a way we never expected it to in the world we live in and then – it was the end of the world as we knew it…. Soon enough, it was obvious that our May weddings are questionable. And Sorcha and Dan won’t be opening our 2020 Dubrovnik Wedding Season in May. After a few long and reasonable emails, a postponement decision was a logical one. Instead of bothering you with info you may already know, here is a first interview I ever made with a Bride, on how her world changed with the arrival of the little bastard known as COVID-19.

postponed boat

1. When did you decide to postpone your wedding and how long did it take you to make that decision?
We knew that having to postpone our wedding was a possibility since the outbreak of COVID 19, but we were hopeful that things would soon get back to normal and our original wedding date would be ok. In middle of March there came a point where it was no longer going to be possible for us to fly into Dubrovnik in May, so that decision was taken out of our hands and we had to postpone.

2. When is your new wedding date planned for?
Currently, our new wedding date is planned for August 1st 2020, and we have all of our fingers crossed that it will be possible this time around!

3. Did cancelling come to your mind at all?
Not at all. We both love to travel, and since our first trip to Dubrovnik in May 2015, Dan and I both fell in love with it. Over the years we discussed having a destination wedding and it was always going to be in Dubrovnik, it wasn’t even a question. When we got engaged we didn’t even look into having a wedding here in Ireland, just got straight to planning with Dubrovnik Event! So for us, the only choice was when to make the decision to postpone, we never considered cancelling.
#postponedontcancel #showmustgoon

Sponza Palace Sorcha and Dans wedding ceremony venue

Sponza Palace, Sorcha and Dan’s wedding ceremony venue

4. Did you find your wedding vendors supportive and flexible?
Absolutely, every single one! I honestly could not imagine dealing with this whole situation without the amazing support and dedication from both you and the fabulous Matea. We cannot recommend Dubrovnik Event highly enough! All of the hard work and organisation that went into planning the original wedding day has just been seamlessly lifted up and moved to a different date! You both make it seem so effortless, even though I am sure it is a very stressful thing to have to coordinate and always done with such positivity and kindness. We appreciate the flexibility of all of our vendors so greatly and cannot wait to meet those who we have not yet had the pleasure to meet, when our wedding eventually comes around!

5. Do you think the virus consequences will influence the number of people to come to your wedding?
Hopefully not, as we were not having a huge wedding to begin with. But inevitably the virus may result in some travel fears or government restrictions that may result in us having a smaller wedding. But we are hopeful that our closest family and friends will still be able to attend.

6. Will you do something special to mark your original wedding date?
Definitely! Only today we received two packages in the post from our families, both with “do not open until May 3rd” written on them. So we will enjoy these surprises and open a bottle of bubbles to celebrate together and mark the occasion!

After ceremony cocktails boat for Sorcha and Dans Dubrovnik Wedding

After ceremony cocktails boat for Sorcha and Dan’s Dubrovnik Wedding

7. Did you put plans on hold or feel like planning these days when whole world is on pause?
Yes and no. Naturally we had to postpone our honeymoon until later in the year, but if all goes ahead in August then we will only be a few months behind with our original life plans, and that is not so bad. Sometimes it is difficult to make plans, but plans can always be changed, and sometimes it is good to have a pause.

8. Do you , as a Bride, think COVID and its consequences will influence the world of weddings, budgets, and in general wedding decisions?
I think it will, in the short term anyway. I would say COVID 19 has made a lot of brides and grooms take a step back and realise what is really important to them as a couple. It might make some couples realise they don’t actually need all of the things they thought they did to make their wedding day the most special day of their lives, resulting in smaller, more intimate wedding ceremonies.

9. Do you plan on changing anything from your original date to a new date, like floral styling, décor, music, anything?
Hopefully not, after an entire year of emails back and forth, we could not be happier with the wedding we have planned! So to have all of our vendors available at our later date we are delighted to not have to change any of the well thought out details!

10. Anything you’d like to say to all the Brides going through similar situation?
I would just say that whenever your wedding is, don’t let the fear or disappointment of having to postpone your wedding consume you. As my family and friends said to me, it is alright to take the time to feel your feelings of upset or disappointment, but then pick yourself up and look forward to the day that your wedding can go ahead, and realise that it will be the most special day whenever that is because you are marrying the person you love, and will spend the rest of your lives together, and that is the most important thing in all of this!

postponed sunset
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Hoping this little interview will help you if you’re a Bride who was in a similar or even same situation and maybe inspire you to have your destination wedding even if you didnt plan on it. Where better than in Dubrovnik, Croatia- the most incredible wedding destination of the Mediterranean….
Email us at for more information, we can’t wait!
Your Dubrovnik Wedding Planners 🙂
Ines & Matea

Weddings in Time of Corona

Dubrovnik Event Weddings Weddings in Time of Corona

Dear clients, partners and friends,

In Dubrovnik event, no matter the pandemic, business is as usual apart from the fact Matea and I are working from home. We are still here for you at all times!

If you are thinking about postponing your wedding date, feel free to email us at any time so we can discuss options.

Our working hours haven’t changed much, from Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm (slightly shortened due to lower business dynamics).

Here for you, stay safe and stay healthy and of course #stayhome !

With Love,

Ines & Matea

Top ten questions to ask your (Dubrovnik) Wedding Planner

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 13

We have a saying in Croatia that would be roughly translated to something like this: “Those who ask, don’t wander nor wonder”. So this is a post devoted to questions. And answers of course 🙂
I have been working for ages on a long list of frequently asked questions so we can send to our clients to help them better understand the way we work and the way wedding planning generally goes. At first I envisioned this as a short list with only a few that will answer what you care about most. But wedding planning is not a small topic is it? And a wedding planner not just a random person you don’t need to learn anything about and entrust them only the most important day of your life so far, right?
So I have come up to 25 for now (and still going!), a list we send to our clients at the time of booking.
I will share with you top ten I find most crucial at the time of sending inquries. Some questions you will find online us wedding planners are not a big fan of and we really dislike the feeling off being interrogated, so try to make it feel casual, we’re people too, people who care about your wedding probably more than anyone else around you , trust me on this one… So let’s hit it off! 🙂

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 01
Photo by Fabijan Drnas, all rights reserved

1. Are you available on my wedding date and will I be your only client that day?

Why is this a first question? If you are fixed on a date and not on a planner, you want to make sure you are not wasting anyone’s time, least yours, with someone who isn’t available on your wedding date. I have had clients change dates so we can be their planner and I have had clients I had to reject as they were fixed on the date. Either way, prioritize!
As far as being the only client goes, many event planning companies have multiple wedding planners and you will have your own, so they may take more than one wedding, and also some may have another event from a client who got married a day before or is about to marry the day after. What’s important is that you make sure that your wedding planner will be with you on the day. Also ask about hours- from when to when they will be on the wedding day with you?

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 02
Photo by Veronica Arevalo, all rights reserved

2. How involved will I be in the wedding planning process?

This will help you understand the planner works. You want them explain in general will you have to choose the exact vendors they work with or will they provide you with several options (usually what we recommend, simply for comparison reasons and also because not everyone has a same taste). You want to make sure the planner will work in your best interest advocating your visions and ideas to all vendors you may need. Make sure to check if they are willing to work with vendors you book on your own- in our case, we don’t take any responsibility for the work and quality of vendors not booked through us. Not out of spite but simply because many times before we have had lost-in-translation kind of situations where either that vendor doesnt feel comfortable with us guiding them or they keep saying the Bride told them differently. Either way, it doesn’t feel right and we will for example always ask from our Clients to brief their vendors (most of the time this is the photographer or videographer they brought from home or a band they booked online) that we run the show. Because you pay us to do so. And our job and mission is to have you covered 😉

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 03
Photo by Foto Adria, all rights reserved

3. How much do you charge and what is included in this price?

Oh the money talk. Don’t let it be your first question, it’s simply not polite :), but do make sure to ask far in advance so there are no surprises. In our case, we have packages that are based on what kind of ceremony you do- civil, church or symbolic. Our wedding planning packages are a flat fee, tax inclusive that cover unlimited wedding planning, consulting, emails, calls, you name it 🙂 plus all local admin costs. Some of our colleagues charge a percentage based fee or simply a service fee. This may be a good time to disuss methods and dynamics of payments, deposits and contracts. Check if the planner in question does day of coordination only as well or exclusively full service planning and coordination, like us. Be open and transparent and so will we, always! What I mean here is be open about your budgets as well and don’t take it the wrong way if we tell you some venues are simply not doable for this budget. It’s something like not understanding how you cannot buy a Ferrari for 10,000 euros, well- you get the idea. We will do everything we can to adapt to your budget but we ask the same from you- staying realistic what can be put on table in that budget too.

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 04

4. What do you not do? Ie what will be a sole responsibility of mine?

Sometimes it is more important to know what isn’t included than what is! For example, in our case, we don’t do stationary such as invites, save the date cards, wedding websites and thank you cards. We don’t deal with rings or wedding dresses and we don’t deal with flights. We are happy to recommend vendors but you will know better who does best where you come from. What we do? All local! From the moment you set your foot to Croatia till you leave, we are here to assist you and your guests with any and all arrangements- from airport and local transfers, tours and trips, speed boat rentals, jet skis, beauty treatments, babysitting services, VIP entrances to local clubs, restaurant reservations and of course all wedding related items, any! So basically, locally, you name it, well handle it. As long as it’s legal 😉

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 05
Photo by Veronica Arevalo, all rights reserved

5. How do we communicate – how and best do we contact you?

Ok this is a big one…. What our clients often forget is that this is our job. And nobody works 24/7. Keep that in mind when you send that WhatsApp message on Sunday morning. We all have families and we very much appreciate when our personal space and time are appreciated. We always recommend scheduling a phone call (ideally during working hours, so if you work same hours as we do- how about during your lunch break?) to make sure we fully devote our energy to you. Our working hours in the season (which in our case is 7-8 months per year) are often manic and 12-15 hour working day – office in the morning, meetings midday with clients from yesterday or from tomorrow, wedding the rest of the day and bedtime sometime after midnight. Life of a wedding planner is far from fancy or coveted (though a LOT of fun :)) but it’s quite well organized, at least in our case. We will be there for you all the way in every segment of the planning and the day itself but please let’s plan on it! And please let’s keep weekends off for us as well, at  least in off season- my kids  love spending Saturdays with me too 🙂
The only time when you will have our 24/7 availability is during your wedding week. Then, there’s no rules and we act as planners, psychologists, nurses, emergency contacts and much more 🙂

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 06
Photo by Bobi, private album

6. Can you tell me more about your participation and work on my wedding day?

It’s so important to nail this in advance and right. It’s so important to manage your expectations. Most of us don’t sit in front of your hotel room like in some movies you may have seen, waiting to see if there’s anything you’ll need. We are here for you at all times, but physically we don’t arrive to your hotel room before a few hours before the ceremony itself. It’s simply not necessary (given that all is going as planned).
My reply on this question would be as follows: my mornings are reserved for clearing up inbox and going through every single detail of your wedding, checking for the 5th time in two days all and every single vendor that has anything to do with your wedding that all is clear. I pick up bridal bouquet and bring it to you around 3 hours before the ceremony so it is kept fresh for as long as possible. Then I’ll sit down with you to see how you feel, if you have eaten (one of key questions I always ask, if you don’t eat you don’t get married, as simple as that ;)- it’s the one thing I don’t compromize on! :)) and go over the plan of the day once again. I’ll brief your Bridesmaids and family members on what they need to know and then I’ll let you enjoy those last few hours of getting ready for your wedding. I’ll come to pick you up when it’s time to go and make sure you have your bouquet on you, your veil is set up right and there is a person in the bridal party who knows how to fix it if needed.
I’ll have your back when you walk down the aisle (not literally :)) and I’ll be the first person you’ll see when you get married and walk up the aisle with your husband, clearing your hair from confetti and giving you a huge sweaty hug to congratulate you on becoming a Mrs.
I’ll spend the rest of the day with you and your guests, making sure all goes as planned and your expectations are hopefully exceeded. My job is done when you can’t stop hugging me 🙂
I’ll cue you for the speeches, cake cutting time, first dance as well as that time to fix your lipstick and time to have a shot on the side with me. And I’ll probably go to bed long after you. I will be your guardian angel on the day, I can promise you that.
And then people wonder how we become friends with our clients…. 😀

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 07
Photo by Svadbas photography, all rights reserved

6. Do we need to pay for the meals of people who work at our wedding, such as you, DJ and photographer?

We, the wedding staff, are very sensitive to this one, let me tell you honestly. We’re people too, remember? And we eat here and there, too. So a small meal during your wedding dinner when there are no logistics to look after will be very much appreciated. Please keep in mind we will always suggest that a small meal (nog the wedding meal of course) is covered for the coordinators, photo and video team, AV team and music team. We will be very thankful. Feel free to stop by our staff table and have a drink with us at some point, you’ll have fun, I promise 🙂

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 08
Photo by Fabijan Drnas, all rights reserved

7. How many weddings have you planned, how many do you plan in a year and can you share some of your references?

Experience is everything in our profession. And I mean everything. It means ability to improvize when needed, best contacts and local support, wide range of communication skills, handling and extinguishing fire emergencies within guests relations and family issues and seemlessly running the show with a smile on our face. Sometimes speaking to other brides will help understand something that didnt come to your mind before. And keep in mind you’re hiring someone who will literally look after your whole wedding, you don’t want to take any chances here and trust me on this. We have had clients book new agencies over us due to lower costs and came back to  us crying after a few months. You get monkeys when you pay peanuts- and you know that! Of course, look for value for the money but don’t do compromize your one and only weddings just because the cost is low(er)- there’s usually a reason for that.

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 09
Photo by Svadbas Photography, all rights reserved

8. Do you plan on backup options for all vendors and venues?

I still cannot believe that there are planners who plan weddings (once in a lifetime event, let’s not forget, for most at least!) without a backup plan. I  have seen it backfire so many times and trust me it’s not fun. Our motto is leaving nothing to chance. If the venue has outdoor capacity for 200 and indoor for 50, we promote it as a 50 people venue. As simple as that. We have had clients who went elsewhere because we refused to plan their wedding on a venue without a backup and they were sure it won’t rain on their wedding day. You’re guessing right- most of these had a stormy wedding day, in every sense possible.
Especially in Dubrovnik, where we don’t have marquis and tent companies and it will cost you thousands of Euros to bring someone last minute from other parts of Croatia to jump in and save the day. Trust me, this question should definitely be your priority. And the answer should be always yes, heck insist even on putting it in the contract.

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 10
Photo by Foto Adria, all rights reserved

9. What is your cancellation policy?

In this sensitive time, especially now with Coronavirus is threating to all travel related segments including destination eddings, you will want to know the cancellation policy and have it clearly outlined in the contract. Most vendors and venues will be willing to transfer deposits to a different date (pretty much no matter the reason) but do keep in mind if you decide to cancel in non act of God situation, in most cases deposits will be non refundable and this is why they are called retainers (this is likely to be around 2-3000€ with venue deposits). When clients cancel a wedding after months or even years of planning, please keep in mind we have done our fair share of work which is covered by a deposit which is usually half of our service cost.

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 11
Photo by DT studio, all rights reserved

10. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your experience, your company and its philosophy?

I was debating whether to put this one in top 10 or not. Simply because not everyone enjoys being asked their personal things. But a wedding is such a personal event and you will get in an intense relationship with your wedding planner. All of my clients know names of my kids and it’s on purpose I speak about them in front of my clients. Over the next few months or even years you will speak to us more than you speak to most people in your life. It’s just the way it goes. So you will want to do your research on your planner and you will want to know a bit about them as well. How long they’ ve been in the business? How did they get in the business? What did they do before being a planner (sometimes this is a very important and interesting piece of info) and what does your company value and believe in?
As for us, this is personal touch and bespoke Client experience approach. We are known for making friends in a lot of our clients and staying in touch with them for years after their wedding. Being a family business, our philosophy goes far beyond a business scope, we truly live and love what we do. We believe in promptness and professionalism all the way- slacking, ignorrance and amateurism are simply not an option in the way we work. And we honestly hope this is again and again recognized by our clients, partners and vendors.
Oh and we do our best to have fun while working, hope the photos in this post brought to you at least a bit closer to who we are and what we do 🙂

Dubrovnik Event Top ten questions to ask your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner 12
Photo by Mihoci Studios, all rights reserved

For more questions, answers and information on your Dubrovnik wedding, we cannot wait to hear from you at
Read more on what our clients say about us here.

Almost there

Dubrovnik Event Weddings Almost there

It’s almost spring time (it definitely feels like it!) and we’re excited to start finalizing all 2020 wedding plans – first wedding of the season takes place in less than 2 months! Bring on wedding season 2020!