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Wedding ceremonies

Be it a Civil wedding ceremonies on a scenic viewpoint or at one of the Dubrovnik’s magical medieval fortress, a traditional Church ceremony with sounds of organ player echoing while you walk down the aisle, or a Symbolic ceremony at a private Dubrovnik beach surrounded only with your closest loved ones, hearing the waves bouncing off the cliffs… We got the ideas and know-how, the rest will be history. Told by your memories for years to come…

Civil ceremony

In Croatia, a civil wedding ceremony can be conducted in the town hall or at any outdoor location of your choice, and we will ensure a certified court interpreter is present for an English translation. We have plenty of most romantic or funky if you wish ideas and places ideal for your dream wedding in Dubrovnik.

Get married at one of Dubrovnik’s beaches, fortresses, view points, or green village ranches…

Romantic guitar playing in the background, fantastic twist of modern and classical fusion of the string quartet or a jazz band are only some of the options to add that special touch to those unforgettable moments of your lives…

Church ceremony

There are a dozen of fascinating churches in Dubrovnik area suitable for weddings. Be it an intimate wedding with your closest ones or a larger family and friends ceremony. We have choices of most beautiful churches and chapels for you to decide for a perfect place to exchange your wedding vows. Of course, we will ensure an English speaking priest is present at your ceremony.

Symbolic ceremony

If you see a day of your dreams as a romantic getaway with your closest ones, at a private beach with most amazing sunset and without all the perks a classic wedding requires. We will ensure your special day is as memorized as any other wedding at a more traditional scale. With a symbolic wedding you have the most flexibility, as you can write a full screenplay of the ceremony- your vows, the readings, or music to be played.
Please not that symbolic ceremony is not legally binding and is in form similar as civil ceremony.

Day before… or day after


Day before, or day after
Marriage is like a duet, when one sings, the other claps

Be it a rehearsal dinner or a hen & stag party before the big day, and a local islands cruise
or an island trip for your friends and family the day after your perfect wedding. We will arrange it for you to make the whole experience complete. After that weekend, who can beat you!

We will help you make new standards for any other wedding to come!

Since our newlyweds are mostly from distant countries, most often with the organization of the wedding day itself, numerous accompanying events are being planned. Bachelor or hen party, a rehearsal dinner, days before and after the wedding, we will plan it.

For your family and friends, you want to remember, a whole stay in the most desirable wedding location in Croatia, beautiful Dubrovnik. We are honored to participate in such lasting memories.
From location, catering, transportation to decor, music and every other small thing … leave everything to us and just enjoy with your guests.

Relaxing day on the beach with your guests followed by cocktails and some good music can be a perfect plan for the day before. Places where the sound of crickets in the trees along with waves hitting off the rocks maybe are venues that you are looking for. For those who are more wine lovers we can plan a fun wine road trips. In the evening girls and guys can explore Dubrovnik’s nightlife, going to the famous clubs located in the city or on the beach.

We will organize rehearsal dinners for closest family and friends in beautiful restaurants, vineyards, gardens, on private island, fortresses, beaches in Dubrovnik’s area. The choice is all yours.

We will be there by your side to make days before and after everything you have always dreamed of.

Wedding Transportation


We take care of every single detail on your wedding day
No means of transportation is off limits

Your wedding transportation, like all other perks of a magical wedding, is so important for the day- it must suit your style and personality to make a perfect fit. We offer, you choose your stylish ride- be it a celeb-style white stretch limousine, an out pitch black BMW limo, a classy Rolls Royce or a funky old timer…

Wedding transportation is more than just a way to get from point A to point B, it’s an opportunity “to brag” with your dream car. When it comes time to decide on your wedding transportation, look for a car or some other ride that matches the style of your wedding day.

Whether you are a fan of a sporty convertible, limo cars, or old classic vehicles, we will make every effort to ensure your wishes and expectations. Thanks to the many years of organizing weddings in Dubrovnik, we have gathered great associates when it comes to renting vehicles or boats for your most important day. As much as it is important to arrange dream transportation for our newlyweds, the same way we will take care to transport your family, friends, and guests traveling from far away.

Since we are talking about Dubrovnik, “The pearl of the Adriatic”, it’s no wonder that one of the most popular forms of transportation is certainly a boat. Definitely, the most perfect way to discover amazing Dubrovnik Riviera is with a magnificent replica of a traditional ship “Karaka” from the era of the Republic of Dubrovnik and other types of galleons.
Boat cruise on a wedding day is something everyone truly enjoys, they discover a child within; enjoy the breeze, music and the backdrops.

You deserve the wedding of your dreams so it’s about time you let yourself be driven around for once.

Wedding reception


Food is great when seasoned with love
and made of chocolate

After-ceremony dinner party is one of the most important choices to make when planning a wedding.

Exclusive restaurant or a local tavern, private beach or a village ranch, naturally scenic viewpoint or a private villa; whatever your preference is for wedding reception, we will make sure it is flawlessly organized for your Dubrovnik wedding, with all the attention to detail you can imagine.
Wedding reception or is one of the most important choices to make when planning a wedding. Reception venues in the Dubrovnik Riviera are something that you can describe enough; you must be a part of it.

Dubrovnik truly is a perfect backdrop for any wedding. Be it shabby chic, rustic chic, elegant and sophisticated or a bit of everything. Medieval palaces, baroque churches, lush gardens, hotel terraces with spectacular views or top of the fortresses, you name it. From tiny little viewpoints overlooking old town over the cliffs or humongous forts starring Game of Thrones, the choice is yours.

The wonderful sunny weather especially from April to October leaves you numerous opportunities for outdoor locations like terraces with an unforgettable view of the Old City. Large fortresses Revelin and Lovrijenac are unique venues for wedding ceremonies. The Rector’s Palace and Sponza Palace are built in Gothic and Renaissance styles and these locations will leave you speechless, like so many others.

In the immediate vicinity of Dubrovnik is a real oasis of peace, Lokrum Island, so charming with a romantic beauty can be everything that you’re looking for. Behind every corner there are perfect venues for your wedding ceremony, rehearsal dinner, or reception location.

Tell us what you want and how you imagine your most important day. We will help you look for the perfect location. Explore our gallery where you can see some different venues and design suggestions.

Photography & video

We will make sure each moment of your big day is captured forever
Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second

No matter how stereotyped it will sound, but capturing your special moments is of outmost importance.
Pictures and videos of your dream wedding will in years to come be there for you to awaken your memories in a strongest way possible. Our Photo & Video Team will make sure every picture of your day says a thousand words.

Through our years of experience in the organization of numerous events and weddings, we have gathered a truly professional team. They will perpetuate lasting memories of your dream day through beautiful photos and high-quality videos.

The best way to keep the emotion, joy, and atmosphere of this unforgettable day is through the beautiful portraits of newlyweds at breathtaking locations. Believe us this is “a big problem” because Dubrovnik Riviera is really a magical destination with numerous
breathtaking places for shooting.

Video record is the best way to note every moment of your wedding day, happy family and friends that will remain in your permanent memory.
Along with your wishes and our recommendation our professional photographers will carefully record the most important event in your life.

Your main and only task is to be relaxed, satisfied and happy in front of lenses on your Big Day.

Wedding music


We make sure your wedding entertainment is just the way you like it
If music be the food of love, play on

Music makes our lives complete. So will it do with your wedding? The vast scope of musical expressions will be at your disposal, the two of you will decide on the perfect tunes for the perfect day…

In organizing a wedding other than having to think about every detail; location, decoration, catering, makeup, flowers … The music is also one of the most important segments. It will mark your unforgettable day to be just like you wanted and imagined.

One of the first decisions that you have to make is what kind of wedding music you want, a band or a DJ? Is your wedding going to be traditional, symbolic, unique or alternative?

When picking your wedding music there’s a lot to consider. Music melody will symbolize the flow of the day. You want a capture key moments and highlight them with music, especially those meaningful songs for special dances and of course tunes you don’t want to hear.
The importance of music on your wedding day is enormous. Music evokes special emotions for our newlyweds and for their wonderful guests.

For your wedding ceremony, we have all kinds of musicians on your disposal, from the live bands that can play all kinds of genres just like DJ’s which are becoming an increasingly popular choice for wedding receptions previous years.

We will listen to all your desires and help you choose the right tone for your special day. It’s the day to celebrate so picking the right songs is key, so you can laugh and cry of happiness with your loved ones.

With you we plan and create your wedding music from your first entrance to the evening’s end!

Wedding Beauty


Beautiful makeup is the finishing touch on your big day
Great makeup is simply an extesion of beautiful personality

A breakfast massage on a wedding day will ensure your special time starts as relaxed as it can be.

Our wedding beauty experts will take care of every single thing. Your hair, nails, and make-up to suit your taste, your wishes, and most importantly, your personality. You will wish for a team like this to live closer to you…

On your most important day give us your trust when it comes to wedding beauty, makeup and hairstyle for your wedding day. We can proudly say that we have gathered an excellent team of experts throughout the years in the field of beautification. Hairdressers and makeup artists are real professionals so be sure that all your wishes will be heard.

We will coordinate a thousand little details so that everything could go as planned. We want that you avoid all the stress. Our mission is that you fully enjoy the most special day of your life with your friends and family.

Whether you’re going for a natural look or for something with a little more “glow”, chances are you’ll definitely want to put your best face forward on your wedding day. Your makeup and skin have to look picture perfect so our experts will take care of it and the most important we bring you professional makeup wherever you want.

Tell us your wishes for your make up and beauty on your wedding day. We will try to fulfill your expectations and a little more than that. Believe us you will feel and look like a princess.

Wedding flowers


We will make your wedding flowers perfect
Flowers make everyone happy

Whatever you choose, they will speak their own story through their scents, embracing your wedding with a theme locked up in your memories, waking emotions every time and anywhere you smell them for the rest of your life….

We can’t imagine a wedding without amazing fresh wedding flowers, one of the most stands out elements to your special day. They provide elegance, fun and the most important they describe your style. Flowers may be a large part of your wedding budget. It’s very important to find wedding centerpieces and wedding bouquets that you love and that fit your type.

Even if you have a favorite flower in mind–your budget, color palette and style come into play when choosing the right flowers for your big day. Choose a common wedding flower that pairs with your wedding season and wedding theme. Make a statement with fresh, beautiful flowers for the bridal party, ceremony, and reception. No matter the event, wedding florals make for beautiful wedding photos.

You can never go wrong with the classic rose for your wedding, a symbol of love and purity. Maybe you are a fan of peony, perfect for a spring or summer wedding, providing a romantic look. Hydrangea never goes out of style and is still popular because of their shape resembles a beating heart. They signify perseverance and emotion. Beautiful gardenia represents elegance and grace and it is perfect choice for the summer wedding. Orchid is a timeless and exotic flower that brings an air of mystery to your wedding and they symbolize beauty and refinement. Always popularly used for the bridal bouquet and work well for beach weddings.

Browse the most beautiful wedding flowers to get inspired for your own big day. We will help determine your style and design bouquets, centerpieces, and more to decorate your venue.

Check out our flower gallery, maybe we’ll give you a great idea and make it easier for you to search!