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Wedding ceremonies

Be it a Civil ceremony on a scenic viewpoint or at one of the Dubrovnik’s magical medieval
fortress, a traditional Church ceremony with sounds of organ player echoing while you walk
down the aisle, or a Symbolic ceremony at a private Dubrovnik beach surrounded only with
your closest loved ones, hearing the waves bouncing off the cliffs… we got the ideas and
know-how, the rest will be history. Told by your memories for years to come…

Civil ceremony

Civil ceremony

In Croatia, a civil wedding ceremony can be conducted in the town hall or at any outdoor location of your choice, and we will ensure a certified court interpreter is present for an English translation. We have plenty of most romantic or funky if you wish ideas and places ideal for your dream wedding in Dubrovnik.
Get married at one of Dubrovnik’s beaches, fortresses, view points, or green village ranches…
Romantic guitar playing in the background, fantastic twist of modern and classical fusion of the string quartet or a jazz band are only some of the options to add that special touch to those unforgettable moments of your lives…

Church ceremony

Church ceremony

There are a dozen of fascinating churches in Dubrovnik area suitable for weddings. Be it an intimate wedding with your closest ones or a larger family and friends ceremony, we have choices of most beautiful churches and chapels for you to decide for a perfect place to exchange your wedding vows. Of course, we will ensure an English speaking priest is present at your ceremony.

Symbolic ceremony

Symbolic ceremony

If you see a day of your dreams as a romantic getaway with your closest ones, at a private beach with most amazing sunset and without all the perks a classic wedding requires, we will ensure your special day is as memorized as any other wedding at a more traditional scale. With a symbolic wedding you have the most flexibility, as you can write a full screenplay of the ceremony- your vows, the readings, or music to be played.
Please not that symbolic ceremony is not legally binding and is in form similar as civil ceremony.

Day before… or day after


Day before, or day after
Marriage is like a duet, when one sings, the other claps

Be it a rehearsal dinner or a hen & stag party before the big day, and a local islands cruise
or an island trip for your friends and family the day after your perfect wedding, we will organise
it for you to make the whole experience complete. After that weekend, who can beat you!
We will help you make new standards for any other wedding to come!



We take care of every single detail on your wedding day
No means of transportation is off limits

Transportation, like all other perks of a magical wedding, is so important for the day- it must suit your style
and personality to make a perfect fit. We offer, you choose your stylish ride- be it a celeb-style white stretch limousine,
an elegant pitch black BMW limo, a classy Rolls Royce or a funky old timer…

Wedding reception


Food is great when seasoned with love
and made of chocolate

After-ceremony dinner party is one of the most important choices to make when planning a wedding.
Exclusive restaurant or a local tavern, private beach or a village ranch,
naturally scenic viewpoint or a private villa; whatever your preference is for wedding reception, we will make sure it is flawlessly organized
for your Dubrovnik wedding, with all the attention to detail you can imagine.

Photography & video


We will make sure each moment of your big day is captured forever
Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second

No matter how stereotyped it will sound, but capturing your special moments is of outmost importance.
Pictures and videos of your dream wedding will in years to come be there for you
to awaken your memories in a strongest way possible and our Photo & Video Team
will make sure every picture of your day says a thousand words…

Wedding music


We make sure your wedding entertainment is just the way you like it
If music be the food of love, play on

Music makes our lives complete. So will it do with your wedding.
A vast scope of musical expressions will be at your disposal,
the two of you will decide on the perfect tunes for the perfect day…



Beautiful makeup is the finishing touch on your big day
Great makeup is simply an extesion of beautiful personality

A breakfast massage on a wedding day will ensure your special time starts as relaxed as it can be.
Our beauty experts will take care of your hair, nails, and make-up to suit your taste, your wishes,
and most importantly, your personality. You will wish for a team like this to live closer to you…

Wedding flowers

wedding flowers

We will make your wedding flowers perfect
Flowers make everyone happy

Whatever you choose, they will speak their own story through their scents,
embracing your wedding with a theme locked up in your memories,
awaking emotions every time and anywhere you smell them for the rest of your life….