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When to schedule speeches?

Photo by: Mihoci

The moments that can get quite emotional after you two saying “I do”. Yes, those are the speeches. Your father, husband and his best man are usually those who hold a speech most of the time. But when is the best time to schedule them? Where here to help you incorporate those into your wedding dinner.

Long and emotional or short and quirky, speeches are there to remember all the fun times you had with each other. It’s the time when you thank people you love, you share stories, and you say what is on your mind and in your heart. (Prepare the tissues and raise your glasses).

Your guests are seated and are having fun while waiting for the lovebirds to enter the dinner venue. You came all happy, your fave song is playing in the background as your MC announces your grand entrance. You two sit down at the top table and the time starts now.

Usually, we really recommend having your speeches right away, meaning, before the dinner starts. You want the people who are holding speeches not to feel nervous. The nervousness is likely to happen when they have to wait for their turn to hold the speech. That’s why it is better to have your people speak right away, not in between meals. They will not enjoy their food as much if they have to wait, their nervousness will only build up etc. Basically, they will not be able to enjoy the moments in the same manner as they would if the speech is done and already said.

I think we all agree that you want all your guests to feel comfortable and with ease. Scheduling the speeches before the dinner starts is the best way to make sure that all of them will be performed in the way they wanted to. Relaxed and content. Without any stress involved. It is not easy to hold a speech and stand up in front of everyone. For some of them it is probably the first time they have to speak in front of a larger group. Of course, It can be nerve wracking. So, it is better to get on the speeches right away and get it over with.

That way you’ll make the best scenario possible for your people who hold the speech to enjoy their dinner and the rest of the night to the fullest. Making your wedding more enjoyable and comfortable for everyone. It shows that you care for them and how they feel in specific moments that put them in the spotlight. It’s the slightest details that matter and make your most special day flow how it is supposed to.

Soooo, the speeches should be scheduled first. At least that’s what we kindly recommend, it is your wedding after all, you choose! 🙂

Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci

Traditional vs unexpected songs to walk down the aisle to

Photo by: Mihoci

Ohhh, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. You, my dear, are walking down the aisle towards your man. But hey! You’re not walking down in silence (thank God), you’re walking along the sounds and rhythm of your favorite song. Whether that is something traditional or something more unique and not seen (heard) before. Music sets the mood of the event. It’s easier for your guests to burst in tears (haha), it really contributes to people getting more emotional. We can all agree that soundtracks in movies lift the whole scene up to another level. It just seems like a background noise but it’s something worth paying your attention to.

Let’s face it, it will give you more confidence as you are walking. Maybe you’ll get a better posture. Shoulders back, chin up! And from the inside you’re thinking “Yes, I’m beautiful. I have my hair and makeup done. My dress is gorgeous, and this is my time to shine.” It’s like on the show Dancing with the stars but this time you’re the star! (Ask your dad, he’ll confirm) 😊

If you prefer songs that are more traditional. Hence make you more confident and are aligned with your preferred vibes. Here is the list of songs you might consider.

  1. Ave Maria – Schubert
  2. The Wedding March – Felix Mendelssohn
  3. Bridal Chorus – Richard Wagner
  4. Canon in D – Johann Pachelbel
  5. Can’t help falling in love – Any version
  6. Johann Sebastian Bach – Air on G String
  7. The Four Seasons: Spring – Antonio Vivaldi
  8. Cello suite No.1 – Bach
  9. The swan – Saint-Saens
  10. Water music (Air) – Handel


If you’re leaning more towards the modern side or want to walk down the aisle with a song that will be an unexpected little surprise. You might take a look at these:

  1. Make you feel my love – Adele
  2. Elton John – Your song
  3. Time after time – Iron & Wine
  4. La Vie En Rose – Emilly Watts
  5. When you believe – Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston
  6. When a man loves a woman – Percy Sledge
  7. Bloom – Paper Kites
  8. Crazy love – Michael Buble
  9. Somewhere only we know – Keane
  10. Latch – Sam Smith



It doesn’t really matter which type of a person you are as long as there’s beautiful music following you as you walk down to say, “I do”. The soundtrack of your special day, or of your movie should I say?


Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci 8 3 Photo by: Mihoci

Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Nina Anić


2 pros and 2 cons of doing a first look

Photo by: Mihoci

Doing a first look is something that is often debatable whether to have it or not. It is really about preferences of the couple and something that you two should discuss between each other. Don’t listen to anyone telling you what to do, or how you should behave. It is YOUR wedding day and do as you like.

With or without doing a first look, you will have the most amazing wedding day. After all, you’re having your wedding in beautiful Dubrovnik. 😊

So, let us begin with the “negative” side or the cons…

  1. First con, and the most obvious/controversial one is that – you lose having your first look at the Altar. Grandma, buckle up your seat belt, we’re taking off! (haha) Seriously now, she or some other more “traditional” guests might feel sorry that you won’t wait for that special moment to happen in front of the Altar or at the ceremony venue. Besides them, some couples really do take a lot of time and consideration whether to have a first look, since they want to make the walking down the aisle as special and emotional as it gets. Or should I say raw. Majority of people associate weddings with the fact that the groom gets to see his bride (for the first time) as she is walking towards him in her white dress. It is up to you to break those stereotypes, or maybe not… P.S. No one even needs to know that you’ve already seen each other.

2. Your wedding day might start earlier now -With having your first look before the ceremony, obviously you’ll have to think about getting up earlier than you planned to. Which is fine if you’re an early bird. But oh boy if you’re a night owl! You should consider getting to bed in some reasonable hours to get your beauty sleep. We all know that having enough sleep highly affects our stress levels but also our under-eye bags. We clearly do not need those!


We’re not here to overwhelm you, so doing 2 of each will be enough, agree? Moving on to the positive sides and we do love those (unlike the under eye bags). 😊

  1. First pro is – having some alone time with your loved one. While you’re the only ones being there, the emotions are shared just among you two. And that’s just beautiful. The sheer love and intimacy that is being felt is clearly something that you’ll remember forever. It’s just you two and that’s what matters after all. You’ll also feel more relaxed now while walking down the aisle (or waiting at the Altar) since you released all the nerves beforehand.

2. The second one – You can get amazing photos bursting with your emotions! And maybe a tear will mingle its way through. It is a lot easier for you (especially if you’re an introvert) to show your true emotions when there’s not many people around. Making your photos a true representation of your inner state at that moment. As well as you’ll save time this way with doing your shoot before the ceremony so you can spend more time with your guests after it. Enjoying drinks and just being relaxed and content.

There’s much more to add but we’ll leave it as it is. Think through it and do as you please. It is your wedding day, remember! You should be at ease.

Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci

Dubrovnik – your event home.

Dubrovnik Event - City

“I had my wedding in Dubrovnik, it was all I ever imagined and more.” This sentence doesn’t have to stop there. And that’s why we’re here. Did you ever consider making Dubrovnik your event home? SO many of our clients are doing exactly that lately! Planning not only their wedding anniversaries but their newly arrived kids parties, birthday celebrations or simply life celebrations with friends. Let us tell you why Dubrovnik is a perfect event home for you…

City of Dubrovnik is truly an architectural and historical masterpiece. That’s easy to explore online. But all those information come to life when you enter the Old Town. When you feel the city vibe personally. When you breathe the fresh air and hear the seagulls and sea bouncing off the city walls. You may think that there’s a huge fuss going on about this city, it’s too popular and not worth paying a visit. Sorry, but you could not be more wrong 😉

The city is more than special, and I’m not saying it because I live and work here. It holds certain power inherited from centuries ago. Whoever has been here will tell you the same. The main street, the narrow alleys, flowerpots, clothes drying on the ropes above your head, the stone, orange brick roofs, the pigeons, sea, sunsets, city walls…. I can go on and on… You’ve probably experienced all the above when you were here on your wedding day. How about experiencing this again, in an even more relaxed tone?

Being in the event planning business for over a decade now brings us the joy of meeting people from all over the world. Making their special day as memorable as it can be. But not only their wedding day! What is truly making us incredibly honored is having a repeated customer/client lately more and more. The real beauty of this is that we don’t see you as customers or clients, we’ve created a friendship by now. Those are life goals really, don’t you think? It serves as a recognition to our work and dedication that is being invested throughout the years.

So what can you actually do here after you have done your wedding here already?

  1. WEDDING ANNIVERSARY- obviously :D. You can have your 5 or 10 (+) years anniversary in Dubrovnik. In the same venue you had but this time more chilled, relaxed, calm, less people and more intimate (or not). Or, you can choose another venue that you maybe wanted to have in the first place and now is your chance to make it happen!
  2. Vow renewal- somewhere in the nature, secluded venue, just the two of you and the sound of birds and waves. Dubrovnik truly has it all!
  3. YOUR KIDS PARTIES: You have a family now and we could not be happier for you. How about organizing a Christening party for your kid or a bar or bat mitzvah in Dubrovnik? Did you know that Dubrovnik is a home to the oldest synagogue in this part of the world?
  4. BIRTHDAY PARTY (if not yours, maybe that of of your kids, parents, friends, cousins…) on a location that’s overlooking the Old Town like it’s on a palm of your hand.  Let’s face it, we got you intrigued, right?

It is rewarding to see our friends coming back and entrusting us with another celebration/event that they want us to organize. Our hearts are full. It is a feeling that cannot be explained. Is it because of Dubrovnik or is it because of us? We hope it’s both. We are a match made in heaven, aren’t we? 😊

Dubrovnik Event - proposal
Photo by: Veronica Arevalo
Dubrovnik Event - Birthday party
Photo by: Veronica Arevalo

5 tips on how to make your place cards stand out 

Lemon place card

You’re planning a wedding. And there’s oh so many important decisions to make! One detail such as a place card might not seem like something that is of higher significance now, right? Let me show you that having a unique place card can make your beloved guest feel sooo special. How? Let’s examine how you can make this often-neglected detail a show stopping one.  

Place cards are an important part of your wedding stationery plan- they indicate a certain person’s seating spot at the table. But they don’t just do that, trust me on that one! Table plan, flower arrangements, centerpieces, the whole table setting is very important when imagining your wedding reception. But so are the table cards! Every individual guest on your wedding day is unique and plays a huge role in your life- otherwise they wouldn’t be here, is that right? Why don’t you pay tribute to them by making their place card unique & memorable…. 

And here’s how you can make that possible… 

  1. Make a short/sweet personalized note – just a simple “Welcome” in the corner can make a difference. It doesn’t look like an ordinary place card anymore. You can even write person’s nickname, that would be such a personalized touch. It shows that you care about them, not everyone calls you by your nickname that’s for sure! They’ll love it. 
  1. Hand written place card – It will definitely take a bunch of time but it’ll be worth it. Imagine if you’re good at calligraphy, how amazing would the letters look like. Either way, it will look as though you left a part of you on that piece of paper/material. Every person has a strong attachment to their name, it is part of their identity. When you write it by hand it shows that you care about your guests. So much so, that you wanted them to see how their name looks like when you personally write it. It will make them feel appreciated and important to you. At least that’s what I would feel like. 😊 
  1. Think about your wedding theme – Don’t make the place cards black & white. (I mean by all means do so if it suits your wedding colors/theme). Place cards give you so much room to be creative and fun. If you have a Mediterranean theme wedding and you’re using different greenery- why don’t you incorporate that cute little olive branch into your place card? Or a lavender flower. It creates such an effortless flow into the whole wedding and leaves an impression that you cared about the slightest details. And let’s not forget how great it looks on the photos too! 
  1. Different shapes/materials – who said it has to be a rectangle? Be different, do a circle! Just kidding. Think out of the box and make things more memorable and unique! This little place card is such a great opportunity where you can use it and do a subtle “Wow effect”. Why not?  
  1. Think out of the box – Let them have a double purpose, make them as a little gift to carry back home from Dubrovnik. Do glass place cards. Do stone place cards. Shells from the beach. Edible place cards.  Or drinkable (everyone loves a mini Dubrovnik grappa bottle with their name on it)! Make place cards out of wire. Lemon. Yes, the fruit. Lemon can be a place card. There are really numerous ways how to make this little detail stand out. 

I think you got the idea… It is a detail that should not be neglected. Provides so much room to play with. And yet, can make a big difference and be a detail that your guests will talk about many years later. Thank you, dear reader, I wish I could know your name. 🙂 

Photo by: Veronica Arevalo

        Wedding cake trends picked by Dubrovnik Event team

Dubrovnik Event - wedding cake

I dare you to find me a person who dislikes cake in any shape or form (or flavor). There’s a saying “there’s always room for dessert because it doesn’t go to your stomach; it goes right into your heart!” Even though if you are not a person known for its sweet tooth; still, there’s definitely something that has sweetness to it that you are often craving (could be an apple).  But for example, wedding cake can be of those things that you have to try. It is not possible to reject a piece of cake that a happily married couple cut a few moments ago while holding the knife together, smiling and looking at the marvelous tiered creation. Impossible, I’m telling you! Perhaps you didn’t want to eat it but now you will, and it’s delicious admit it!

Among all the things that a bride and her groom have to decide on, this task has to be one of the sweetest ones. Oh, being able to sit down and have other people bring you multiple pieces of different flavored cakes. Such a sweet suffering. Whether you’ll be having your wedding reception in a garden of a villa, or a stunning location with a view, you’ll also be able to decide which is your favorite cake from the vendors that we work with.

In case you are having a reception in a hotel, the case is somewhat different (no worries you will still be able to have a cake tasting). Then, couples often have both; the dessert from the menu and the wedding cake. We highly recommend having only a wedding cake due to the fact that after dessert people forget that there’s still a cake coming and when it comes there’s rarely room for both left in out tummies. This leads to wasting a lot of the gorgeous, special wedding cake and we think it is better to avoid this situation and exclude the dessert part of the menu.

 From a guest’s point of view as well as the pastry chefs probably; wedding cakes definitely change through years. When I say wedding cake, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is a multiple-tiered, white, simple cake with a small couple on top and maybe some flowers here and there. I mean, it is definitely delicious either way and the design can be used nowadays for sure. But there are some new wedding cake trends of 2022 that are emerging. It is making us feel excited and we’re looking forward to seeing them appear on your already spectacular destination wedding in Dubrovnik.

In 2022, we’re saying goodbye to only white fondant/frosting cake because it is time for uniqueness! Pastry chefs are turning into Picasso’s, Monet’s, you name it. Even though the canvas underneath will most likely remain neutral that’s when artistic designs, mesmerizing brush strokes and delicate flowers pop in. It will seem like a pastry chef borrowed some painting skills and also made it taste delicious. It’s not easy to make it flow seamlessly with the whole wedding menu, in those regards you will maybe need some tips.

Coming up next is boldness. You want your cake to be unique as your whole wedding day. 2022 is the year of “out of the box” thinking and doing something fresh and new. Dubrovnik (for example) is a city of long history and tradition and most of the couples born and raised here will have the traditional cake on their wedding day. But they don’t have to; and you don’t have to. Be creative, unconventional, it doesn’t have to be in a traditional form of a cake; or cake at all. Surprise your guests!

Something that occurred in past years and is transferring to 2022 is the trend of individual cakes. It is more convenient for some; it is something new and cute for others. But you have incorporated a dessert and that’s all that matters. Cupcakes, individual small cakes, different pastries basically more options and versatility while using the surplus of time (saved from showing and cutting the cake) on something else you might do. This may form into a dessert table showcasing different sweets, or maybe a fondue, or an ice-cream station that would come handy on a hot summer’s day in Dubrovnik. You choose!

We adore having flower cakes, pressed flower designs are opted to stay in 2022. Elegant, colorful, so romantic and perfectly detailed; flowers on a cake are a work of art. But why not going the opposite way? Citrus cakes are becoming a trend. Whether being citrus flavored or citrus decorated those cakes will definitely be eye catching and fresh. Such a Mediterranean vibe, don’t you think?

Wedding cakes in any shape or form represent the happy couple. Why not making the best use out of it in 2022. Go for a modern artsy cake, go for a bold colored cake or a sugared orange slice decorated cake; go for no cake at all. But, don’t forget to include something sweet you’ll be remembered by!

Dubrovnik Event - Wedding cake 06
Foto by: Nina Anić

DWP Congress in Greece: Wedding trends of 2022

Dubrovnik Event weddings DWP conference 10

Kalimera !, from Rhodes, Greece, where the seventh congress of destination wedding organizers recently took place – the largest B2B networking platform of the global wedding industry, where finally, after a break of almost two years – gathered over 350 participants from almost 50 countries. Croatia was one of them.

This is my fifth participation in a congress like this and I will tell you that this is a gathering that really everyone from the wedding world wants to go to and not just now in COVID time when we are so desperate for socializing and traveling that we are able sit in the car and drive to Neum (at least in our case in Dubrovnik) just to get a personal or even better at the border, bring a passport and come home with the stamp of another country, even if it was BIH.

The motto of the Wedding Planners Congress is “Work hard, play harder”, so we just hung out on the first day. It started with a noon party at the hotel pool by the beach (hotels that are a kind of host of this congress are always on your bucket list if you travel to these locations, believe me- this time the host was Mitsis Alila exclusive all-inclusive resort located at miles long sandy beach of sunny Rhodes – see us walking barefoot and frescoing in the Aegean Sea before the lecture?), continued with a tour of the old town of Rhodes and just sailed into the first party of the congress.

Dubrovnik Event weddings DWP conference 8
Photo by Dimitris Giouvris

It is a congress where we meet new people and connect in ways the Internet will never be able to connect us, on the other hand, it is a place where we learn minute by minute from colleagues from different countries, connect cultures in the most beautiful ways and not just exchange experiences and talk about trends- here we create trends. This is going to be our topic of the day 🙂

Wedding trends of 2022!

So the first panel of the second day of the congress was held on The Future of Weddings in Times of Instability where speakers were people we don’t need to represent much in our ranks-  like Bob Conti, JoAnn Gregoli and Koby Bar Yehuda, and we expressed the future through trends.

As my dear colleague and world-famous event designer, Eddie Zaratsian, said: “I don’t like the word trend because it gives the design a time limit and it’s really not necessary, especially for personalized events we deal with”, let’s go through what the big players from the world of weddings predict are upcoming, let’s call them- popular practices.


How long have we been waiting for that trend to come back to life! Let me hear you, who got tired of the terms “blush” and “white wedding”? I would like some green and white… Well let’s spice up a few things! Finally, that carousel spun and I can’t hide my enthusiasm for this announced trend! We’ll see what Pantone will choose for us as a color in 2022, but as long as we speak the language of bright colors through weddings and express our characters through color and dynamic concepts, I am an advocate of this trend. Colors can not only show how fashionable you are, but also elevate the whole design, location, speak a language that has been forgotten – the language of love!
Come on white, green and pink, go get some sleep! Red, yellow and coral – welcome!


I do not mean the obvious luxury that the word exclusive imposes. I think that the trend of exclusive rentals, ie the privatization of hotels, villas, B&B, farms – whatever the newlyweds find a way to make their guests feel safe and protected. COVID has brought us that awkward (not to say damn) sense of insecurity when moving in our own lives. Believe me, in the world of destination weddings it is more than noticeable – for example, the weddings of most of our American clients, which were supposed to be a hundred people, and were postponed to 2022, by default were reduced to at least half fewer guests who decided to travel despite the chaos we find ourselves in. And yes, I’m not mistaken, we are talking about 2022 – many people believe that weddings will recover only there around 2025 when we hope that this whole story will be behind us and travel will again become a completely normal and integral part of life. So for those who decided to get married next year, and according to the announcements we are talking about the largest number of weddings since the early 80’s, many are considering exclusive leases of hotels, complexes, more villas in one place and islands where somehow by default people they feel more detached, and so in the new age, unfortunately, more secure. In any case, the more private and exclusive, the more interesting, at least that’s what the announcements for next year say …


I can’t tell you my enthusiasm for this finally current trend in the world of weddings and events in general. Paying tribute to Mother Nature and thinking about what we use when planning our wedding – from materials, choosing locations and suppliers to recycling flowers, has finally taken the deserved and necessary throne we have been waiting for forever – ignoring is never cool and especially ignoring the alarming world “Trends” that concern us all, such as global warming, a drastic reduction in the number of bees and air pollution, which we are witnessing on a daily basis reading world reports. It was high time that this worrying reality was addressed in the world of weddings as well. So we, for example, held an entire three-day event for 350 people in wonderful, chic, organic tents. Yes, you read that right, organic tents. Feel free to Google “Organic Concepts”, a company from Belgium that was one of the congress partners and set up 4 tents handmade by nautical tailoring companies from proven, sustainable and organic materials. Waterproof, windproof up to 170km / h, extremely aesthetically attractive and absolutely in sync with all the postulates of sustainability. That is the future of events. This is a trend that we do not want to have a time limit. Ask yourself- how can I make my wedding more sustainable? Some of the ideas are reusing flowers, using live flowers in bunches (think rosemary, lavender, etc.), but add a little color to the world), renting a flower truck with additional florists who will make your guests a bouquet of the remaining flowers and give a bouquet on your behalf. What they like- the idea is a million, you just need to see how best to incorporate them into your wedding. And don’t hesitate to talk about it out loud – it’s a voice that needs to be heard far away!

In the end, I will agree with my colleague Eddie about the practical dislike of trends, but at the same time I will tell you- some new kids have arrived in the world of wedding design and thank God they did! Sustainability and respect for nature are more than welcome!