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Almost there

Dubrovnik Event Weddings Almost there

It’s almost spring time (it definitely feels like it!) and we’re excited to start finalizing all 2020 wedding plans – first wedding of the season takes place in less than 2 months! Bring on wedding season 2020!

Hello 2020

Dubrovnik Event Weddings Hello 2020

And before we knew it – we’re in 2020! A whole new year and a whole new decade- surely as you as well, we cannot wait to see what it unfolds! Did you know that January is one of our busiest months wedding planning- it feels like both our clients and us woke up after a relaxing holiday season and eager to specify as much as possible. So if you didn’t already, email us so we can do another tick off the list. And Happy New Year and Happy Planning 🙂

Your Dubrovnik Wedding Planners

Planners Xtraordinaire Show

Dubrovnik Event Weddings - Planners Xtraordinaire Show 2019

We at Dubrovnik Event strongly believe in power of constant education and lifelong learning. This is why we never stop attending professional workshops for those of our kind- planners and the like. Stay tuned for what we picked up at the latest Planners Xtraordinaire Show in stunning Georgia!

Bring on your wedding dress

Dubrovnik Event Weddings bring on your wedding dress

Some of our favorite time of the wedding planning is when our Brides send us photo of their wedding dress – are you already working on this?

And when you email us with it, don’t forget to take off your better half from the email thread 🙂

October weddings coming up

Dubrovnik Event Weddings october weddings coming up

Even though it’s October, we still have three weddings to go!

Excited for these fall beauties, stay tuned to see their bespoke wedding stories 🙂

Let’s start planning your perfect day

Dubrovnik Event Weddings lets start plannig your perfect day

Did you know this is slowest period in wedding planning?
Take advantage of that and contact us to schedule a skype call or update your Pinterest board and send us a link so we can start working on the design of your most special day!