Megan and Shane wedding by dubrovnik event

Megan & Shane
Married in September 2017

I am still trying to find the words to express how wonderful the past days have been, and my gratefulness to you, Marin and Matea for all
you have given over the past nine months. I don’t think you know this, but I reached out to inquire about a wedding before Shane even proposed. I knew I wanted to get married in Dubrovnik, and I knew I wanted you as my wedding planner. Shane was just dragging his feet on the proposal part : ).
Even though we had never met, and I had never even been to Croatia, I felt completely at ease working with you to plan this event. Your love for weddings, but more importantly, your love for helping people have the most magical days of their lives, shines through. Your recommendations were always spot on, and the team you assembled to help with hair, make up, flowers, photography, etc., are the best in Dubrovnik.
You truly have created a world class wedding planning business here in Dubrovnik. Every bump we hit in the process- the guests numbers, the weather, Shane’s suit- had an immediate back up plan and solution that made our event even better. Our guests cannot stop raving about our three days, and you are directly responsible for that!
I want to extend to you the worlds biggest HVALA!! I sincerely hope Shane and I are able to cross paths with you and Marin again, here in Dubrovnik, in Washington DC or some other place in the world.
Love, Megan

Lauri and Padraig wedding by Dubrovnik event

Lauri & Padraig
Married in September 2017

Hi guys!
Sorry I have not been in contact,it’s been a great but hectic few days,the bride and groom made it to bed at 7.30am on the wedding night!
Ines,I hope you are feeling better and that Marin’s leg is ok,it looked in a bad way on Saturday.
Myself and Padraig just want to thank you all so much for everything you done for us on Saturday, I know it must of been a highly stressful time for you all with the change in weather, thank you for trying your best. Especially Matea,you were amazing and so accomadating. Despite the change of plans we had the best day ever and wouldn’t change a thing if we were to have it all again! You made the restaurant look fab and thank you Ines for all the extra flowers,they were beautiful. I especially want to thank you for getting us back to the villa after the meal…this made the night for me,was so delighted are guests got to see it and celebrate with us there. Also Matea,thanks so much for organising the mini van from the bus,I’m not sure our guests would have made the walk down! All our guests had such a great time and said it was so different to any other wedding they were ever at,so fun and enjoyable…’a mystery wedding not knowing where the bus was going to bring them next’!!!  
Pero was so amazing playing the guitar/singing and we really appreciated him learning specific songs for us -he sang them so beautifully!
Oh and also thank you so much for your beautiful gift…the book is amazing and we will treasure it forever. We sent out invitations to our after party at home with ‘eat,drink & be married’ written on them which is a lovely coinsidance.
Thank you all again so much for everything and I hope you all are back on your feet and in flying form soon.
Best wishes, Lauri & Padraig

Deborah and Stephen wedding by Dubrovnik event

Deborah & Stephen
Married in September 2017

Hi Ines, Matea and all of the team at Dubrovnik Events!
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you from Stephen and I!
We had a really wonderful and magical day! The team that you work with are amazing and everyone did such a great job. 
The set up was absolutely beautiful on Lokrum and for the reception! All of our friends and family had the best time they were blown away by the whole experience. 
The DJ was amazing – he really made our night!!! We danced the entire night! Katija was lovely and so much fun to work with! I cannot wait to see all of the photos! Everybody that we met as part of your team was a pleasure to work with! 
It was great working with you and I have to say I felt so calm throughout the process and that’s because you made everything so easy. 
We are finally home now and back to our lives in Dublin. We are so happy that we found you and had the chance to work with you to create the most memorable experience our lives! We have magical memories with our closest loved ones now and you helped to make this happen!
Wishing you lots of love, happiness and success in your life and business! You all work so hard and it is well deserved! 
xxxx Deborah & Stephen


Tulsi & Jay
Married in August 2017

Dear Ines 🙂
First and foremost can I just say thank you from me, Tulsi and both of our families for sorting everything out and helping everything go so smoothly!
We honestly couldn’t have done it without your help and you’ve helped us do everything we wanted for an affordable price (which we didn’t think was possible), so again, thank you, Marin and everybody else who helped you and us.
Yay, we’re not clients anymore, we’re friends. We’ll remember you guys forever and you’ll always hold a special place in our hearts. When we come to Dubrovnik again (which we will, 100% – can you believe I’ve been croatia 4 times and I’ve never been Dubrovnik city? The port was the closest I’ve been lol), we will 100% have to meet up and see if you are free for a drink. One thing I wanted to do was have shots with you but unfortunately the whole event at reception went so quickly, it was amazing!!!
I am so glad you enjoyed helping us, and we are all still trying to get over how amazing it was. It’s all over instagram, whatsapp, Facebook and hundreds of people who couldn’t make it are super jealous that they missed out of the wedding of not the year, but rather the decade. And that boils down to not only our guests, but you special friends
We can’t wait to see pictures and videos!
Thank you and loads of love from us both.
With bottomless love,
Jay & Tulsi TRIVEDI 🙂

Jemma and Peter wedding by Dubrovnik event

Jemma & Pete
Married in August 2017

our wedding truely was the most magical day of our lives thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it all possible. Every single guest said it was the best wedding they’d ever been to including some of their own 😂. You guys make dreams come true Thank You.
Croatia has a piece of our heart now so we will call and meet for a drink next time we come to your beautiful country…
Jemma and Pete

Claire and Rob wedding by Dubrovnik event

Claire & Rob
Married in August 2017

Hello ladies, 
Well what an amazing day! 
I cannot express to you how perfect our wedding was. We truely had the most magical day – the best day of our lives. 
It exceeded our expectations in every way. Our guests loved the surprise boat trip and found the whole wedding stunning. 
Choosing you as our wedding planners was the best decision we made. I feel like I have made friends for life. 
From the bottom of our hearts – thank you so much. 
Claire and Rob xx

Toni and Neil wedding by Dubrovnik event

Toni & Neil
Married in August 2017

So we received our wedding certificate today… its official! Mr and Mrs Whiffin!! 😊
Thank you also for the amazing book, which features the beautiful Villa Ruza and their recipe for our favourite starter – shrimp Tempura – although I am certain we will never make them as good!
What a truly incredible time we had, it blew our guests away and by far exceeded even our own expectations and we knew what was planned! Every time we watch the video from our wedding it brings huge smiles to our faces and really reminds us of all the hard work and precision planning that went into it from your team to make it happen…. so….
Thank you Ines, Marin, Matea and Iva for all you help along the way.
The sunset galleon trip the night before, Marin’s idea 2 years ago, simply breathtaking and really appreciated by all of our guests who called it magical. Zac the Sax was amazing!
Thank you to Barbara for the hair, for her patience with me as I had struggled with the trials but on the day it was perfect! My niece the flower girl felt like a princess, and kept her plait in for the whole next day! And thanks for the last minute hair style for my friend who did our makeup.
The after ceremony cocktails were a real hit, with guests commenting on how tasty they were and appreciated in the heat!
Villa Sheherezade – Well! an absolutely stunning venue that wasn’t in our original plan and all thanks to you Ines, persistant with negotiations following the cancellation of the original Terrace bar. It couldn’t have worked out better! and what a backdrop for our photos.
Thank you Vero for making the photos as relaxing as possible for us, neither Neil or I are that comfortable with poses but she was great fun and kept us laughing. We can’t wait to see the pics!
The logistics on the day… bus to boat to island. Guests commented when they saw the buses they expected a 30min wait to get on but were impressed how quickly and efficiently people were moved from place to place.
Villa Ruza…. our favourite place. wow wow wow… a simply beautiful setting.
The band!! Thank you to the amazing Teatar band! We hadn’t expected our entrance song to be played live and they were incredible, the mood lifted right from the start… I was totally over excited walking to our table (as you will see in the film!). It is my most favourite and most overwhelming part of the day, to see all our guests around us, everyone so happy. I will never forget that moment!
Everyone commented on how fantastic the band were – the dance floor was full before the starters were served!! and that was how it was to continue all night, we could not have hoped for more. And to think we wondered if the dance floor would fill haha! Neil’s little nephew was taken with the lead singer! Please thank the band for letting our guests have their moments too, getting up and singing with the band, the musicians all took it all in their stride and were very accommodating!
A huge thank you to Matea and Iva who were there for the duration both days, always there but always discreet. Our guests complimented them both time and time again, thanks for keeping us all in line!
So once again a truly heartfelt thank you to you all for organising the most amazing 2 days, all of our guests fell in love with Dubrovnik and want to visit Croatia again. The venues were all stunning and our guests are saying it is the best wedding they have ever been to!
We would love to do it all again, we hope you enjoy our video!
All our love
Toni & Neil Whiffin! 😎
x x x x

Wendy and Micah wedding by Dubrovnik event

Wendy & Micah
Married in August 2017

Hi Ines and Marin,
I hope all is well with you! We are back from our honeymoon and are just now starting to get settled again. We have also started to feel the post-vacation slump and are sad that our magical wedding is now over and it’s back to the real world again.
We wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to you and your team for your hard work in making our wedding week run so smoothly and turn out so beautifully. We were initially a bit nervous to plan everything from abroad, but you guys made it easy, and we appreciated your responsiveness and enthusiasm throughout the whole process. We also appreciate your flexibility, especially when some crazy friends brought a slushy machine to the venue :). I don’t exactly know, or want to know, what they did to get that slushy machine, but I loved it! 
Please give our gratitude and compliments to the other vendors as well for doing a great job:
– Please thank Dube and Barbara for the lovely hair and makeup. The moms and bridesmaids all looked beautiful and they were very patient with us even when we were being indecisive! The makeup also magically stayed on all day and night which was awesome.
– The flowers were really fantastic. I LOVED the arch- honestly I wish I got to spend more time with it haha. The table settings and bouquets were also great- and the succulents were amazing! I wish I could have taken the bouquets with me to dry or something but unfortunately they don’t travel well. Thanks Patrea!
– Everyone really enjoyed the food and beverage. Ana Marija and team did a great job of incorporating our feedback from the tasting so everything came out wonderful. They also did a great job of making sure all the weird diet people got what they wanted, and they even let one of our friends change his menu 🙂 We appreciated how seamless the service was. 
– Thanks to Ivan for pacing out the dancing and meals and everything so well, and for playing one last song for us upon request! We got lots of compliments on the music from our friends.
– Welcome dinner at Poklisar was great, even our gluten-free friend was impressed. I think we blew through the initial wine budget in like 5 minutes. Maybe next time do the forecast on “to what degree are your friends alcoholics?” 🙂 Thanks to Matea for keeping us informed throughout the evening.
– Mihoci was wonderful as well- I’m sure we will continue to be in touch with them as they put our photos and videos together. Our friends called them “ninjas” because they seemed to be in many places at once haha.
I hope you get some time off once this wedding season is over. We are super impressed that you guys do this everyday, because it is exhausting!  Again, we really appreciate everything you’ve done for us and please let us know if you are ever in New York!
Best, Wendy & Micah

Liz and Lawry

Liz & Lawry
Married in August 2017

Dear Ines,
Firstly – please accept my apologies for disappearing and not emailing J after the wedding I lost my voice and then the honeymoon was just wonderful and I was able to escape life for a couple of weeks!!
Secondly, we didn’t get a proper opportunity to thank you for all your amazing efforts, hard work, ideas, commitment and passion. You delivered a wedding for us that was beyond all expectations and was literally the best day of our lives. I didn’t know it was possible to experience such happiness ! I still feel bliss when I think of that day.
I was very anxious about the wedding, I think you probably gathered from all my frantic emails (over 18 months!!!!). I was so worried that GVA wouldn’t care to look after us or something wouldn’t go according to plan… I think that is my issue with worrying about these things too much and also in the BVI things always seem to go wrong/timelines don’t exist/service isn’t really existent! I am trying to say I expect the worst J But you and the team have restored my faith & exceeded all expectations!! I had been told by forums  / previous clients that you were the best in Croatia and I actually think you are the best on the planet! I have not seen or been to a wedding as wonderful as ours –  everyone else agrees. It was beyond perfect.
I have to thank everyone involved from the start too – Iva was always calm, observant, detailed, and thorough and Matea was so warm and helpful – you of course were impeccably organized and a formidable force in delivering brilliance for us. Jasna and her sister were exceptional ! my nails have only just started to come off !!! I loved my hair and makeup, Barbara & Dube are AMAZING ! I think Veronica and her team were super. She showed us just one picture she had taken and it looked like something from a magazine. I cannot wait to see the rest J
Also, the staff at GVA were really, really good and the food and drinks were delicious. Much better than the tasting. For me, I thought Matteo (the waiter with the spectacles) was a star – everyone had everything / anything they wanted. Also, I loved the honey grappa and need to find somewhere that sells that here.
I really hope the rest of the wedding season is going well and I hope you all manage to get some time to relax and soak up all the gratitude.
We cannot wait to return to Croatia J
With Love and eternal thanks – Mr & Mrs Kearns

Phillipha and Chris wedding by Dubrovnik event

Philippa & Chris
Married in August 2017

Hi Ines and Marin, 
Well the dust has finally settled on the wedding, both in Croatia and the UK.  So it is time to write to say, what a wonderful time we had celebrating Philippa and Chris’s marriage.
The day will be remembered for years to come and one of the main reasons it was so amazingly beautiful was down to you both and your fantastic team.  We couldn’t fault a thing. 
When organising such an important event, especially from a distance, it is a little nerve racking.  But having met you both previously and had lots of communication, you did put our minds at ease.  Every single thing ran like clockwork.  Every single member of your team were so professional, helpful and friendly. 
Hair and Beauty – Fantastic and so quick which was such a help when getting so many ‘little people’ ready.
Transport – Precision timing!  Everything was on time, the Pimms was enjoyed by everyone and what a treat to watch our beautiful daughter arrive in such style. 
Emily – her 1st wedding for you and you would have thought she had been doing it years.  She made us all feel very special and privileged, especially as we convinced her to sing!!
The venue – Wow and double wow!!  It was truly breath taking and the tables and décor looked perfect – thank you.  Everyone was saying it was a modern day Mamma Mia only more beautiful
Catering – Wow, what a feast!!  Everyone was talking about the fantastic food.
Wine – very good and thankyou Marin for sourcing an excellent red especially for us.
DJ – He was brilliant!!  A DJ can make or break a wedding and he was just fantastic.  We were never off the dance floor!!
The babysitters – they were so lovely and we felt so confident leaving the 3 little ones in their care.  That is an excellent service you offer as we were all able to relax
The Photographer – was also brilliant and we can’t wait to see her photos
Our videographer – Leanne is a close friend of ours and is a destination videographer and she said, Villa Ruza was one of the most beautiful places she has had the privilege to video.
I hope I haven’t left anyone out.  I truly can’t thank you both enough for such wonderful memories.  A special thank you must go to whoever was in charge of the weather!!
Croatia has stolen our hearts so we will be back to make more memories.
Best Wishes,
Janine and Eric Pert

Alaa and Nour wedding by Dubrovnik event

Alaa & Nour
Married in July 2017

Planing a wedding from Dubai in a country that we never visited would have been impossible without the amazing team of Dubrovnik event.
We contacted almost all the agencies and from the first time we spoke with Ines we felt comfortable to work with her.
The planning process went smoothly without problems and the wedding was above our expectations.
We were the first lebanese couple that DE organises a civil ceremony for and everything was perfect “these guys will do everything to make it happen”
A huge thank you to Barbara Kolundija for hair and make up.
The venue decoration was beautiful, exactly as we expected. The music during the ceremony was great.
The photagraphers were friendly and delivered a short movie for us to broadcast in our party in Beirut in a very short period of time 🙂
Villa Rose was amazing, food, dessert, music…
The DJ was great despite the fact that we booked him a day before the wedding.
Our guests loved the wedding and we had an amazing night 🙂
Ines, Marin, Matea & Emily you really are the best at what you do; everything was incredible. 
We can not thank you enough.
PS: it was our first time in Dubrovnik, we haven’t seen anything before the wedding day, and everything was perfect and amazing! You guys are great and trustworthy.
A lot of love.

Rosie and Doug wedding by Dubrovnik event

Doug & Rosie
Married in July 2017

Hi Ines,
What can we say?! A million thank you’s for organising our beautiful wedding! You were all absolutely amazing and you made a very special day perfect. It was better than we could have ever imagined and thats down to you guys.
You calmed us down when we needed it and were just brilliant. Many thanks again and when we come back to dubrovnik we’ll be sure to go for a drink! 
Take care and see you in the future,
All our love,
Doug and Rosie xx

Clara and Leith wedding by Dubrovnik event

Clara & Leith
Married in July 2017

After completing some extensive research, we came across Dubrovnik Event. All the reviews we had read seemed extremely positive so we decided to make some enquiries as Dubrovnik was somewhere we had always wanted to go and the photos we had seen on the Dubrovnik Event page looked simply stunning.
From the first email we sent, Ines and her team were extremely helpful. The quick replies to our emails were great and we were never left waiting for answers.
People would often ask me how the wedding planning was going and I’d reply “Fantastic” because it was so straight forward and so organised due to Ines and her team.
We trusted Ines and her team that much we didn’t even come out to Dubrovnik in advance to the wedding. All arrangements were made via email, it was that simple!
When we arrived in Dubrovnik on the week of our wedding, we met Ines two days before the big day. She showed us the venues (Sponza Palace and the Grand Villa Argentina) and we were blown away. I would definitely recommend both of these venues.
On the day of the wedding, everything ran so smoothly. I literally can’t think of one minor hiccup. Our day was perfect. It was the best day of our lives. And all our guests said the same. They said it was like a fairy tale. Everybody was speechless, the views from the Grand Villa Argentina were to die for and the food was simply delicious! We chose the Lilly BBQ option to cater for all people and everybody loved it! The DJ was also amazing and played all the songs we had sent him in a playlist we created. 
But, all of these amazing things could not have happened without Dubrovnik Events. I literally can’t sing their praises any louder. If you are reading my review then please hire Ines and her team, you won’t regret it. Our wedding day was perfect from start to end and this is all down to Dubrovnik Events. Thank you for everything.
Clara and Leith

Paul and Kat wedding by Dubrovnik event

Katrina & Paul
Married in June 2017

Dear Ines,
Sorry this email is coming two weeks after our wonderful wedding, better late than never 😀
On behalf of myself and Paul we just wanted to say a massive thank you to yourself, Marin and Matea. 
You did more for us than we ever could have imagined. From answering ALL of our emails, questions and queries, to taking all the stress out of planning a wedding, to being there with us until the end of the night. We didn’t have to worry about a thing and our day couldn’t have gone any better!!
We placed so much trust in you as a wedding planner and you didn’t disappoint. All the attention to detail was amazing. Your recommendations for our venue, hair, makeup, menu choices, flowers and everything else was just spot on.
We can’t wait to get our photos and see the video of our day. Dubrovnik will always be a special place to us and we can’t wait to come back and visit again.
All the best,
Katrina and Paul

Lauren and Rob wedding by Dubrovnik event

Lauren & Rob
Married in June 2017

Morning Ines
WOW. There are no words!!! What an amazing day it was yesterday. In fact, the word amazing doesn’t even describe it well enough. It was truly the most perfect day and it far exceeded our expectations. Our guests were completely blown away by it.
You, Marin, Matea and all the team at Dubrovnik Event are unbelievable- we couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to support, inspire and guide us.
You guys really are true professionals but at the same time you’ve made us feel like we have been friends for a long time.
The wedding planning over the past 15 months was so so easy- we had no stress, no panic and no worry, and that proves just how brilliant you are. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done.
We will be back to this special place and we know that a lot of our guests will be too!
Please could you pass on our thanks to Emily, she ensured yesterday was flawless and she is such a lovely girl.
All our love,
Lauren and Rob xxxx

Mark and Kseniya wedding by Dubrovnik event

Ksenia & Mark
Married in June 2017

Matea, Ines and her husband made our wedding unforgettable.
The week we had in Dubrovnik with friends and family was one we will never forget and the wedding day was above and beyond our expectations. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful setting and the team made it easy and stress free for us.
We look forward to visit Dubrovnik a city we now love even more very soon.
Xxx Mark & Ksenia

Amy and Jon wedding by Dubrovnik event

Amy & Jon
Married in June 2017

Dubrovnik Event are amazing and you could not wish for better wedding planners!!
I was a bit nervous getting married abroad and putting all my trust in people I had never met. I am so glad I did as I don’t think our day would have been anywhere near as special without them! They respond to emails quickly, give you ideas and are so helpful and kind.
The day went perfectly and I didn’t have to worry about a single thing. Everyone in the team was so organised and professional. The work they do is to the highest standard and it helps that they are lovely people who really want to make your wedding day amazing.
We really appreciate the effort you went to and our guests couldn’t believe how brilliant the day was. (Trust me some of them are hard to please!) If you are thinking of getting a wedding planner definitely choose Dubrovnik Event.
Thank you again for all your help and making our day perfect.
Mrs and Mr Telford xx

Becky and Rich wedding by Dubrovnik event

Becky & Rich
Married in May 2017

We had the most wonderful day yesterday. Everything was perfect and ran smoothly thanks to Ines and the Dubrovnik Event team. We didn’t have to worry about a thing … everything was dealt with.
From the moment we first met Ines we felt at ease. Emails are always answered promptly and everything was so professional.
We had a completely stress free wedding day. All our guests said how wonderful the organisation has been. Thank you so much!
Becky & Rich

Sara and Cain wedding by Dubrovnik event.jpg

Sara & Cain
Married in May 2017

On the 28th May this year, I married my soul mate in the venue of our dreams, with the help of Dubrovnik Event.
Ines, Marin and their team are absolutely fantastic and we couldn’t have wished for anything more.
Ines was on standby to answer all my emails and hundreds of questions whenever I needed her and I’m so glad we chose Dubrovnik Event after meeting with her and Marin, and another company we were considering to help us.
They made us feel incredibly comfortable and confident that they were the right choice from day 1! 
I’d also like to say a personal thank you to Matea, who was fab at getting back to me quickly, and Emily who was there to help out on the day…a fantastically efficient team that took care of our every need. Hair and Make up, flowers, photographers…all absolutely amazing!
Our guests were all totally impressed with the day even though they had to sit and wait for us in the sweltering heat while we were running a tad late.
A day we and our guests will never forget!
Sara & Cain

Rollo and Sooz wedding by Dubrovnik event

Sooz & Rollo
Married in May 2017

Hi Ines
Hope your well, it seems your now in full swing with wedding season.
We hope you got our card,I don’t think there are any words to describe how much fun we had on the day, but also to thank you.
It was incredible more than we could have ever wished for.
I remember when you said we should see Vala I thought what does she know we didn’t choose that venue to see, but my god what a space!!! It was perfect!!
What you do is amazing bringing so much happiness to the people you meet!
You are truly amazing at what you do and you will always be remembered fondly!
We are off to Italy today for our mini moon, but can’t wait to come back to Dubrovnik and remember the most incredible day of our life.
Please expect this small token of our gratitude take some time for yourself!
Lots of love
Sooz and Rollo

Amy and Ash wedding by Dubrovnik event

Amy & Ash
Married in May 2017

Hi Ines and Marin,
We honestly can not begin to thank you enough for everything you have done for us.
You are seriously one of the nicest and kindest couples we have met and we couldn’t have dreamt of a better duo to literally run our day.
We have had the most fantastic experience, you handled everything with such grace.
We truly had the best day of our lives so far
Amy & Ash

Emma and Callum wedding by Dubrovnik event

Emma & Callum
Married in May 2017

Hi Ines, 
Thank you so much for your lovely email this morning… we woke up so happy and excited to be husband and wife. 
We owe you great thanks… between you and Marin, you made our dream wedding a reality and every single detail was perfect. We could not be happier! 
You went far beyond what either of us would have expected from a wedding planner, and that is the reason for the gifts we gave to you. We feel like we have gained real friends on our wedding planning journey, and now we have an excuse to return to your beautiful country again and again! 
Special thanks to Barbara for making me feel like a princess, and to Veronica and Katija for  taking our photos. And to Petra also… Michael had fun with her, and she was so kind to him. 
Thank you again for making our dreams and wishes come true… 
Love and best wishes, Mr and Mrs Bell xxx

Elaine and Paul wedding by Dubrovnik event

Elaine & Paul
Married in October 2016

I used Dubrovnik Event for my wedding and I am so glad I did. I have never been to Dubrovnik nor planned a wedding before so I was a total novice. After much internet searching I noticed that one name kept popping up, Ines from DE. I decided to contact her and the rest was plain sailing.
I had no idea what I was doing but Ines, Marin, Iva and all the team were there with any query big or small, relevant or irrelevant.
My wedding day was perfection and EXACTLY what I wanted and more, which is fantastic seeing as I organised it totally via email. I’m so grateful I chose DE. I put my trust in them and it paid off. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You guys are the BEST XXX
Elaine and Paul

Jon and Safa wedding by Dubrovnik event

Safa & Jon
Married in September 2016

Hi Ines and Marin!
Jon and I have been resettling back into life here in Washington after our honeymoon. We finally got through unpacking everything and are now even embarking on a cleanse throughout the house of unwanted things. It appears that when you go from planning a wedding in all of your free time to having lots of free time, you want to do something productive!
After all of our madness, I was finally able to take a look at the book you got us and read the inscription – which I didn’t even know was there! Thank you for the AMAZING book – we love it and for your sweet words. 
You both made our wedding so wonderful and we can’t thank you enough for all you did. I hope that you’ve been thoroughly enjoying a little down time during the slow season!
As for us, we will certainly keep in touch. Jon and I will likely come back to Dubrovnik periodically to relive the magic of your beautiful town and talents!
Lots of love, Safa and Jon

Ann-Elin and Mirza wedding by Dubrovnik event

Ann-Elin & Mirza
Married in August 2016

Dear Ines,
First and foremost, thank you for making it the best day of our lives.
The day was absolutely perfect and we have you to thank. Our wedding and details have been admired by all our loved ones. We all loved how organized you kept the day/evening flowing and how calming your presence were during the whole day and kept us from having a meltdown.
5 stars isn’t a limit that could capture all you have done, your talent far exceeds anything I know. If anyone is looking for a event planner that will guide you through the entire planning process and see through the day with professionalism and finesse, I promise you will not go wrong with Dubrovnik Event.
Thanks again
Ann-Elin and Mirza

Catherine & Nathan

Catherine & Nathan
Married in August 2014

Ines where do we start!!
In August 2013 Nathan and I travelled to Dubrovnik looking for ideas and venues to get married in. From the moment we met Ines our fate was sealed!!! We knew Croatia was the place for us and that Ines and Marin would be the perfect team for the job!!! From the start Ines was amazing responding to our endless emails and thousands of questions! The whole wedding planning experience was relatively stress free and every detail was planned to perfection! So thank you, thank you making our day so special. Thank you for all of your help and support over the last year. All of our guests have nothing but positive things to say about our wedding and everyone enjoyed every minute of it.
We made two great decisions:
1. To get married in Croatia
2. To use Ines and her amazing team at Dubrovnik Event
Thank you for everything,
Catherine and Nathan

Anna & Paul

Anna & Paul
Married in August 2013

Hi Ines and Marin,
Anna and I want to say thank you so much for everything. We loved the entire experience and are really sad it is now over.
Our friends and family had the time of their lives and we couldn’t have had any more fun.
I also want to reiterate how grateful we were for your flexible approach to everything and for going above and beyond. Marin, we had a real laugh with you and Rio (Ruza) and as always the booze does the talking!! Next time i will keep all my clothes on.
Ines, thanks for settling the nerves of Anna – I might have to try and learn your tricks!!
Take care guys, i hope you have a good finish to the wedding season and best of luck with your pregnancy and the arrival of you newest family member…..

Emily and Lee

Emily and Lee
Married in June 2013

Hi Ines!
Wow so amazing!
Without wedding planners like yourselves dreams really do not come true.
Everything on our wedding day went so perfectly.. it was overwhelming, we cannot stop smiling at how well it went and that’s thanks to you. We are so excited to see the pictures and the video.. it will bring back so many memories…i would do it all again tomorrow if i could.
I hope you doing well in health and in work, i wish you & your family all the happiness in your future. We miss you and beautiful Dubrovnik but we will be back! xxx

Katherine & Daniel

Married in July 2012

Daniel and I want to say thank you so much for everything! Our wedding was absolutely perfect and it couldn’t have been done without you! All of our guests are still talking about how it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to and we totally agree!! You and your team are awesome! We love you and you better come visit us WHEN you come to New Orleans!! Again, thank you so much!!! Hope to see you soon! Xoxo

Janelle & James

Janelle & James
Married in July 2011

Dear Ines, Dear Marin,
I would just like to thank you both for making my daughter’s wedding “perfect”. Happy Bride. Happy Groom. Happy family! Your attention to detail, your eye for perfection, your caring and simply being there to make the machinery run was very much appreciated! I am still quite exhausted from everything, especially the 12 guests in the house that I had and all the activities, but knowing how everyone enjoyed this “Croatian experience” makes it all worthwhile. I wish you both continued success with Dubrovnik Events and all that you continue to do – I know who to turn to when I plan my next party here. Thank you from all of us, stay well and have a great and successful summer! I hope to see you soon.
Sincerely, Alma & Co.

Jackie & Hugh

Jackie & Hugh
Married in July 2010

Hi Ines & Marin,
Let us first begin by expressing our sincere thanks for such an AMAZING job you guys done!!!! Your professionalism, organizational skills and most importantly your warmth and energy made for the most memorable and special of days. It was such a stress free, romantic, exciting and exhilarating day for Jackie and I. I hope you guys know you do such an rewarding and fantastic job, you should be very proud of the fact that you spread so much happiness and joy into people’s lives with your work – please keep it up, we’ll certainly be recommending you to any of our friends considering going to Croatia!!!!
Speak (and hopefully see you!) in the not too distant future!

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