Andra & Gabriel

May 2018

Dearest Ines,
We got back in San Francisco very late last night after a series of delayed flights and lost connections that made us feel like Europe didn’t want to let us go 🙂 and then woke up in the morning to find your email, which put a smile on my face (like I said, I will dearly miss our frequent email exchanges!). You are right, in October last year we were excited to start the collaboration with you although back then we couldn’t even begin to imagine how awesome it would actually be! You helped us build our dream step by step and we will never forget this!
There truly are NO WORDS to express how grateful we are for the way you and your team made us feel during our wedding day on May 26th. We had a LOT of fun and time literally just flew by!!! We actually have a bit of post-wedding blues these days as we realize that we will never live that day again… especially since everything turned out absolutely PERFECT, beyond our most ambitious expectations! Our guests were blown away by the attention to detail and some of them still cannot grasp how we managed to organize such a fabulous series of events all the way from California! 🙂
Looking back to our nine months of email exchanges and late-night Skype calls, we realize how incredibly lucky we were to be able to collaborate with you for our special day! We couldn’t have asked for a more professional, reliable and warm team than Dubrovnik Event. Always prompt to reply our emails with great suggestions and kind words of advice, you really made us enjoy every step of the way! You always addressed even our silliest questions and concerns with tact and consideration. All your recommendations were spot on and you were always one-step ahead of the game (experience speaks!). From the very beginning, you knew how to put us at ease and we could feel that you had our best interest at heart.
We arrived in Dubrovnik for the first time the day before our wedding and we were so warmly welcomed by an entire group of professionals: from the Palace hotel staff to the amazing photographers, videographers, beauticians, music band – they all spoiled us! Not to mention that we were truly impressed with the amount of love and respect that everyone carries for you, Ines, and this really says more than a thousand words! All of you act like a family and this translates into the highest degree of quality and professionalism.
We would like to say special thanks to Matea for being so nice and approachable, always around and ready to help!
We absolutely loved Vero and Miran, we had a great time with them during our photoshoot and for the rest of the day everyone noticed their dedication, doing crazy things for the perfect shot 🙂
Teatar band were true superstars, our guests couldn’t get enough of singing along and dancing their feet off!
Last but not least, Gabriel would like to thank the fireworks team for putting up a stunning show (and the perfect surprise for me), a lot of our guests said they had never seen anything quite like that before!
Life has a great way of presenting you with fantastic experiences when you least expect it. We are not very religious people but we do believe in karma; over the years it has been proven many times that our positive and cheerful attitude attracts the same type of people around us. We are extremely happy to have found such special people like you, and we will forever cherish the journey that we shared for the past few months and, of course, the most memorable day of all.
A million THANKS to all of you!!!! Ines, Matea, Marin, Vero, Miran, Teatar band, Barbara, Jasna – you will always have a special place in our hearts!!! ♥️
Lots of love,
Andra & Gabriel
P.S: we are so terribly sorry that we didn’t take pictures with all of you during our wedding, if we could do it all over again we’d know better…