Austin & Chris

May 2018

austin and chris - wedding by dubrovnik event

Hello Ines, Marin & Matea!
My apologies for a late response…we just got to Santorini and I can finally sit and really take everything in. I am overflowing with joy and happiness after the last previous days. I too feel there’s not enough words to fully describe our gratitude to you all. Ines, I knew on our first meeting in raining December that I was in good hands. People kept asking, what kind of a wedding planner did you find…my response was “the absolute perfect one!” You knew what I wanted before I could put my dream into words. And that is what you provided…a dream come true. Nothing was unnoticed or spared (I’m pretty sure those macaroons jumped off the boat at some point! HaHa). And the details, the setting, the staff, the flowers, the music, the boat, the gifts, the food, the drinks (we had a few!), absolutely everything was divine.
Thank you Marin for your time and effort in keeping us on track. On making Chris feel comfortable and making the order of ceremony seamless. You are a kind smart man and it was a pleasure.
Matea, your time with our back and forth emails was so great. But your guidance during the reception was exceptional. Your warm way of dealing with a wedding couple, their parents and rowdy crew was handled graciously! Thank you.
I am sorry I was late to the brunch (too much dancing at the club!) but that too was incredible. We never really knew how it felt to desire to go back in time, BUT we do now. All of our guest and family feel the same.
We hope to return to your beautiful home soon. The very best of luck to you all during your summer. Hope there are no more broken ankles! We will cheers again one day.
Our love and gratitude
Mrs. Austin and Mr. Chris Flynn 💕🤗👰🏻🤵🏼

Austin’s mum, Sande:
Hello Ines,
I am sitting here in our Colorado home as the days darken , and the snow falls, and thinking of you.
A year ago, Austin found you.
What a gift!
Sometimes, there are not enough words….thank you for your guidance for every venue and the amazing photography that captivated this memorable experience.
Please know that your role in Austin and Chris’ celebration could never be duplicated.
I never took the opportunity the say a proper farewell and thank you in person for the love and effort that you brought to my daughter’s wedding.
Bless you and your family this Holiday season.
May you be surrounded with miracles.
With love, Sande