Kate & Michael

September 2023

Dubrovnik Event References Kate & Michael, 07.09.2023 – Photo – Martina Skrobot

Dear Matea, here is our thank you note to your business. I would like to leave it on Google reviews as well just can’t find the best way.

Thank you for taking care of us.
Kate & Mike

Dubrovnik Event helped us to organize our wedding last September. Working with them was a truly incredible experience.

They are a team of extremely professional, organized and competent ladies. I found them online, wrote them, and they responded promptly. Initially, we discussed the budget. A few days later, I received a very reasonable proposal, with multiple options that fit what we initially discussed.

I spoke to a number of wedding planners all over the world before hiring DE. And what stood out to me about DE was that they didn’t push for a specific amount from the start. I appreciated their flexible approach and their confidence that we could host an amazing event within whatever parameters we set.

They were prompt and responsive to questions. Matea was our point of contact, and she is a fantastic, friendly, professional, sharp lady who was so sweet and so patient with me especially right before the wedding. I can’t thank her enough.

Our guests were mostly from the NYC area, and used to a high level of service, and many commented that our event was so smooth, elegant, and professionally organized. DE went above and beyond to ensure our guests were treated amazingly.

We trusted DE to help us organize our special day and to be our brains onsite while we were in NYC for the entirety of the preparation stages. Being unable to view locations and meet vendors in person poses particular challenges. DE did their best to keep us at ease meeting with us regularly via video chat. We’re so extremely happy that we put our trust in them. It totally paid off.