Katie & Ruben

September 2018

Katie and Ruben wedding by Dubrovnik Event 2018

Matea & Ines,
Thank you will never suffice for helping Ruben and I have such a perfect wedding day. I was honestly really concerned that I had scoured over so many images of Dubrovnik and the wedding location that it could live up to the expectation, but it exceeded every one. Thank you for being flexible answering every question I had and making sure that I was comfortable with every decision that was made. You were always so prompt and never left me wondering even with the large time difference.
Matea, THANK YOU! Ruben and I especially would like to thank you for helping us charter a boat two days before the wedding. Second to the wedding it was probably our favorite part of the trip. Thank you for being so accommodating and sharing with us your love for your job but also your love for Dubrovnik. You were always so responsive once we were in town and helped calm all my nerves the day of. The wedding table was BEAUTIFUL and you helped with any and every detail! I could not imagine having to face the day without your help and guidance!

If you could share this with Veronica that would be wonderful!
Ruben told me that when you came over to take pictures, he was so nervous he could barely talk but your laughter and spirit helped make everything a little easier. I would have to say that I agree as well. Your energy was perfect, and we had so much fun taking our photos in Old Town afterward. Thank you again!!!
Again, Matea and Ines we could never say thank you enough!
Much love!