Lauri & Padraig

September 2017


Hi guys!
Sorry I have not been in contact,it’s been a great but hectic few days,the bride and groom made it to bed at 7.30am on the wedding night!
Ines,I hope you are feeling better and that Marin’s leg is ok,it looked in a bad way on Saturday.
Myself and Padraig just want to thank you all so much for everything you done for us on Saturday, I know it must of been a highly stressful time for you all with the change in weather, thank you for trying your best. Especially Matea,you were amazing and so accomadating. Despite the change of plans we had the best day ever and wouldn’t change a thing if we were to have it all again! You made the restaurant look fab and thank you Ines for all the extra flowers,they were beautiful. I especially want to thank you for getting us back to the villa after the meal…this made the night for me,was so delighted are guests got to see it and celebrate with us there. Also Matea,thanks so much for organising the mini van from the bus,I’m not sure our guests would have made the walk down! All our guests had such a great time and said it was so different to any other wedding they were ever at,so fun and enjoyable…’a mystery wedding not knowing where the bus was going to bring them next’!!!
Pero was so amazing playing the guitar/singing and we really appreciated him learning specific songs for us -he sang them so beautifully!
Oh and also thank you so much for your beautiful gift…the book is amazing and we will treasure it forever. We sent out invitations to our after party at home with ‘eat,drink & be married’ written on them which is a lovely coinsidance.
Thank you all again so much for everything and I hope you all are back on your feet and in flying form soon.
Best wishes, Lauri&Padraig