Liz & Lawry

August 2017

Liz and Lawry wedding by Dubrovnik Event 2017

Dear Ines,
Firstly – please accept my apologies for disappearing and not emailing J after the wedding I lost my voice and then the honeymoon was just wonderful and I was able to escape life for a couple of weeks!!
Secondly, we didn’t get a proper opportunity to thank you for all your amazing efforts, hard work, ideas, commitment and passion. You delivered a wedding for us that was beyond all expectations and was literally the best day of our lives. I didn’t know it was possible to experience such happiness ! I still feel bliss when I think of that day.
I was very anxious about the wedding, I think you probably gathered from all my frantic emails (over 18 months!!!!). I was so worried that GVA wouldn’t care to look after us or something wouldn’t go according to plan… I think that is my issue with worrying about these things too much and also in the BVI things always seem to go wrong/timelines don’t exist/service isn’t really existent! I am trying to say I expect the worst J But you and the team have restored my faith & exceeded all expectations!! I had been told by forums  / previous clients that you were the best in Croatia and I actually think you are the best on the planet! I have not seen or been to a wedding as wonderful as ours –  everyone else agrees. It was beyond perfect.
I have to thank everyone involved from the start too – Iva was always calm, observant, detailed, and thorough and Matea was so warm and helpful – you of course were impeccably organized and a formidable force in delivering brilliance for us. Jasna and her sister were exceptional ! my nails have only just started to come off !!! I loved my hair and makeup, Barbara & Dube are AMAZING ! I think Veronica and her team were super. She showed us just one picture she had taken and it looked like something from a magazine. I cannot wait to see the rest J
Also, the staff at GVA were really, really good and the food and drinks were delicious. Much better than the tasting. For me, I thought Matteo (the waiter with the spectacles) was a star – everyone had everything / anything they wanted. Also, I loved the honey grappa and need to find somewhere that sells that here.
I really hope the rest of the wedding season is going well and I hope you all manage to get some time to relax and soak up all the gratitude.
We cannot wait to return to Croatia J
With Love and eternal thanks – Mr & Mrs Kearns