Sooz & Rollo

May 2017


Hi Ines
Hope your well, it seems your now in full swing with wedding season.
We hope you got our card,I don’t think there are any words to describe how much fun we had on the day, but also to thank you.
It was incredible more than we could have ever wished for.
I remember when you said we should see Vala I thought what does she know we didn’t choose that venue to see, but my god what a space!!! It was perfect!!
What you do is amazing bringing so much happiness to the people you meet!
You are truly amazing at what you do and you will always be remembered fondly!
We are off to Italy today for our mini moon, but can’t wait to come back to Dubrovnik and remember the most incredible day of our life.
Please expect this small token of our gratitude take some time for yourself!
Lots of love
Sooz and Rollo