Tulsi & Jay

August 2017

Tulsi and Jay wedding by Dubrovnik Event 2017

Dear Ines 🙂
First and foremost can I just say thank you from me, Tulsi and both of our families for sorting everything out and helping everything go so smoothly!
We honestly couldn’t have done it without your help and you’ve helped us do everything we wanted for an affordable price (which we didn’t think was possible), so again, thank you, Marin and everybody else who helped you and us.
Yay, we’re not clients anymore, we’re friends. We’ll remember you guys forever and you’ll always hold a special place in our hearts. When we come to Dubrovnik again (which we will, 100% – can you believe I’ve been croatia 4 times and I’ve never been Dubrovnik city? The port was the closest I’ve been lol), we will 100% have to meet up and see if you are free for a drink. One thing I wanted to do was have shots with you but unfortunately the whole event at reception went so quickly, it was amazing!!!
I am so glad you enjoyed helping us, and we are all still trying to get over how amazing it was. It’s all over instagram, whatsapp, Facebook and hundreds of people who couldn’t make it are super jealous that they missed out of the wedding of not the year, but rather the decade. And that boils down to not only our guests, but you special friends
We can’t wait to see pictures and videos!
Thank you and loads of love from us both.
With bottomless love,
Jay & Tulsi TRIVEDI 🙂