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Fun cocktail hour ideas for your guests

Dubrovnik Event Wedding - cocktail hour

Tell me – do you know ANYONE who doesn’t like a good cocktail? I didn’t think so! Which is an even better reason to pay more attention to your Dubrovnik wedding cocktail  hour details.. So let’s start! 

Cocktails are a work of art, don’t you think? The bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts really do need to have some skills in order to perfect the art of making cocktails. It is not just about combining spirits with juices, syrups and creams; it has to look appealing and colorful but also taste delicious. Looking at a bartender making cocktails is a true show for a guest. The way they move, how they carve the ice blocks, how they put herbs and spices and citrus peels is a show stopping art form.  

But even though it is called a cocktail hour, your wedding drink reception doesn’t have to be restricted to cocktails only (even though they come in handy on a summer’s day in Dubrovnik). There are numerous alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages that you can incorporate in your wedding day. Hence, putting your guests in a good mood, making them more relaxed and comfortable to talk to each other and celebrate the act of you two stepping into marriage together. 

The most important question is: what do you think your guests enjoy the most? You know them best and it’s likely you partied with them at some point of your life, so what cocktail type you think your friends and family will enjoy?  

Don’t forget those who don’t drink hard liquor or alcohol! Mockup cocktails are a way to go here too as an option and for all those beer lovers out there, you can also have a variety of craft beers ready for your guests to try. It is an amazing idea to familiarize yourself with some exquisite local/regional/national all Croatian beers. And we do have lots of them, Croatians love their beers believe me.   

For wine drinkers, keep wine wine, or go with champagne cocktails. Who doesn’t love a good champagne cocktail? 

Next question is when and where to hold your wedding drinks reception?  

Cocktail hour can be held at the same venue as your ceremony or it can be at the beginning of your wedding reception, it is up to you to decide, and you may have tons of questions before planning your wedding day and that’s completely normal. Your Dubrovnik Wedding Planner is here to help you!  

You can also include some activities during the cocktail hour… For example… 

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a polaroid photo station, where your guests will be able to enjoy their drinks (of course) but also spontaneously take pictures of themselves and put them on a board, they can also write a note on an empty space under the pic? Perfect for capturing happy moments worth remembering! 

You can also have fun, quirky signs that guide your guests and indicate the place where the fun is at. As well as having live music play in the background, while you’re having a drink and chatting with the rest of the guests, sounds like a perfect way to start the wedding reception. 

And how about a totally personalized cocktail? During your cocktail hour you can serve your signature cocktail, the one you’re known by. You can also have His & Hers, two personalized drinks that your wedding guests can choose from.  

And then gin! How well does it sit during summer nights, so refreshing and it doesn’t even feel like an alcoholic drink. Am I right? So, you can have Gin O’clock idea that can be used as a sign to guide your guests towards a gin station. 

Let’s talking serving ideas! 

How about serving drinks in a mason jar? Sounds unique and creative but a bit quirky as well and it will most definitely be a cool cocktail hour statement. Also, very Instagram worthy, the pictures of mason jar drinks will flood your social media. 

Let’s not forget the little ones. Having an iced tea or a lemonade stand or even a popsicle stand will make them happy and satisfied for sure! Kids also need to be entertained on a cocktail hour, even though they often times know how to entertain themselves on their own. 

Those were some ideas that could be incorporated in a cocktail hour at your destination wedding in Dubrovnik. Imagine your guests chatting during a sunset, while the sax player is playing in the background and they’re enjoying a glass (or few of them) of your favorite drink. Looks good, doesn’t it? 

Dubrovnik Event Wedding
Photo by: Libre Comme L’Art
Dubrovnik Event Wedding
Photo by: Mihoci