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3 reasons for including a boat cruise at your wedding

Photo by : Mihoci

Dubrovnik is a city that literally “floats” on the sea. It is lying down beautifully on the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, that changes its colors depending on the weather. From dark blue when the “Bura” wind hits, to light blue early in the morning when catching first rays of sunshine. Can you imagine yourself cruising through?

Having a boat cruise at your wedding feels like an introduction to the wedding reception. But, on sea. Whether you are all for it, or totally against it, I’ll leave that decision up to you. But let me tell you 3 reasons why you should cruise down the Adriatic on your wedding day.

  1. Transfer preferences – I may be wrong, but during summer it is much more enjoyable to have a boat transfer you from your ceremony to the reception venue. Depending on which venues you choose, of course, sometimes the boat serves for transferring you and your guests to another venue. Other times, it serves for just being an enjoyable cruise around the town after your ceremony is done. While you’re on the coast, use the transportation accordingly 😊


  1. WOW factor – Not many people have experienced Dubrovnik and its surrounding from the sea. Usually, people are walking along its city walls, visiting museums, bars, and restaurants. Also, getting lost in its narrow picturesque streets. Having a boat cruise then is something new and exciting you get to experience with your loved ones. Seeing how the waves hit the city from outside, seeing the island Lokrum and its deep green colored vegetation. The fort Lovrijenac growing from the sea level. And, whether your reception is in Cavtat or maybe on the island of Koločep you get to see all the little bays and reefs, the coastline, the lighthouses, islands, and the horizon of course. Honestly, I think that if you don’t lift your head up at all and just look at and into the sea, it’s an experience on its own.


  1. History – Dubrovnik was one of the largest and most important trade cities on the Mediterranean. The fleet that Dubrovnik had was something that even larger countries like England were envy of. Now, imagine you and your wedding guests cruising along in a replica of a trade ship from centuries ago. Or a bit smaller traditional dalmatian boat. It would be so special to enjoy a glass of your favorite drink, while listening to music. Having an amazing time while cruising along and hearing the sound of waves.


I believe all of this sounds very appealing, am I right? Oh yes, yes, I am.



This boat cruise can also be a secret only you and I share. Your guests don’t need to know that they’re just about to see another side of Dubrovnik. But they’ll thank you afterwards! Just wait and see it for yourself. Are we ready to plan your entire wedding now?


Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci

  Why you should sneak away for sunset pictures

Dubrovnik Event Wedding - sunset

Sunset pictures are extraordinary! Oh, mesmerizing sunset and the color palette it produces each and every time differently… They don’t say “A picture is worth thousand words” for nothing.  

But, let us take a step back for a moment. 

Among all other requirements that need to tick the boxes, locations where you can take your wedding pictures can play a huge role when deciding where to have your destination wedding. They say the more the merrier but, in this case, we support choosing quality over quantity for sure. For your destination wedding you may choose a city you like; it doesn’t have to strictly be somewhere urban of course, but you are probably choosing it based on your personal preferences or maybe you’re emotionally attached to a certain place. 

You’ll agree with us on this… 

Photographers nowadays are playing a very significant part on a couple’s wedding day. It goes without saying that they always were important, but, today more than ever before, couples pay a lot of attention to which photographer suits their vision the most, based on different characteristics of the photographer’s work. They truly are artists of some sort, aren’t they? It takes some skills and talent to produce a wedding photo that is able to induce feelings and emotions long after the moment is gone. That’s why we opt for photographers in the first place; so we can cherish and experience beautiful moments over and over again. (Posting pictures on your social media accounts and making other people jealous is a reason good enough too 😊 ) 

You’re probably reading this blog and wandering around our web page with a purpose to (hopefully) have your destination wedding in Dubrovnik. That’s a right decision and we entirely support it! There are numerous reasons why couples choose Dubrovnik for their destination wedding and we absolutely cannot blame them. Dubrovnik truly is a “pearl of the Adriatic” as they say.  

It combines history, culture, gastronomy, the sun and crystal-clear sea. You’ll feel a certain way when you see the city from afar as well as when you enter the city gate for the first time.  

Did you notice that I’ve mentioned the sun?  

It’s because you can see the horizon spreading in the distance from almost every part of the city. Making numerous locations ideal for taking sunset pictures. Sunset really produces unimaginable colors sometimes, but we believe that in Dubrovnik sunset pictures are something special and more unique than in any other place in the world. And it happens almost every day differently so having an amazing sunset is inevitable for your wedding day too.  

Sunset pictures hold a WOW factor. When you scroll through different wedding day pictures, they are so romantic and elegant, timeless… Beautiful couple walking through the picturesque small alleys in Dubrovnik, through the main street or somewhere more secluded. And then the sunset pictures appear near the end and you just gaze at them in awe. That’s the reaction that sunset is able to bring out from us. 

While your guests are having the time of their life at the reception venue; while they’re mingling around, we encourage the newlyweds to take the opportunity that’s been given to them from the sky above. Sneak away together. It is an amazing chance for you two to have some alone time, in which your love will definitely show through pictures. You are married now, if you were stressed out before you’re probably not anymore, you feel relaxed and happy next to your loved one. You’re together, somewhere peaceful, listening to the sounds of waves and the rhythm that your hearts produce. You can imagine this picture and it looks (and feels) amazing. Right?! 

Dubrovnik Event Wedding - sunset
Photo by: Iva&Vedran
Dubrovnik Event Wedding - sunset
Photo by: Veronica Arevalo
Dubrovnik Event Wedding - sunset
Photo by: Tomi Kriste
Dubrovnik Event Wedding - sunset
Photo by: Fabijan Drnas
Dubrovnik Event Wedding - sunset
Photo by: Veronica Arevalo
Dubrovnik Event Wedding - sunset
Photo by: Veronica Arevalo