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Unlocking the Magic: Planning your Dreams in Dubrovnik in 2024

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Unlocking the Magic: Planning your Dreams in Dubrovnik in 2024

Hey, Dubrovnik Event Enthusiasts, and all you dreamy destination wedding planners out there! Grab your passports and your Pinterest boards because we’re jetting off to the dazzling city of Dubrovnik, the crown jewel of Croatia, to talk about planning your dream wedding in 2024. XOXO!

Ah, Dubrovnik – where ancient walls meet the sparkling Adriatic Sea, and romance is as abundant as the Game of Thrones references. This UNESCO World Heritage site is not just a vacation spot; it’s a love affair waiting to happen. Imagine the best party against the backdrop of centuries-old architecture, with the sun setting over the shimmering waters – talk about Instagram-worthy!

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Masquerade Event 2024, PhotoAdria

Why Dubrovnik, you ask?

Well, aside from its undeniable charm and cinematic beauty (remember King’s Landing?), Dubrovnik offers a unique blend of history, culture, and luxury that makes it a top-notch wedding destination. Whether you’re a history buff wanting to exchange vows in a medieval fortress or a beach lover dreaming of a barefoot ceremony on a secluded cove, Dubrovnik has got you covered.

As we start the new season, we wanted to reflect on our shiniest moments that really set Dubrovnik aside!

The Venue Hunt

Now, finding the perfect venue for your wedding or event is like finding your soulmate – it requires a little bit of magic and a whole lot of clicking through wedding websites. From cliffside fortresses with panoramic sea views to elegant palaces dripping in old-world charm, Dubrovnik offers a plethora of stunning venues that will make your heart skip a beat. To mention a few would be an insult, so let’s mention them a lot 🙂

Lovrijenac, uh just Jaw-dropping. No more words, that enough! This perfect venue is made for all, from the mysterious Masquerade Events to the most elegant of wedding! Art Gallery is SERVING! If you wanted to recreate your own Met Gala moment, these are the perfect places! Met Gala wishes..

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Masquerade Event 2024, PhotoAdria

But remember, securing your dream venue in Dubrovnik is no small feat. With its rising popularity as a wedding destination, it’s always best to book well in advance. 


The Cuisine

Let’s talk about the real star of any wedding – the food! Dubrovnik’s culinary scene is a gastronomic delight, offering a mouthwatering array of local delicacies that will leave your guests begging for seconds. From fresh seafood caught daily from the Adriatic to hearty Croatian stews and pastries, your wedding menu is sure to be a hit.

And for those with a sweet tooth, don’t worry, Dubrovnik’s dessert game is strong. Think decadent cakes, artisanal chocolates, and gelato that’s practically a work of art. Just remember to confirm those dessert choices early to ensure a sweet ending to your dream wedding feast!

The Details

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about the little details that make your wedding uniquely yours. Whether it’s incorporating Croatian traditions into your ceremony or adding personal touches that reflect your love story, the possibilities are endless. And let’s not forget about the music – from traditional Croatian folk tunes to modern hits that will get everyone on the dance floor, Dubrovnik offers a vibrant musical scene that will keep the party going all night long.

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Masquerade Event 2024, PhotoAdria

So, there you have it, darlings – a sneak peek into planning your dreams in Dubrovnik in 2024. With its breathtaking beauty, rich history, and endless possibilities for romance, Dubrovnik truly is a magical destination for saying “I do”.

Remember, planning a wedding is like watching a season finale of a show – it’s all about the drama, the romance, and the gasping expectations. So, embrace the journey, enjoy every moment, and remember to live your own fairy tale, Dubrovnik style!

Until next time, keep dreaming big and living glamorously. After all, you never know who’s watching (or reading). XOXO!

Dubrovnik Event

When to schedule speeches?

Photo by: Mihoci

The moments that can get quite emotional after you two saying “I do”. Yes, those are the speeches. Your father, husband and his best man are usually those who hold a speech most of the time. But when is the best time to schedule them? Where here to help you incorporate those into your wedding dinner.

Long and emotional or short and quirky, speeches are there to remember all the fun times you had with each other. It’s the time when you thank people you love, you share stories, and you say what is on your mind and in your heart. (Prepare the tissues and raise your glasses).

Your guests are seated and are having fun while waiting for the lovebirds to enter the dinner venue. You came all happy, your fave song is playing in the background as your MC announces your grand entrance. You two sit down at the top table and the time starts now.

Usually, we really recommend having your speeches right away, meaning, before the dinner starts. You want the people who are holding speeches not to feel nervous. The nervousness is likely to happen when they have to wait for their turn to hold the speech. That’s why it is better to have your people speak right away, not in between meals. They will not enjoy their food as much if they have to wait, their nervousness will only build up etc. Basically, they will not be able to enjoy the moments in the same manner as they would if the speech is done and already said.

I think we all agree that you want all your guests to feel comfortable and with ease. Scheduling the speeches before the dinner starts is the best way to make sure that all of them will be performed in the way they wanted to. Relaxed and content. Without any stress involved. It is not easy to hold a speech and stand up in front of everyone. For some of them it is probably the first time they have to speak in front of a larger group. Of course, It can be nerve wracking. So, it is better to get on the speeches right away and get it over with.

That way you’ll make the best scenario possible for your people who hold the speech to enjoy their dinner and the rest of the night to the fullest. Making your wedding more enjoyable and comfortable for everyone. It shows that you care for them and how they feel in specific moments that put them in the spotlight. It’s the slightest details that matter and make your most special day flow how it is supposed to.

Soooo, the speeches should be scheduled first. At least that’s what we kindly recommend, it is your wedding after all, you choose! 🙂

Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci

3 reasons for including a boat cruise at your wedding

Photo by : Mihoci

Dubrovnik is a city that literally “floats” on the sea. It is lying down beautifully on the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, that changes its colors depending on the weather. From dark blue when the “Bura” wind hits, to light blue early in the morning when catching first rays of sunshine. Can you imagine yourself cruising through?

Having a boat cruise at your wedding feels like an introduction to the wedding reception. But, on sea. Whether you are all for it, or totally against it, I’ll leave that decision up to you. But let me tell you 3 reasons why you should cruise down the Adriatic on your wedding day.

  1. Transfer preferences – I may be wrong, but during summer it is much more enjoyable to have a boat transfer you from your ceremony to the reception venue. Depending on which venues you choose, of course, sometimes the boat serves for transferring you and your guests to another venue. Other times, it serves for just being an enjoyable cruise around the town after your ceremony is done. While you’re on the coast, use the transportation accordingly 😊


  1. WOW factor – Not many people have experienced Dubrovnik and its surrounding from the sea. Usually, people are walking along its city walls, visiting museums, bars, and restaurants. Also, getting lost in its narrow picturesque streets. Having a boat cruise then is something new and exciting you get to experience with your loved ones. Seeing how the waves hit the city from outside, seeing the island Lokrum and its deep green colored vegetation. The fort Lovrijenac growing from the sea level. And, whether your reception is in Cavtat or maybe on the island of Koločep you get to see all the little bays and reefs, the coastline, the lighthouses, islands, and the horizon of course. Honestly, I think that if you don’t lift your head up at all and just look at and into the sea, it’s an experience on its own.


  1. History – Dubrovnik was one of the largest and most important trade cities on the Mediterranean. The fleet that Dubrovnik had was something that even larger countries like England were envy of. Now, imagine you and your wedding guests cruising along in a replica of a trade ship from centuries ago. Or a bit smaller traditional dalmatian boat. It would be so special to enjoy a glass of your favorite drink, while listening to music. Having an amazing time while cruising along and hearing the sound of waves.


I believe all of this sounds very appealing, am I right? Oh yes, yes, I am.



This boat cruise can also be a secret only you and I share. Your guests don’t need to know that they’re just about to see another side of Dubrovnik. But they’ll thank you afterwards! Just wait and see it for yourself. Are we ready to plan your entire wedding now?


Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci Photo by : Mihoci

Tips on how to write your own vows

Photo by: Mihoci

Something that makes everyone go “Awww” not only the person standing in front of you. Yes, those are your vows. It is absolutely true that some have more talent than others in the way how they express their emotions through writing. Ultimately it is what you said, not how you said it, so don’t stress out about it that much. Just be you, people invited are your closest ones, they’ll notice when you start using words that you’ve never used before. It will probably make you feel uncomfortable. Avoid that, stay true to yourself and be confident.

What will also boost your confidence is following these few tips when writing your vows. So, let’s begin.

  1. Understand that it’s impossible to include everything – You’ve surely had gazillion moments together that are worth remembering. From your first date, learning how to drive, accidents in the restaurant, to different party experiences etc. You cannot mention it all otherwise your Priest might take a break and go sit behind the Altar. Focus on communicating the emotions that you’ve felt while being present in those moments.


2. Be unique – Avoid writing things you’re used to hearing in movies. Even though it is nice to have a quote that hits the “soft spot”, make the remaining part of the text really your own. It’s your time to shine, make the best use out of it. Honestly writing down your own words that come straight from the heart is a hundred times more personal (even if it’s shorter), than having all these fancy cliché looking sentences.


3. Include a bit of humor – It’s always nice to crack a few laughs. Especially in this moment when both of you are a bit nervous. It comes as a great balance between being serious and sentimental. Such a roller-coaster of emotions. One moment you’re crying next thing you know your cheeks hurt from laughing. LOVE IT!


4. If you’re like me and while casually walking around the grocery store you remember what you could have said in the argument the other day, then, write down your thoughts right away!! How many times such perfect sentences get lost because we don’t remember them and don’t have anywhere to write them down. Such a shame. Where are they now? Having a perfect party? Ughhh…


5. Plan it ahead – Yes, I’m looking at you procrastinator! If you’re usually used to doing this in the last moment, please change your habits for this. You’ll be much more relaxed, and the words will come out naturally. Nothing great is created from stressful situations. Take your time.


6. Read it out loud (to yourself or to a friend) –Hearing your words versus seeing them makes you catch mistakes. You can then word it differently. Change and move the parts to make the flow sound better. You can also practice your reading, emphasize the pauses. Adjust the tone of your voice. Stand straight and be confident.


There’s nothing to worry about, you’ll excel it. Let your words come from your soul but include just a bit of brain to make it sound better😊 You two already know how you feel towards each other, but it’s nice to hear it. Be prepared to melt away.


Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci



2 pros and 2 cons of doing a first look

Photo by: Mihoci

Doing a first look is something that is often debatable whether to have it or not. It is really about preferences of the couple and something that you two should discuss between each other. Don’t listen to anyone telling you what to do, or how you should behave. It is YOUR wedding day and do as you like.

With or without doing a first look, you will have the most amazing wedding day. After all, you’re having your wedding in beautiful Dubrovnik. 😊

So, let us begin with the “negative” side or the cons…

  1. First con, and the most obvious/controversial one is that – you lose having your first look at the Altar. Grandma, buckle up your seat belt, we’re taking off! (haha) Seriously now, she or some other more “traditional” guests might feel sorry that you won’t wait for that special moment to happen in front of the Altar or at the ceremony venue. Besides them, some couples really do take a lot of time and consideration whether to have a first look, since they want to make the walking down the aisle as special and emotional as it gets. Or should I say raw. Majority of people associate weddings with the fact that the groom gets to see his bride (for the first time) as she is walking towards him in her white dress. It is up to you to break those stereotypes, or maybe not… P.S. No one even needs to know that you’ve already seen each other.

2. Your wedding day might start earlier now -With having your first look before the ceremony, obviously you’ll have to think about getting up earlier than you planned to. Which is fine if you’re an early bird. But oh boy if you’re a night owl! You should consider getting to bed in some reasonable hours to get your beauty sleep. We all know that having enough sleep highly affects our stress levels but also our under-eye bags. We clearly do not need those!


We’re not here to overwhelm you, so doing 2 of each will be enough, agree? Moving on to the positive sides and we do love those (unlike the under eye bags). 😊

  1. First pro is – having some alone time with your loved one. While you’re the only ones being there, the emotions are shared just among you two. And that’s just beautiful. The sheer love and intimacy that is being felt is clearly something that you’ll remember forever. It’s just you two and that’s what matters after all. You’ll also feel more relaxed now while walking down the aisle (or waiting at the Altar) since you released all the nerves beforehand.

2. The second one – You can get amazing photos bursting with your emotions! And maybe a tear will mingle its way through. It is a lot easier for you (especially if you’re an introvert) to show your true emotions when there’s not many people around. Making your photos a true representation of your inner state at that moment. As well as you’ll save time this way with doing your shoot before the ceremony so you can spend more time with your guests after it. Enjoying drinks and just being relaxed and content.

There’s much more to add but we’ll leave it as it is. Think through it and do as you please. It is your wedding day, remember! You should be at ease.

Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci Photo by: Mihoci

Dubrovnik – your event home.

Dubrovnik Event - City

“I had my wedding in Dubrovnik, it was all I ever imagined and more.” This sentence doesn’t have to stop there. And that’s why we’re here. Did you ever consider making Dubrovnik your event home? SO many of our clients are doing exactly that lately! Planning not only their wedding anniversaries but their newly arrived kids parties, birthday celebrations or simply life celebrations with friends. Let us tell you why Dubrovnik is a perfect event home for you…

City of Dubrovnik is truly an architectural and historical masterpiece. That’s easy to explore online. But all those information come to life when you enter the Old Town. When you feel the city vibe personally. When you breathe the fresh air and hear the seagulls and sea bouncing off the city walls. You may think that there’s a huge fuss going on about this city, it’s too popular and not worth paying a visit. Sorry, but you could not be more wrong 😉

The city is more than special, and I’m not saying it because I live and work here. It holds certain power inherited from centuries ago. Whoever has been here will tell you the same. The main street, the narrow alleys, flowerpots, clothes drying on the ropes above your head, the stone, orange brick roofs, the pigeons, sea, sunsets, city walls…. I can go on and on… You’ve probably experienced all the above when you were here on your wedding day. How about experiencing this again, in an even more relaxed tone?

Being in the event planning business for over a decade now brings us the joy of meeting people from all over the world. Making their special day as memorable as it can be. But not only their wedding day! What is truly making us incredibly honored is having a repeated customer/client lately more and more. The real beauty of this is that we don’t see you as customers or clients, we’ve created a friendship by now. Those are life goals really, don’t you think? It serves as a recognition to our work and dedication that is being invested throughout the years.

So what can you actually do here after you have done your wedding here already?

  1. WEDDING ANNIVERSARY- obviously :D. You can have your 5 or 10 (+) years anniversary in Dubrovnik. In the same venue you had but this time more chilled, relaxed, calm, less people and more intimate (or not). Or, you can choose another venue that you maybe wanted to have in the first place and now is your chance to make it happen!
  2. Vow renewal- somewhere in the nature, secluded venue, just the two of you and the sound of birds and waves. Dubrovnik truly has it all!
  3. YOUR KIDS PARTIES: You have a family now and we could not be happier for you. How about organizing a Christening party for your kid or a bar or bat mitzvah in Dubrovnik? Did you know that Dubrovnik is a home to the oldest synagogue in this part of the world?
  4. BIRTHDAY PARTY (if not yours, maybe that of of your kids, parents, friends, cousins…) on a location that’s overlooking the Old Town like it’s on a palm of your hand.  Let’s face it, we got you intrigued, right?

It is rewarding to see our friends coming back and entrusting us with another celebration/event that they want us to organize. Our hearts are full. It is a feeling that cannot be explained. Is it because of Dubrovnik or is it because of us? We hope it’s both. We are a match made in heaven, aren’t we? 😊

Dubrovnik Event - proposal
Photo by: Veronica Arevalo
Dubrovnik Event - Birthday party
Photo by: Veronica Arevalo

TOP 3 reasons why you should get married in Dubrovnik in Spring

Spring wedding

The answer “I mean it’s spring” does speak for itself, we know 🙂 . But we have concrete reasons as to why you should get married in spring, so stay tuned!

Spring is literally the most beautiful period of the year if you observe the nature. No more boring looking, dull, weak, hanging branches of trees. No more grey days, no more low heavy clouds (or much less that usual), no more shivering because of cold (but you can still find the excuse to hug & cuddle your significant other). No more winter easily said 😊.

What also changes besides the nature, are the people’s mood & behavior. You kind of get up easier from that bed in the morning, isn’t that right? People are more positive, bright, happy and enthusiastic (maybe because they just had their coffee while soaking up the sunshine). Either way, there is a visible change in people’s lives as well as the nature. And for the better, that’s for sure.

When it comes to having a wedding, besides these two general facts that we shared, there are (well, at  least!) 3 more reasons we can think of when choosing to have your Dubrovnik wedding in spring!

Let’s dive right into them

1.The temperature – Dubrovnik, being the city on the south of Croatia, is known for having good weather. Winters are not too harsh, summers are not too hot to handle, definitely bearable. But in spring the temperature is just right. Ranging from 15 Celsius to around 20-25 Celsius as the summer starts to approach. Think of it this way, your makeup will not glide right off (although it never will because we have an amazing makeup artist). You and your guests won’t have to sweat, you can dance all night long without having to use a napkin. Sure, it can potentially be slightly chilly when the sun falls under the horizon, but nothing a glass of champagne or some good dance moves under the stars can help with!

2. It’s a bit more private– meaning that wherever you go in Dubrovnik you will not be bothered by any crowds. You’ll be able to walk down the main street without bumping into tour guides and their groups. And that my friend, is a major reason for getting married in Dubrovnik in Spring, trust us on that one! Another plus of having the city almost all to yourself are the wedding photos. You and your loved one will have the most amazing locations ready for you to pose. Creating intimate atmosphere without almost anyone photobombing the experience 😊

3. Ceremony/reception venues – along with nature, they wake up and get that certain charm. Spring charm. They transform, they’re more vivid in the pictures. The venues bloom, they’re more green, more colorful and scentful. It’s not just that the view spreads over the old town (for example) and the island of Lokrum in front of it; you’re standing and looking at it from the place that’s covered in rosemary bushes blooming little flowers of purple. Contrasting the white pebble paths and the blue sea underneath. Yes, it sounds wonderful, but it doesn’t have to end there. Everything described can be your wedding location. Not to mention endless possibilities of flower arrangements & décor options.

The world becomes a better place in spring. (I’m not saying it because I’m a spring child, I’m saying it because it’s true.) Dubrovnik is a unique city; we can all agree on that. It is divine during any period of the year. But spring… spring it makes it more special. The venues bloom and so will you! 😊

Dubrovnik Event wedding - spring
Photo by: Nina Anić
Dubrovnik Event wedding - couple
Photo by: Mihoci

5 tips on how to make your place cards stand out 

Lemon place card

You’re planning a wedding. And there’s oh so many important decisions to make! One detail such as a place card might not seem like something that is of higher significance now, right? Let me show you that having a unique place card can make your beloved guest feel sooo special. How? Let’s examine how you can make this often-neglected detail a show stopping one.  

Place cards are an important part of your wedding stationery plan- they indicate a certain person’s seating spot at the table. But they don’t just do that, trust me on that one! Table plan, flower arrangements, centerpieces, the whole table setting is very important when imagining your wedding reception. But so are the table cards! Every individual guest on your wedding day is unique and plays a huge role in your life- otherwise they wouldn’t be here, is that right? Why don’t you pay tribute to them by making their place card unique & memorable…. 

And here’s how you can make that possible… 

  1. Make a short/sweet personalized note – just a simple “Welcome” in the corner can make a difference. It doesn’t look like an ordinary place card anymore. You can even write person’s nickname, that would be such a personalized touch. It shows that you care about them, not everyone calls you by your nickname that’s for sure! They’ll love it. 
  1. Hand written place card – It will definitely take a bunch of time but it’ll be worth it. Imagine if you’re good at calligraphy, how amazing would the letters look like. Either way, it will look as though you left a part of you on that piece of paper/material. Every person has a strong attachment to their name, it is part of their identity. When you write it by hand it shows that you care about your guests. So much so, that you wanted them to see how their name looks like when you personally write it. It will make them feel appreciated and important to you. At least that’s what I would feel like. 😊 
  1. Think about your wedding theme – Don’t make the place cards black & white. (I mean by all means do so if it suits your wedding colors/theme). Place cards give you so much room to be creative and fun. If you have a Mediterranean theme wedding and you’re using different greenery- why don’t you incorporate that cute little olive branch into your place card? Or a lavender flower. It creates such an effortless flow into the whole wedding and leaves an impression that you cared about the slightest details. And let’s not forget how great it looks on the photos too! 
  1. Different shapes/materials – who said it has to be a rectangle? Be different, do a circle! Just kidding. Think out of the box and make things more memorable and unique! This little place card is such a great opportunity where you can use it and do a subtle “Wow effect”. Why not?  
  1. Think out of the box – Let them have a double purpose, make them as a little gift to carry back home from Dubrovnik. Do glass place cards. Do stone place cards. Shells from the beach. Edible place cards.  Or drinkable (everyone loves a mini Dubrovnik grappa bottle with their name on it)! Make place cards out of wire. Lemon. Yes, the fruit. Lemon can be a place card. There are really numerous ways how to make this little detail stand out. 

I think you got the idea… It is a detail that should not be neglected. Provides so much room to play with. And yet, can make a big difference and be a detail that your guests will talk about many years later. Thank you, dear reader, I wish I could know your name. 🙂 

Photo by: Veronica Arevalo

10 questions to ask your artist during the makeup trial 

makeup brushes

What is the first thing you think of when you imagine a Bride? Ok, after the dress 🙂 ! Her beautiful, perfectly made up face. Right? 

Every bride wants to look the most beautiful version of herself on her wedding day. That’s why you should always be open and honest with your artist. Let’s look at some questions that may be useful to ask during your Dubrovnik wedding makeup trial. 

But before we jump into this Wednesday’s topic, I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate women around the world. Happy (belated) International Women’s Day ladies! Be fierce, strong and independent as you are.  

Remember that we are all beautiful without makeup! But 🙂 … 

Makeup is an important part of the routine most women have. There’s something therapeutic when we’re putting on makeup in the morning. It relaxes us while the end result makes us more confident. But it definitely enhances the features we love on our faces.  

You’ll agree with me, having your makeup done by someone else is truly an experience. The soft brush strokes… oh so calming. But, even if you’re an introvert please talk to your artist during the trial, you’ll be less worried and the artist is there for YOU!  

Be open to discuss things and ask them questions like… 

  1. Is wedding makeup your specialty? 

There are many different kinds of makeup artists- some are more art oriented, while others are doing fashion shows and are used to unusual requests and abstract work. It is important to know what can you expect and look for from the artist. Of course, if the artist has a lot of experience in wedding makeup, they will be able to recommend you some looks that you maybe haven’t thought of yet. 

  1. Do you also do wedding hair? 

It’s very convenient when the same person (or even better a company) does both your hair and makeup. You become used to them, you feel at ease to ask anything and therefore making your look just how you wanted.  

  1. Do you charge makeup trials? 

Knowing what’s included in the price will help you to manage other possible expenses of your wedding day. But the artist that we work closely with doesn’t charge the trial in case you do one.   

  1. How long a makeup trial lasts? 

The more time they have for you the better! So, you can chat about how you want to look like, what features you want to enhance etc. If you have prepared a Pinterest board of ideas it can serve as a huge help for the artist to envision your ideal look. If you know approximately how long the trial takes, you can save some time to explore our beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Do keep in mind most makeup artists will do half face trial only if it is free of charge. 

  1. Can you use some of my personal makeup products? 

If you are someone with sensitive skin you’ll know what I am talking about. Some foundations tend to be very disruptive to the skin barrier. Brides can prefer having their own derm-approved foundations with them on their special day. Please make sure to bring it with you on the trial as well so the artist can see how it works with the rest of the makeup. 

  1. What kind of products will you use on me? 

This is a very useful info. Some brands are maybe not suitable for you, resulting in skin reactions or redness/ irritation. If you are aware of that, please ask the artist to show you their products so you can decide together what’s best for you as an individual. We for example promote clean beauty and choose artists that have an array of clean and low tox makeup options.  

  1. How can you ensure a long-lasting look? 

It is good to know all the tips and tricks that makeup artists have. We can learn so much from them and use their advice in the future. This question also ensures that you will feel more calm knowing that she did certain steps to prevent makeup from melting of your face. Which is possible during summer in Dubrovnik but not with our makeup artist! 

  1. What kind of a wedding makeup look would you recommend me? 

Sometimes artist’s vision can end up being better than the one you imagined. Ask the artist what suits you the most according to your facial structure, cheekbones, hooded eyes etc. After all, they are professionals. Listen to their advice and then bring up yours. Together you can create magic! 

  1. Do you have any pictures of your work? 

It is crucial to get actual wedding references from your Dubrovnik wedding makeup artist. I remember when I was a child my hairdresser had multiple photo albums on the coffee table at the salon. When we were waiting for our appointment me and my mum would go through these photos together. It’s so nice to see what the artist is capable of. But now, of course, we have Instagram where you can have a proper glimpse of their work. 

  1.  Lastly, question for yourself “How does this person make me feel?” 

Your makeup artist has a very important role on your wedding day. You’ll probably be under “a bit” of stress, very excited or maybe slightly bit anxious (which is all completely normal to go through). Hence, the artist needs to be able to calm you down, to have a meaningful chat with you, to help you enjoy the process etc. You can determine all of that when you meet your lovely makeup artist on your trial. 

Remember, don’t be afraid to ask any questions. It is YOUR destination wedding. Be open for suggestions, have your own ideas, communicate! Say no, don’t be shy, you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s always better to say everything that’s on your mind now than having any regrets later.  


  Why you should sneak away for sunset pictures

Dubrovnik Event Wedding - sunset

Sunset pictures are extraordinary! Oh, mesmerizing sunset and the color palette it produces each and every time differently… They don’t say “A picture is worth thousand words” for nothing.  

But, let us take a step back for a moment. 

Among all other requirements that need to tick the boxes, locations where you can take your wedding pictures can play a huge role when deciding where to have your destination wedding. They say the more the merrier but, in this case, we support choosing quality over quantity for sure. For your destination wedding you may choose a city you like; it doesn’t have to strictly be somewhere urban of course, but you are probably choosing it based on your personal preferences or maybe you’re emotionally attached to a certain place. 

You’ll agree with us on this… 

Photographers nowadays are playing a very significant part on a couple’s wedding day. It goes without saying that they always were important, but, today more than ever before, couples pay a lot of attention to which photographer suits their vision the most, based on different characteristics of the photographer’s work. They truly are artists of some sort, aren’t they? It takes some skills and talent to produce a wedding photo that is able to induce feelings and emotions long after the moment is gone. That’s why we opt for photographers in the first place; so we can cherish and experience beautiful moments over and over again. (Posting pictures on your social media accounts and making other people jealous is a reason good enough too 😊 ) 

You’re probably reading this blog and wandering around our web page with a purpose to (hopefully) have your destination wedding in Dubrovnik. That’s a right decision and we entirely support it! There are numerous reasons why couples choose Dubrovnik for their destination wedding and we absolutely cannot blame them. Dubrovnik truly is a “pearl of the Adriatic” as they say.  

It combines history, culture, gastronomy, the sun and crystal-clear sea. You’ll feel a certain way when you see the city from afar as well as when you enter the city gate for the first time.  

Did you notice that I’ve mentioned the sun?  

It’s because you can see the horizon spreading in the distance from almost every part of the city. Making numerous locations ideal for taking sunset pictures. Sunset really produces unimaginable colors sometimes, but we believe that in Dubrovnik sunset pictures are something special and more unique than in any other place in the world. And it happens almost every day differently so having an amazing sunset is inevitable for your wedding day too.  

Sunset pictures hold a WOW factor. When you scroll through different wedding day pictures, they are so romantic and elegant, timeless… Beautiful couple walking through the picturesque small alleys in Dubrovnik, through the main street or somewhere more secluded. And then the sunset pictures appear near the end and you just gaze at them in awe. That’s the reaction that sunset is able to bring out from us. 

While your guests are having the time of their life at the reception venue; while they’re mingling around, we encourage the newlyweds to take the opportunity that’s been given to them from the sky above. Sneak away together. It is an amazing chance for you two to have some alone time, in which your love will definitely show through pictures. You are married now, if you were stressed out before you’re probably not anymore, you feel relaxed and happy next to your loved one. You’re together, somewhere peaceful, listening to the sounds of waves and the rhythm that your hearts produce. You can imagine this picture and it looks (and feels) amazing. Right?! 

Dubrovnik Event Wedding - sunset
Photo by: Iva&Vedran
Dubrovnik Event Wedding - sunset
Photo by: Veronica Arevalo
Dubrovnik Event Wedding - sunset
Photo by: Tomi Kriste
Dubrovnik Event Wedding - sunset
Photo by: Fabijan Drnas
Dubrovnik Event Wedding - sunset
Photo by: Veronica Arevalo
Dubrovnik Event Wedding - sunset
Photo by: Veronica Arevalo