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10 questions to ask your artist during the makeup trial 

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What is the first thing you think of when you imagine a Bride? Ok, after the dress 🙂 ! Her beautiful, perfectly made up face. Right? 

Every bride wants to look the most beautiful version of herself on her wedding day. That’s why you should always be open and honest with your artist. Let’s look at some questions that may be useful to ask during your Dubrovnik wedding makeup trial. 

But before we jump into this Wednesday’s topic, I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate women around the world. Happy (belated) International Women’s Day ladies! Be fierce, strong and independent as you are.  

Remember that we are all beautiful without makeup! But 🙂 … 

Makeup is an important part of the routine most women have. There’s something therapeutic when we’re putting on makeup in the morning. It relaxes us while the end result makes us more confident. But it definitely enhances the features we love on our faces.  

You’ll agree with me, having your makeup done by someone else is truly an experience. The soft brush strokes… oh so calming. But, even if you’re an introvert please talk to your artist during the trial, you’ll be less worried and the artist is there for YOU!  

Be open to discuss things and ask them questions like… 

  1. Is wedding makeup your specialty? 

There are many different kinds of makeup artists- some are more art oriented, while others are doing fashion shows and are used to unusual requests and abstract work. It is important to know what can you expect and look for from the artist. Of course, if the artist has a lot of experience in wedding makeup, they will be able to recommend you some looks that you maybe haven’t thought of yet. 

  1. Do you also do wedding hair? 

It’s very convenient when the same person (or even better a company) does both your hair and makeup. You become used to them, you feel at ease to ask anything and therefore making your look just how you wanted.  

  1. Do you charge makeup trials? 

Knowing what’s included in the price will help you to manage other possible expenses of your wedding day. But the artist that we work closely with doesn’t charge the trial in case you do one.   

  1. How long a makeup trial lasts? 

The more time they have for you the better! So, you can chat about how you want to look like, what features you want to enhance etc. If you have prepared a Pinterest board of ideas it can serve as a huge help for the artist to envision your ideal look. If you know approximately how long the trial takes, you can save some time to explore our beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Do keep in mind most makeup artists will do half face trial only if it is free of charge. 

  1. Can you use some of my personal makeup products? 

If you are someone with sensitive skin you’ll know what I am talking about. Some foundations tend to be very disruptive to the skin barrier. Brides can prefer having their own derm-approved foundations with them on their special day. Please make sure to bring it with you on the trial as well so the artist can see how it works with the rest of the makeup. 

  1. What kind of products will you use on me? 

This is a very useful info. Some brands are maybe not suitable for you, resulting in skin reactions or redness/ irritation. If you are aware of that, please ask the artist to show you their products so you can decide together what’s best for you as an individual. We for example promote clean beauty and choose artists that have an array of clean and low tox makeup options.  

  1. How can you ensure a long-lasting look? 

It is good to know all the tips and tricks that makeup artists have. We can learn so much from them and use their advice in the future. This question also ensures that you will feel more calm knowing that she did certain steps to prevent makeup from melting of your face. Which is possible during summer in Dubrovnik but not with our makeup artist! 

  1. What kind of a wedding makeup look would you recommend me? 

Sometimes artist’s vision can end up being better than the one you imagined. Ask the artist what suits you the most according to your facial structure, cheekbones, hooded eyes etc. After all, they are professionals. Listen to their advice and then bring up yours. Together you can create magic! 

  1. Do you have any pictures of your work? 

It is crucial to get actual wedding references from your Dubrovnik wedding makeup artist. I remember when I was a child my hairdresser had multiple photo albums on the coffee table at the salon. When we were waiting for our appointment me and my mum would go through these photos together. It’s so nice to see what the artist is capable of. But now, of course, we have Instagram where you can have a proper glimpse of their work. 

  1.  Lastly, question for yourself “How does this person make me feel?” 

Your makeup artist has a very important role on your wedding day. You’ll probably be under “a bit” of stress, very excited or maybe slightly bit anxious (which is all completely normal to go through). Hence, the artist needs to be able to calm you down, to have a meaningful chat with you, to help you enjoy the process etc. You can determine all of that when you meet your lovely makeup artist on your trial. 

Remember, don’t be afraid to ask any questions. It is YOUR destination wedding. Be open for suggestions, have your own ideas, communicate! Say no, don’t be shy, you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s always better to say everything that’s on your mind now than having any regrets later.