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A Journey through Flower Palette

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Happy Blog Thursday our brides-to-be and flower enthusiasts!

As a seasoned wedding planner, I understand that choosing the perfect flower arrangement is no small feat. What is more important than flowers and decor on your wedding day? Well maybe your Groom, but that’s a close call… In this guide, I’ll share some valuable tips and insights on how to pick out the ideal floral ensemble that harmonizes with your vision, ensuring that your wedding blooms in full color and beauty. Don’t consider this a decision for later, this is something you should be thinking of from the start. that is because somethimes other things fall under priorities and you loose your vision in the decision making process and your final outcome doesn’t look like you wanted to. We are here to help with that.

Define Your Style:

Begin by defining your wedding style. Are you dreaming of a romantic garden wedding, a seaside event, a chic modern affair, or perhaps a timeless classic celebration? Your chosen style will serve as the foundation for selecting flowers that resonate with your aesthetic and space.

Tip: Create a vision board with pictures of flowers, color palettes, and overall decor that inspire you. This will help you communicate your ideas clearly to your florist. Also ask your planner for photos of the venue to help you picture the idea.

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Photo: Tomislav Kriste


Color Palette Magic:

Establishing a cohesive color palette is key to a stunning floral display. Coordinate your flowers with the overall color scheme of your wedding. Consider not only the primary colors but also something that will make your wedding pop! Do not think that a wedding needs to be white to be classy.

Tip: Explore the symbolism behind different flowers and their colors. For example, roses convey love, while lavender symbolizes devotion.

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Photo: Saša Tomić

Seasonal Sensibility:

Opt for flowers that are in season during your wedding. Not only will this ensure freshness, but it also helps with cost-effectiveness. Did you know that peonies are often associated with good fortune and a happy marriage? Incorporating them into your arrangement might bring an extra touch of joy to your day.

Texture and Layers:

Create depth and visual interest in your arrangements by incorporating a variety of textures. Mix soft, delicate blooms with lush greenery and perhaps some unexpected elements like different variety of candle vases and hanging details. This adds dimension and personality to your floral design.

Tip: Experiment with different vase shapes and sizes for a dynamic and varied display.



Photo: Mihoci Studios


Budget-Friendly Blooms:

While it’s tempting to dream big with flowers, it’s essential to consider your budget. Consult with your planner about cost-effective alternatives or focus on a few statement pieces that will make a lasting impression. Don’t make a mistake of falling in love before you know how much love you have.

Personal Touch:

Infuse your personality into the arrangements by incorporating meaningful elements. Perhaps include flowers that hold sentimental value or represent your cultural background. These personal touches will make your wedding flowers uniquely yours.

Tip: Consider using vintage family heirlooms as vases or wrapping bouquets in lace from your grandmother’s wedding gown.

I hope these tips and steps help you start your wedding journey and as always, see you next week!