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TOP 3 reasons why you should get married in Dubrovnik in Spring

Spring wedding

The answer “I mean it’s spring” does speak for itself, we know 🙂 . But we have concrete reasons as to why you should get married in spring, so stay tuned!

Spring is literally the most beautiful period of the year if you observe the nature. No more boring looking, dull, weak, hanging branches of trees. No more grey days, no more low heavy clouds (or much less that usual), no more shivering because of cold (but you can still find the excuse to hug & cuddle your significant other). No more winter easily said 😊.

What also changes besides the nature, are the people’s mood & behavior. You kind of get up easier from that bed in the morning, isn’t that right? People are more positive, bright, happy and enthusiastic (maybe because they just had their coffee while soaking up the sunshine). Either way, there is a visible change in people’s lives as well as the nature. And for the better, that’s for sure.

When it comes to having a wedding, besides these two general facts that we shared, there are (well, at  least!) 3 more reasons we can think of when choosing to have your Dubrovnik wedding in spring!

Let’s dive right into them

1.The temperature – Dubrovnik, being the city on the south of Croatia, is known for having good weather. Winters are not too harsh, summers are not too hot to handle, definitely bearable. But in spring the temperature is just right. Ranging from 15 Celsius to around 20-25 Celsius as the summer starts to approach. Think of it this way, your makeup will not glide right off (although it never will because we have an amazing makeup artist). You and your guests won’t have to sweat, you can dance all night long without having to use a napkin. Sure, it can potentially be slightly chilly when the sun falls under the horizon, but nothing a glass of champagne or some good dance moves under the stars can help with!

2. It’s a bit more private– meaning that wherever you go in Dubrovnik you will not be bothered by any crowds. You’ll be able to walk down the main street without bumping into tour guides and their groups. And that my friend, is a major reason for getting married in Dubrovnik in Spring, trust us on that one! Another plus of having the city almost all to yourself are the wedding photos. You and your loved one will have the most amazing locations ready for you to pose. Creating intimate atmosphere without almost anyone photobombing the experience 😊

3. Ceremony/reception venues – along with nature, they wake up and get that certain charm. Spring charm. They transform, they’re more vivid in the pictures. The venues bloom, they’re more green, more colorful and scentful. It’s not just that the view spreads over the old town (for example) and the island of Lokrum in front of it; you’re standing and looking at it from the place that’s covered in rosemary bushes blooming little flowers of purple. Contrasting the white pebble paths and the blue sea underneath. Yes, it sounds wonderful, but it doesn’t have to end there. Everything described can be your wedding location. Not to mention endless possibilities of flower arrangements & décor options.

The world becomes a better place in spring. (I’m not saying it because I’m a spring child, I’m saying it because it’s true.) Dubrovnik is a unique city; we can all agree on that. It is divine during any period of the year. But spring… spring it makes it more special. The venues bloom and so will you! 😊

Dubrovnik Event wedding - spring
Photo by: Nina Anić
Dubrovnik Event wedding - couple
Photo by: Mihoci