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Wedding cake trends picked by Dubrovnik Event team

Dubrovnik Event - wedding cake

I dare you to find me a person who dislikes cake in any shape or form (or flavor). There’s a saying “there’s always room for dessert because it doesn’t go to your stomach; it goes right into your heart!” Even though if you are not a person known for its sweet tooth; still, there’s definitely something that has sweetness to it that you are often craving (could be an apple).  But for example, wedding cake can be of those things that you have to try. It is not possible to reject a piece of cake that a happily married couple cut a few moments ago while holding the knife together, smiling and looking at the marvelous tiered creation. Impossible, I’m telling you! Perhaps you didn’t want to eat it but now you will, and it’s delicious admit it!

Among all the things that a bride and her groom have to decide on, this task has to be one of the sweetest ones. Oh, being able to sit down and have other people bring you multiple pieces of different flavored cakes. Such a sweet suffering. Whether you’ll be having your wedding reception in a garden of a villa, or a stunning location with a view, you’ll also be able to decide which is your favorite cake from the vendors that we work with.

In case you are having a reception in a hotel, the case is somewhat different (no worries you will still be able to have a cake tasting). Then, couples often have both; the dessert from the menu and the wedding cake. We highly recommend having only a wedding cake due to the fact that after dessert people forget that there’s still a cake coming and when it comes there’s rarely room for both left in out tummies. This leads to wasting a lot of the gorgeous, special wedding cake and we think it is better to avoid this situation and exclude the dessert part of the menu.

 From a guest’s point of view as well as the pastry chefs probably; wedding cakes definitely change through years. When I say wedding cake, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is a multiple-tiered, white, simple cake with a small couple on top and maybe some flowers here and there. I mean, it is definitely delicious either way and the design can be used nowadays for sure. But there are some new wedding cake trends of 2022 that are emerging. It is making us feel excited and we’re looking forward to seeing them appear on your already spectacular destination wedding in Dubrovnik.

In 2022, we’re saying goodbye to only white fondant/frosting cake because it is time for uniqueness! Pastry chefs are turning into Picasso’s, Monet’s, you name it. Even though the canvas underneath will most likely remain neutral that’s when artistic designs, mesmerizing brush strokes and delicate flowers pop in. It will seem like a pastry chef borrowed some painting skills and also made it taste delicious. It’s not easy to make it flow seamlessly with the whole wedding menu, in those regards you will maybe need some tips.

Coming up next is boldness. You want your cake to be unique as your whole wedding day. 2022 is the year of “out of the box” thinking and doing something fresh and new. Dubrovnik (for example) is a city of long history and tradition and most of the couples born and raised here will have the traditional cake on their wedding day. But they don’t have to; and you don’t have to. Be creative, unconventional, it doesn’t have to be in a traditional form of a cake; or cake at all. Surprise your guests!

Something that occurred in past years and is transferring to 2022 is the trend of individual cakes. It is more convenient for some; it is something new and cute for others. But you have incorporated a dessert and that’s all that matters. Cupcakes, individual small cakes, different pastries basically more options and versatility while using the surplus of time (saved from showing and cutting the cake) on something else you might do. This may form into a dessert table showcasing different sweets, or maybe a fondue, or an ice-cream station that would come handy on a hot summer’s day in Dubrovnik. You choose!

We adore having flower cakes, pressed flower designs are opted to stay in 2022. Elegant, colorful, so romantic and perfectly detailed; flowers on a cake are a work of art. But why not going the opposite way? Citrus cakes are becoming a trend. Whether being citrus flavored or citrus decorated those cakes will definitely be eye catching and fresh. Such a Mediterranean vibe, don’t you think?

Wedding cakes in any shape or form represent the happy couple. Why not making the best use out of it in 2022. Go for a modern artsy cake, go for a bold colored cake or a sugared orange slice decorated cake; go for no cake at all. But, don’t forget to include something sweet you’ll be remembered by!

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Foto by: Nina Anić