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The moments you’ll miss on your wedding day if you don’t book a videographer

DubrovnikEven Wedding - groom

Your most special day needs to be captured in movement, don’t you think so too? You two deserve to have something that will ignite a smile or provoke a tear many years after your wedding. So, think of the numerous benefits of having a videographer.

You two have maybe been together for a short/long period of time, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is the quality of time spent and the values shared. Beliefs that you have in common and the trust you have towards each other. Yes. Of course, that it can be seen and felt through a photo but being able to re-experience his little smirk or smile or even a little tear when he saw you walking down the aisle. That’s one of the moments that you’ll be glad to “own”, to watch it anytime you’re in a bad mood.

My parents got married right after the Homeland war and the camera man wasn’t really having such a good camera, but still… My brothers and I found the CD on the bookshelf above the TV. I remember the first time I saw the tape as a little girl. My mum in a white dress with poof sleaves and my dad so handsome with his dark brown hair that turned gray a couple of years ago. Still, such a great memory it is to be able to see how their wedding day looked like. If you’re planning on having kids that’s an additional reason for hiring a videographer. They’re going to be able to experience it with you; and I think that’s just a meaningful family moment right there! (Include popcorn)😊

Moving back to reasons FOR hiring a videographer. Kudos to each and every photographer really. It is a skill and I really do admire them and their work. But we are not neglecting them we’re just saying that it is pity not to be able to see the cute flower girls walking down the aisle once again in your lifetime. The look on the guests faces when they see you holding your father’s hand and entering the venue. The reaction of the groom. The tears falling down people’s faces, the smiles of joy. The aunt tripping on her long gown and the uncle having a blast – of course. (Kidding)

Moving back from people’s reactions for a moment. With having a video, you can remind yourself how the venues looked like, the flowers and décor. Beautiful settings and arrangement. Not only that but music…

Music and certain songs bring back many memories to our head with just listening. But with having a video you don’t have to imagine, you can clearly see, observe, and enjoy.

Enjoy seeing your guests having an amazing time after the ceremony, the breeze in their hair when on a boat, their hats falling off because of wind (or drinks). 😊 Re-listening what your best man actually said during his speech at dinner. Reminding you of the best jokes ever, making your day even better now than it was 5 minutes ago. Seeing your parents, grandparents and loved ones sharing laughs and seeing their content faces is something that will definitely make you all warm and fuzzy in years to come.

I believe that weddings and special occasions are some of the rare times nowadays when the whole family, relatives, friends, loved ones are all gathered. Make it an opportunity to have that moment forever. All generations present, celebrating your most special day. That certainly should be captured on film!

DubrovnikEvent Wedding - dinner

Photo by: Mihoci