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The different types of chairs you can rent

Dubrovnik Event weddings - type of chairs

Hey future bride! It’s nice to have you here, seems like you would like to know more about types of chairs that you could have on your Dubrovnik wedding day; good thing you encountered us!

Among all the things necessary for arranging the wedding ceremony/reception setup, chairs hold a significant part in the visual impression of the venue itself. Don’t you think so too?! Unfortunately, chairs, in any shape or form, are often being neglected and looked over. Often times, brides (and grooms) think that chairs represent an additional cost to their budget so they end up not willing to incorporate them in their wedding venue. Most of the hotels in Dubrovnik provide regular covered chairs complimentary while rest of the chairs need to be rented for the big day.

But! (There’s always a but.)

Even though chairs are just a type of furniture, they don’t deserve this type of treatment and lack of hype. Chairs have the ability to lift the entire ambiance and elevate the feel that you have right at the moment when you step into that venue. Maybe you didn’t thought about it, but for example just look at how just their colors significantly impact the entire look/feel of the venue. If you choose to go with lighter/brighter color of the chairs it will give the venue an elegant and airy feel to it. It looks prominent, luxurious, classy and on a whole another level. Whereas darker tones are chosen to emphasize more of a rustic feel to the venue itself. Some Dubrovnik venues, such as Sponza Palace are versatile and any type of chair fits well into the venue and space, while some venues require a specific type of the chairs. Sometimes you don’t need to go over the top with the table arrangement when you have the chairs; chairs will lift up the whole design of the table and add specific touch to the décor. We’ve hopefully caught your attention and made you think of incorporating unique looking chairs on your wedding day too. It may demand for an extra ‘space’ in your budget but we definitely think it’s worth it in the end. To balance it all out, you are able to save on some other aspects of the wedding day preparations.

We have decided to have four types of chairs in our offer that you could rent on your most special day. Having any of these four will make your wedding photos most definitely stand out! (You’ll thank us afterwards 🙂 )

  1. Louis chair – antique looking, timeless, woven back, leaving you with very French and posh vibes. Very classy and elegant, great fit for traditional as well as modern types of weddings. It holds a lot of character, versatility so they could be beautifully incorporated to any setting that you choose.
  2. Chiavari chair – They’re named after a small town in Italy. See, we’ve mentioned France, then Italy, we’re already travelling and it’s not even your wedding yet! Italians are being known for their distinct taste and fashion sense. They also haven’t made a mistake with chairs. They have a simple design, are lightweight and probably remind you of bamboo tree joints. These chairs became prevalent after being seen at Jackie and John Kennedy’s wedding. Chiavari chairs are the most popular chairs mostly because they fit with any and every wedding theme – you name it, they’ll fit into it!
  3. Cross back chairs – could be used in both rustic and elegant settings.   It leaves an overall impression of warmth as well as formality. Just one additional tip: these chairs could be mixed with Louis chairs for a unique looking venue. We think it is very creative and will definitely make your wedding guests glance at them more than once!
  4. Chameleon chair – These chairs are something new and fresh on the wedding charts. Very appealing, modern and stylish. Interesting design for sure. Could be a great fit for your special day plans!

We’ve hopefully proven to you that a chair could be much more than just a piece of furniture; it could bring your wedding to the next level. After all, you’re not getting married every day! Don’t be afraid to stand out, even with the simple use of chairs.